The Amateur Continues "Leading from Behind" | Beaufort County Now | From his statement to the American people on the eve of 9/11, 2014, Amateur Obama convincingly conveyed that he trusts public opinion polls, rather than his own instincts to lead Americans in these last uncertain days of his failed presidency.

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From his statement to the American people on the eve of 9/11, 2014, Amateur Obama convincingly conveyed that he trusts public opinion polls, rather than his own instincts to lead Americans in these last uncertain days of his failed presidency.


    Who could forget this petty Democrat refrain, where Amateur Obama, then Never-Present-Senator Obama, served as lead cheerleader for his muddle-minded brethren, who incessantly clamored for our soldiers to be out of harm's way, as they were abroad protecting us here back home? I often wonder how much the Bush Administration was influenced by Community Organizer Obama, and his fellow cheerleaders, and the pansy-assed Democrats, who first backed the War on Terror, and then surrendered when the heat was turned up a bit, as our American soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice, and some came home as the ultimate heroes of our time.

    War is a tough business. It demands sacrifice, where strategy, and well considered rules of engagement are as important as training, bravery, and technology of weaponry. Most leaders understand this. The Amateur, however, only understands sports, as a huge fan and an interminable participant, while campaigning among those that are rich, and who also can't grasp large concepts, much less the real truth that B. Hussein Obama is no constitutional scholar - 'not by a long shot'.

    B. Hussein Obama is actually our first Affirmative Action President, where "Black Privilege" got him into Harvard, and propelled him through, and allocated him a title that either he did not earn, or can't understand just a few years after being awarded it - "Constitutional Scholar". The man's poor history with the Federal Court System, and especially the United States Supreme Court, well documents that he is well out of his element in understanding that document that he is sworn to defend. If the man was educated at the best universities in our land, and he has no better grasp of the constitution of these states united: How can anyone expect this amateur president to understand how to tiptoe around a politically correct war against an evil that he also can't understand.

    Accordingly, a Commander-in-Chief he is not, never was, never will be; however, I'll buy the whole Campaigner-in-Chief thing, maybe even the Whiner-in-Chief analogy, definitely the Narcissist-in-Chief, but not any title that denotes that this poor man is capable of leading any great group of warriors into battle. The Amateur is incapable of any real leadership among real men and women.

    Thirteen years ago today - the anniversary of when everything was supposed to have changed for Americans, and, additionally, the entire world - actually, little did change, except for our heroes, who sacrificed so much. Accordingly, the politicians have done what politicians do; tried to gauge the will of their constituents, with the Democrats exhibiting the worst for it. This is not leadership. This is simply the plight of shallow politicians following the will of the people, as transitory as it shall be, as impractical as it remains.

    Candidate Obama, the great lead cheerleader, of some of those people, especially the 'surrender monkey' Democrat contingent, who blame George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for all that was not perfect with the Iraq conflict. Now a weak, pathetic American president, whose constituents are mostly weak, pathetic Americans and for them, these constituents, this president could do no wrong as they were in that electoral majority, and thus elected The Candidate twice. Who could ever forget the Democrat convention, a veritable freak show in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, where Democrats celebrated: Abortion on Demand, sexually charged omen desperately seeking copious public financed birth control, God literally cut from their agenda, Racism pondered and preached, Socialism as the answer to a damaged economy, 'Climate Change' as the issue of all our days, and a president taking full credit for killing one man as foreign policy - bin Laden. It was a 'Brave New Democrat World', where their enemies were their fellow Americans, and the Republicans who knew far better than they the far better path forward.

    Their president, The Amateur, was the perfect candidate. He joined every movement that subverted America's power structure: cheer-leading for the congressional 'surrender monkeys" while troops were in Iraq winning the war then the peace; joining the Occupy Movement as their chief spokesman for Socialism; claimed the hypocrisy of faux science that Global Warming, then Climate Change, now Climate Disruption was the nation's top danger, while cutting funding to NASA; turned the the 2009 Stimulus largess (nearly 900 billion dollars) into a Democrat slush fund; promised Democrat pansies, and Muslims worldwide, that America would disengage in the Middle East, and then everywhere in the world; attacked all Republicans that stood on American principles, then blamed them in congress for not agreeing with his pathetic initiatives; and so much more ... so very much more. He was the perfect Democrat, and Liberals and the awe-struck Liberal media worshiped The Candidate.

    The hypocrisy, the lies, the cover-ups, systenic stonewalling of vital information, and the lawless attorney general acting as personal counsel for The Candidate, the scandals; all of this and more was never too much for the smitten Mainstream Media. This Obama Media Group (OMG), who turned a collective blind eye and deaf ear to his transgressions of lying to the American People, then misrepresenting their Constitution, and, ultimately, campaigned for their candidate's continued success by shoring up his changing positions on substantive issues, until ... two of their own were beheaded on separate videos by the very people that The Amateur apologized to, back in 2009. It was President George W. Bush's War on Terror, and he prosecuted it as a leader not a follower of polls, bolstered by an adoring Mainstream Media, as The Candidate is.

    Even now, as The Amateur, who absolutely is only doing as he promised by 'leading from behind' to stop this virulent threat of evil, is the pitch perfect Democrat for his Liberal constituents and his Mainstream OMG. Instead of leading this nation to war to defeat this absolute evil before it completely metastasizes into an incurable cancer of incalculable evil of Islamic terror, The Amateur exhibited, that he will always wait until the polls of American opinion signify his way forward before he acts. This errant policy of presidential purpose will always insure that Amateur Obama is far behind the curve of real action, as he proposes only half measures to appease his pansy-assed constituency, rather than to militarily crush that which is evil at its radicalized Muslim core. A pertinent side note here: While The Candidate is late to most issues, and habitually late for all press conferences, he is never late for his prevalent golf matches with his core supporters, who tell this terrible president just how brilliant he is. What a joke for all involved, especially for we Americans that immediately recognized the destructive nature of this narcissistic amateur politician.

    Barack Hussein Obama, while so ambivalent to the needs of Americans in contrast to his deep respect for all things Muslim, may not, at his professorial core, be capable of protecting Americans, our culture, our future generations. The predominance of the military family of America's finest patriots, past and present, that I am familiar with, do not respect the man for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the Amateur's: profound lack of honesty, his inexhaustible lack of wisdom, his core cowardice, and his presumed ambivalence to their plight as our protectors. This is all so abundantly clear, and yet core Liberals are still mesmerized by his political essence rather than the shallow depth, or complete lack thereof, of his principled core values.

    Here now as America goes back to war in Iraq, after ceding back all military gains, bases of operation, The Amateur is far out of his depth, and with so much on the line at this critical juncture, I, and so many like me, believe that he, his ragtag team of yuppie politicos - so well connected with others identical in substance - may be totally incapable of "degrading and destroying" Obama's descriptor as the "J.V. Team", known by the rest of us as ISIS. And they are evil ... interminably evil.

    Pure evil is a prevailing force not to be trifled with, as we well learned in World War II, when our Fathers sought to, and did destroy, unconditionally, and with great prejudice, the German Wehrmacht, and the Imperial Forces of Japan. Does a man, who is a perfect amateur as a leader, who has trouble with so many truths, and, ultimately, stands for nothing but the purchase of votes from the lowest informed electorate in the history of these United States, have the fortitude, the resilience to win a politically correct approach to a war that demands that you eradicate your opponent as if they were vermin infected with the Black Death?

    Sadly, I think not.

Considering Mr. Obama's chronic incompetence in making important decisions, moreover of late, those that would keep Americans safe: Is he competent to serve as president for the duration of his term?
3.56%   Yes, I am enamored with this 'transformational' man.
95.85%   No, the man should be removed from office before he does anymore damage.
0.59%   I only know that I was hauled to the polls to vote for him.
337 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( September 16th, 2014 @ 8:11 am )
I like to think of myself as the reluctant journalist, very part time, who is much more principled, with a far greater clarion vision than most of those better educated young stiffs, who don't have the integrity to be a part of any free press.

The great story in the future may well be: Where have all the principled journalist gone? In my small way, very part time, I take about two or three of their places, while I still do many other things.

The colleges that create these indoctrinated fools should be ashamed of themselves. In the meantime, with more than 60% of all journalists unprincipled and not even smart to really understand what they are reporting on, you will have to depend on the many free agents like myself, however part time.
( September 16th, 2014 @ 7:57 am )
Stan---your post would be better, in my view, without the constant demeaning adjectives. Since I trust and like you, I hope none of them are directed at me personally.

I have no problem with someone having a position. I respect your right to see it as you day as long as you show equal respect when your side isn't in power in all ways.

The beauty of America is the free press and freedom of speech attached to it. In some other countries on this earth, you and I would both be cell mates, brother!
( September 15th, 2014 @ 2:24 pm )
Regarding Obama "the wise" taking out Osama; see the Hollywood blockbuster "Zero Dark Thirty" ( From that film, it is suggested that it took Obama over 100 days to act on actionable intelligence gathered during the Bush administration, when they actually did catch, and then well interrogated terrorists to the point that they learned valuable intel.

While The Amateur has made a political living bashing Bush, the best this political punk could do, when he had his own 9/11, was whine about an American exercising his free speech rights to discuss his beliefs of Islam. Obama and his Lawless Attorney General put the American film maker in jail for nearly two years for that "despicable video".

After Benghazi, when The Amateur and Hillary B. (Benghazi) Clinton whined about this video, I remember mindless Liberal after Liberal in the OMG, and elsewhere - the true "Hope and Change" believers - parroting that "despicable video" stupidity, also know as Democrat "Talking Points".

I don't hear their insipid comments anymore. Stupid people, with big mouths, are like roaches when the adults turn on the lights. They always end up scurrying for the shadows.

You Liberals need to cease and desist treating this whole War on Terror as if it is this grand game of Capturing the Flag, where the killing of one man ends the game, this War on Terror, and then this propaganda becomes your president's sole foreign policy initiative in nearly six years.

I realize that Liberals are not capable of true cognitive reasoning; however, when Liberals are elected to give away the People's treasury to buy the votes of their low-information electorate, they could always hire the much smarter, much wiser non Liberal to deal with foreign policy.

The key here is: Will the elected Liberal act on the better advice of the better informed non Liberal? Usually not. Generally, its just more Democrat talking points for their "low-information" base vote.

The fun part is to watch well dressed idiots that begin the spreading of the this ridiculous tripe.
( September 15th, 2014 @ 2:06 pm )
:I'm gonna disagree with you on Carter. He was a Washington outsider who tried to make a difference in a closed system of influence. The only criticism that might stick was that he tended to micromanage his Administration.

Just like the pressure on President Obama, the hot head want an instant military solution to everything. The media had their little nest with the countdown on hostage days. That pretty much closed any doors to negotiation as the Iatolla had the news every night and he wan't worth the spit it would take to blow him away.

Carter called together the Arabs and Israelis for as stab at peace. It ultimately failed with the assassination of both Sadat and Began by their own people who do not know what Peace means.

If you can explain to me how a declaration of war would have gotten hostages released, I would love to hear it. As it was, a Special Forces attempt was made and forever after any President knows a failed secret try could doom his presidency. President Obama certainly knew this when he ordered the attack on Osamma ben Laden. In that case, it worked. Even so there are claims that the whole thing was a farce and the terrorist leaders still rambles the desert.

No matter what dismissive things Conservatives say, Obama got Osama when Bush failed. Carry on, my brother with your dismission. You and others have only less than 2 years to carry that bag of bull. It's not working anymore than an attempt to Impeach him. Bush did so many more Executive Orders that it's not funny.

Again, read "Worse Than Watergate" by John Dean, big player with Nixon.
( September 15th, 2014 @ 8:17 am )
Yeah, Carter. I just love the way he left those hostages there to rot, rather than risking a real rescue. What was it - 456 days? We lost so much credibility worldwide, and here at home. What do you think Israel would have done in that situation? Why do you think they gave up the hostages just as Reagan was coming into office?

While that was going, Carter gave away the Panama Canal for some unknown reason. I will never understand that move.

America's greatest statesman president of modern times could well be a tie between Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Nixon was no Conservative, but he was probably the most intelligent president in modern time, with, and I hate to say this, Bill Clinton. Nixon thawed relationships with the Soviet Union, China, and was about to get us out of Vietnam with some respect until Democrat defunded the war.

Ronald Reagan was much smarter than they gave him credit for, plus he stood on his principles, while negotiating us through some difficult times. He was the last Conservative president, and I hope to another in my lifetime.
( September 15th, 2014 @ 8:02 am )
I love you, man --- for sure, you stick with your opinions!

Please watch the "liberal" invective in comments toward me. I would more accurately call myself a "liberal conservative." That will drive everybody somewhat crazy. In other words, I try to look at things with a "don't throw out the baby with the bathwater" outlook of the extreme.

I personally think ANY President has great angst over Terrorism. To date, no Administration has found a way to defeat it. With Bush, he inherited it from Clinton and the bombing of the Cole with great loss of life and damage was the result under Clinton.

Carter was the last true Statesman in the Oval Office in my view. He got the Arab Oil Embargo, but refused to send our troops to take over the Middle East. Bush committed troops and established military bases, strangely, on a proposed Oil Line to the Arab Gulf. He declared the "end of war" with great gusto, but the bombings of our forces continued as if nothing had changed.

President Obama is trying to use both Advisers and Diplomacy this time around. Who knows what that success/failure might be. For sure, no matter what a President does, he is wrong in the eyes of some. It is a position where you have to make some kind of decisions. For better or worse, Carter sent Special Forces to free hostages from the Iatolla. It failed in an unexpected sand storm at the rondeveux point. The hostages were only released as Reagan was sworn in so, in a way, Terrorists had a great influence on that election process. Reagan got caught in the "Arms for hostages" scandal as Ollie North went wild.

I guess, "Expect the Unexpected" is the only mantra of accuracy for our elected leadership in Washington.

My daddy would warm my bottom if the "N" word escaped my lips --- as it did my SC / Democrat / Farmer granddaddy's lips without any guilt on his part. We are both making progress, hopefully, on prejudice. I totally agree with you that "reverse racism" is not helping at all. Prejudice is simply EVIL, in my view.
( September 14th, 2014 @ 3:21 pm )
I am sorry Gene. I don't use that word, never have.

I just despise total incompetence, especially when there was no redress because of the reverse racism from the Liberal establishment, the OMG. That is slowly changing, and once the liberal media figure out that they were co-conspirators in America's downfall, some, maybe enough will jump ship on The Amateur, and he will be viewed in the clear light of truth.

In the mean time, you Liberals need to work on all that racism you are so imbued with, and by. It causes all of you to take the rest of us for granted, and that will be your downfall.
( September 14th, 2014 @ 2:46 pm )
You are using the same "opposite of what I really think" psychosis of those saying, "I am not a racist who hates our 'N-Word' President."
( September 14th, 2014 @ 9:20 am )
I don't hate Obama; hate is a strong word, but I do despise him.

I respect the office, but I don't respect those who don't - The Candidate is a fine example of such.

Obama, among many other insufficiencies, is a coward, and the American military will suffer because of it very soon.
( September 14th, 2014 @ 8:23 am )
Let me encourage you to drop the steady stream of invective. They are getting old and samo-samo, my friend.

Hindsight is 20/20 and become more so with each passing year. I encourage you to read John Dean's insider report on Bush I which came out just before Bush II. If you have the guts to read it, you might get a wider perspective on President Bush who got us into the Middle East War we can't seem to shake!

I, too, listened to the President's address to the nation. He sounds more like a Diplomat than a War Monger to me. Despite all the Fox News consistent commentary along with Limbaugh / Hinaty / all other Conservatives on the Blaze Network along with Newt Gingrich (fellow Emory alum)-- all spouting pretend piety over war.

I shall, again, respectfully disagree with the dismissive verbosity. I make up my own mind as an Independent voter who leans Democratic.

In some ways I play "devil's advocate" so BCN does not appear to be a one-eyed mule of Conservatism. My granddaddy plowed them and one was what he called a "2 - 2X4 mule" = you had to hit him upside his head with a 2X4 to, first, get his attention, then break another one over that hard head to get the message across!
( September 14th, 2014 @ 7:41 am )
I have been in 2 pulpits where the faces I saw were as the emoticon. The trouble is always with "hate you can't defeat, no matter what you do."

Being a public figure in politics, you should know that hate is strong and love is long absent from America today. The more religious some folks get, the more they want a Carry Permit ---- and that's more than sad.
( September 14th, 2014 @ 12:55 am )

Don't confuse hate with actionable intelligence coupled with full-on patriotism.
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