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    I wish I could comment: 'There are two types of people in this world - Liberals and Conservatives - so let the battle begin for the conscious conscience of today's America!' I do wish I could meaningfully say this, but I can't in all good conscience, for it would be a lie.

    Probably, for the first time in the more than 350 years that there have been thriving societies (colonies, then states) upon these continental shores, America is the most fractured that it has ever been in terms of cogent thought relative to the continuation of the Republic. We are a nation of special interests, who rarely come together on anything, lest we become magnificently concerned that our proverbial, and well personalized collective 'bacon needs saving from the roaring fire,' ignited from the well focused ambitions of one our many enemies.

    At that time, like in the days after 9/11 (even the Democrats - damn near all of them - were sparked for war), we came together in sorrow and then anger, and we prepared for war, spoke well of those heroes doing the heavy lifting, and soon some of us completely forgot the how, the why, the need to be vigilant, to be wise, to be prepared. Then many of these vast scores of forgetters forgot those that did the heavy-lifting, and they will stay well forgotten until that heavy lifting is needed again, and mark my word, that need will come again.

    A bit pessimistic on the current human condition Stan? Possibly ... neh, definitely.

    How can a government "of the People, by the People, for the People" (Abraham Lincoln - Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863) work so diligently to enhance the hopes of individual supporters of the majority holding the Executive branch, the Senate, and yet do so little to preserve the Republic for the many - everyone?

    We are nearly 17 trillion in debt, no national budget in the last 4 years due to the dysfunctional United States Senate, hundreds of billions of tax dollars squandered on political payoffs, rake-offs, scandals heaped upon scandals, the likes of which this country has never seen, under reported, unreported by the OMG (Obama Media Group). Spying on our allies, diminished respect abroad in the four corners of the world, an economy that has a net loss of jobs since the so-called end of the Great Recession, and no relief in sight because our majority led government will not admit we have a problem, nor, accordingly, have they the capacity to correct it.
    Consequently, our national psyche has become one where we have developed a great sense of well-being built upon the fact that we can continue our misadventures by ignoring the obvious, providing we can find an appropriate party to blame it all on. We have become: fat, cellulitic in our ability to quickly pivot toward wisdom, drunk on our national narcissism of our misplaced understanding of our capability to quickly remedy all problems, stupid in the process of governing ourselves, which creates most of these systemic problems in the onset.

    Brilliant economist Milton Friedman once commented, "There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program."

    The failing of the People's notwithstanding, this nation may not be ready for its Dean Wormer moment or not, here it is: While the nation suffers from a massive bent toward intellectual inadequacy, there are quite a few of us who do not. We just are not in the majority, not even close, and the 'majority rules' in this democratic republic.

    So what is to be done?

    Since the 'majority rules' in this democratic republic, the majority of the electorate must decide well to pick its legislators, its leaders. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the electorate to know the difference between wisdom and hucksterism. Lately, the electorate has not done too well in differentiating between the two.

    What might be a majority of the American electorate has now well expressed a palpable disinterest in understanding the machinations of how, and why this Republic functions as it does, and how it should function to remain viable. Irrespective of that disinterest of this great grouping of the electorate, much of it born out of the aforementioned intellectual sloth that has become near epidemic, there should be some small quotient of patriotic interest in the well being in the Republic. I fear that there may be none from these People consumed by their own self-interest.

    This sector of the electorate, members all of the party of the self-interested, elect politicians that promise them free stuff. This premise relieves that portion of the electorate from the responsibility of making the effort to know stuff, so, in turn, they generally elect politicians that know very little, and intellectually exist by the aide of elaborate talking points, which are more than enough of an explanation to this low-information base of Democrat support.

    This all makes for their snug fit within the OMG (Obama Media Group) reverb loop, which is manifested by their elaborate method to first obfuscate the issues, and then to defend them within the context of a Democrat narrative of simple talking points, and eventually laying blame at the feet of their favorite scapegoat of the Republican Party. It sounds like the pathetic plan of a simple people, but it works well, thereby denoting a simple electorate that can be easily fooled. This is where the OMG steps to the fore. Theirs is a collusive contrived tale told often to defend their leaders that own them, and invigorate those, within that sad base, who easily believe these oft told tales due to their limited knowledge of what is real. These sad Americans are a product of the OMG reverb loop.

    As an example of such, I was recently approached by a county employee, who professed to lean right, who wanted to discuss the recent Federal government shutdown. Her comment was that she 'did not blame the Republicans for shutting down the government over ObamaCare, since it was such a insufficient plan for American health care.'

    Of course, my first question was: 'What makes you think that it is the Republicans that are at fault in shutting down the government?'

    Her reply: 'That is all I hear from the news. I have heard nothing to the contrary'

    When I queried her as to whether she ever watch FOX News, or use any other of the alternative Mew Media sources, she replied that she did not.

    This county employee is symbolic of what I see in my interaction with the public. The OMG, and their Democrat masters, know that these people are easy prey, so, as a matter of course, they form a simple explanation for a complex situation, and then they fix blame upon a suitable scapegoat, nearly always the Republicans ... as of late always the Republicans.

    Most journalists are trained to ask questions, to form a narrative based on assumptions, an angle, so a complex situation can be reduced to an unsophisticated audience. Generally, Journalists are not trained to know a lot of stuff: how government works, or is supposed to work in the framework of our United States Constitution. In essence, they are ill-prepared to serve two masters: one - the responsibility to know enough to report wisely and well the events of the day, which should be their charge; two - to serve Barack Hussein Obama and all other Democrats that bend to his will, which the OMG has resolved, en masse, to serve.

    Great Britain's iconic Prime Minister Winston Churchill once commented about Americans, to the extent of their Isolationist prerogative in the early days of World War II: "Americans can be counted on to always do the right thing ... once they have exhausted all other options."

    Sadly, I am not at all certain that the great Prime Minister's truthful opinion of we Americans is all that sound in these desperate days, where a majority of the disinterested can subjugate the balance of us to the will of those unworthy to lead.

    America's promise, its broad national spine, has been compromised by an endemic Cancer of intellectual sloth, the likes of which this nation has never known. And yes, to that end, we deserve the government that we get. That much I do know.

    So, I've given the Democrat position which runs concurrently with how disinterest, intellectual sloth and the OMG reverb loop works so completely to confuse and keep a majority of today's Americans voting Democrat - the party of the self-interested - totally responsible for the mess that is America. In my next installment, I will relate the succinct version of the Republican position in the recent Federal government shutdown, at least to the extent as I know it.

In the Blame Game that our Federal government has devolved into on its "government shutdown": Who is primarily at fault?
32.21%   The Republican-controlled House
32.32%   The Democrat-controlled Senate
35.47%   Mr. Obama
5,055 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Recently, Mr. Obama was rated by a group of 200 Liberal historians. They subsequently graded him a B- as president. If you were to give him a grade: What would it be?
30.81%   A/B
27.67%   C/D
41.52%   F
1,876 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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