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Now we live in an age, where the running joke of what is so 'uncool' are the 'Old White Men' that once ran this country.

Now, no one looks to the USA for stability. Our moral authority is gone ... Dude.

    We live in an age, where the running joke of what is so uncool are the "Old White Men" that once ran this country. Now, these "Old White Men" are replaced by the far hipper associates of the 'ultra cool' 1/2 Black President "Barry" Obama; the conventional process of working for a stronger America to fend off its adversaries, both foreign and domestic, is over.

    In relative terms, in contrast to the scandal of Watergate, the man can do no wrong with his devout friends/associates in the mainstream media. He is hip, he is cool, he hires young, hip liberal kids to be his spokespeople, and their job is to communicate, in hip terms, to the Obama's voting base: many of whom still live at home, are government employees, Occupy Wall Street Socialist wannabes, or just members of one of the growing protected classes - Victimhood. This amalgamation collected from the aforementioned stereotypical self-classed collection of the 'Cool', and the disadvantaged, will, and have begun the transition of an America from the leader of the Free World, whose military veterans turned the tide in the worst war (World War II) this world has ever known, to a nation of crisis quitters and climate change whiners.

    From the continuance of scandals galore to the Benghazi debacle to the recent voluntary exposure of a CIA operative in Afghanistan, Candidate Obama and his hapless, but 'Cool' associates are either completely dishonest, or genuinely incompetent - the likes of which our nation has never known in modern times.

    From Candidate Obama's 'War on Coal', his general misunderstanding of basic economic precepts, and his complete neglect of any reasonable foreign policy, President Barry has retained his shallow base of support by employing his constancy of 'Cool', with the aid of his youthful, hip advisers and completely 'Cool' spokespeople.

    In this ignoble respect of what constitutes 'Cool", who could ever forget the Obama Administration's Spokesman Tommy Vietor's retort to FOX News's anchor, Bret Baier on Behghazi, after the reveal of the Ben Rhodes's e-mail: "Dude, this (Benghazi debacle and subsequent cover-up) was like two years ago..."

    The balance of Mr. Vietor's retort was infused with an under-toned incredulity that smacked of: 'Bret, didn't you get the memo? We, the 'Cool', don't care about Benghazi, and FOX News continuing this story just shows how un'Cool' all of you are (FOX and their viewers).'

Below is Bret Baier, with Obama Spokesman Tommy Vietor, trying to get to the bottom of the White House mindset during the day of, and days after the Benghazi terrorist attack on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, when they ('all the president's men) swore it was about an infamous YouTube video.

    Even though the 'Old White Men' of FOX News (which symbolically includes the younger, and older White women, Black men and Black women that constitutes their investigative team) just have not gotten that 'memo on what is the Cool' news stories, rest assured they will stay on the Benghazi scandal until fruition. Regardless of the OMG's (Obama Media Group's) complete neglect of the Benghazi debacle and subsequent cover-up, this story will not end until the Congressional Select Committee concludes its investigation. As inconvenient, and inexorably uncool this may appear to the Obama minions, this is how this is all going to go down, irrespective of the protestations of all the pathetic Democrat lapdogs, not-least-of-which Nancy Pelosi, and her unfortunate, nay insipid, conjecture.
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Above. I still find it incredible that there are Democrats that think she is smart enough to lead them. I suppose it is just a relative thing.     photo by Stan Deatherage

    Just a few days, maybe a few weeks back, minority Leader Pelosi spoke on the Benghazi debacle, when she was making the case for boycotting the Select Committee by Democrats, stating, "Somebody said to me yesterday, either people have gotten tired of Benghazi or they never knew about it in the first place." Nancy Pelosi, May 9, 2014.

    You know, Nancy, I get the Democrat playbook, which is also the RINO playbook - the "Mushroom Theory" - 'keep them it the dark, feed them' ahem ah .. 'manure, and they will grow'. This whole mushrooming of America is made easier as our citizens become duller by the day; staying connected to the mind-numbing effects of way too much insipid media, texting fake words, and Facebook (Does one have to live on this networking channel to truly feel relative?). I also get the abject truth that a colluded OMG, former Free Press, is a co-dependent participant, but that adds no validity to this sorry mess..

    Former Speaker Pelosi may be speaking a certain truth that her constituents may be dull enough mushrooms to understand, but, I assure you, there are the others, those of us who actually know stuff, and we are wide awake. We may be in the minority now, but what if the dolts that the Democrats depend on start waking up to the elixir of real life, foregoing the dank existence of staying connected, constantly searching for the stimulus of acceptance, and more manure sustaining their mushroom existence, will, thereby, discover that this is truly a dangerous world? What then?

    They may wake up to the immutable fact that the scandal ridden Obama Administration has a racist unprincipled attorney general, Eric Holder, that will not investigate or comply with congress on: 'Fast and Furious'; IRS targeting of Conservatives; Justice Dept. spying on the AP (Associate Press) members, especially FOX News's James Rosen; Solyndra slush fund, the Pigford /Dept. of Agriculture scandal; the V.A. criminal incompetence; so many more; and now the Benghazi Cover-up. While these semiconscious Liberals, like former Speaker Pelosi, may not recognize the essence of Benghazi, a Republican majority in the United States of House of Representatives does, and now, finally, they have the Ben Rhodes e-mail, which well acknowledges that Obama and his minions had real knowledge that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, not the random response to some "despicable hateful video" at election time for this teetering president.

    The Benghazi Select Committee, with Trey Gowdy - R, South Carolina, as chairman, will discover what has not been told, what has not been provided as requested, what has been redacted when provided, and if they don't, we can well expect a real battle. For many of us, this is the essential issue that is the seminal watershed point of what it means to believe in principled government run by principled people. Unlike Watergate, and all the ancillary scandals, that the mainstream media stuck to like superglue, the OMG has taken no interest in the Behghazi story except to rally to protect their messiah, The Candidate. If the mainstream media can tear themselves away from the OMG, and their worship of this American president, the investigation will be successful, and the Free Press may possibly then have a chance to restore a modicum of their lost respect by those of us remaining with full working brains.

    Regardless, the Select Committee is moving forward, and Trey Gowdy is a true Bulldog. I'm 'betting the farm', he will not stop until he is satisfied that he has what truth he can discover, irrespective of this obstructionist, opaque presidency, and it's unprincipled, probably criminal attorney general.

    Sure, there will be the usual vacuous commentary from the spokespeople of the 'Cool': they will call out the 'Old White Men' ... again, the R word (racist) will be bandied about ... again, and the worst of the OMG will rush to defend their false messiah; however, eventually, if we patriots are determined enough, the stupidity will abate, their insipid whining will end, and ... Dude, we may get our nation back.

    I'm working towards it. How about you? Do you care or not?

Considering Mr. Obama's chronic incompetence in making important decisions, moreover of late, those that would keep Americans safe: Is he competent to serve as president for the duration of his term?
4.58%   Yes, I am enamored with this 'transformational' man.
93.7%   No, the man should be removed from office before he does anymore damage.
1.72%   I only know that I was hauled to the polls to vote for him.
349 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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