Phony President Calls to End Investigations into "Phony Scandals" | Beaufort County Now | The scandal ridden Obama Administration has now called for an end to investigations in the Republican Controlled House of Representatives.

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    The scandal ridden Obama Administration has now called for an end to investigations in the Republican Controlled House of Representatives. The House of Representatives have led the charge in investigating the multiple, and most apparent scandals that have rocked the Obama Administration, even the though all of the Obama Media Group (OMG), which comprises the vast majority of what was once know as the Main Stream Media (MSM), has elected not to investigate nor report any meaningful findings on what is the most serious set of scandals since the Nixon Administration, and probably much worse. The difference between the now scandal soaked administration; however, is that the MSM worked diligently in pursuit of President Nixon, at every turn, but presently are actually working, in league with the Obama Administration, to deflect attention from the growing list of scandals for their beloved Candidate Obama.

    Now, as this Phony President decries that these mammoth scandals: Benghazi Cover-up, the IRS Enemies List (and soon to be cover-up), the Free Press Enemies List, the ObamaCare Bait and Switch, etc., etc., the former MSM, now OMG, have, and will be working to deflect all scrutiny away from their Candidate, since that is their journalistic ambition, their charge to protect their Phony President. All that stands between a corrupt president and corrupted former Free Press, now teh owned OMG (Obama Media Group) are the Republicans in congress's investigation of the "Phony Scandals."

    My money is on the duly elected congressional Republicans to do their jobs, and cast these Obama false narratives into the proper light, so that intelligent Americans will learn truth. The intellectually inferior Americans, still in full belief that there is a bifurcated MSM, a responsible Free Press, when there is not, will never be part of the solution to save this Republic, and at some point will not matter. My money is also on the "New Media", which has had the mantel of a responsible Free Press foisted upon it, as the OMG / former MSM has now abdicated their ominous responsibility as was guaranteed in the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights.

    BCN is proud to be a member of the New Media, whose far greater integrity than the OMG will make it necessary for us to do our part to save the Republic form both an incompetent press, whose charge is to protect a corrupt and incompetent president. While BCN is small and breaks few stories, save those of a local nature, we do form opinion that points toward the obvious, and thus we present a clarion, and workable alternative to that of the Candidate, his elected minions, and their OMG.

    And furthermore, while the Candidate, his elected minions and their OMG continue to deny, defend, deflect that which is corrupt, and, in the Candidate's own words, "unpatriotic," BCN is here now today, and we will be here to tomorrow. We just want you, the public at large, to be smarter, and in that endeavor to educate you toward the obvious, we shall endeavor to do our part.

Should Mr. Obama continue to be worshiped by an adoring media, who continues to under report all of his "phony" scandals, or should an alternative media step to the fore as the Free Press?
29.95%   Yes, our Obama is beyond the scrutiny of the media, and they should continue to stay out of his way.
42.36%   No, it is imperative to have a Free Press to keep all politicians and their bureaucrats in check.
27.68%   I don't care about news and information; it's not fun.
1,676 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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