For Core Democrats: The Hits (and not in a good way) Just Keep on Coming | Eastern North Carolina Now

    After a series of demonstratively tough weeks, the hits just keep on coming, faster and faster as if a spinning top, reeling from the negative inertia. And yet the liberal core of the Democrat party, Democrats plunge their heads in the proverbial sand, doubling down on stupidity.

    And as bad as it has gotten recently for America's worst modern president, Barack Hussein Obama, his former secretary of state, and heir apparent to be anointed with the Democrat nomination for president in 2016, Hillary B. Clinton, has big systemic problems. Ms. Clinton is virtually not electable if America smartens up just a smidgen; but that would mean an Ostrich extraction from its Facebook mentality, and caring about real things. It could happen, and usually does when it all gets bad enough.

    You see, core Democrats have a naive streak a mile wide, where the vast majority of them just don't know stuff, and are generally managed as if in a herd, hence the "talking points", the "group think" Democrat poll tested analysis of complex problems reduced to slogans and cheers, and yet nothing ever changes. Core Democrats, as a bumbling group, have the intellectual acuity of the proverbial "fart in a skillet", which is reducing America minute by minute, until we are nothing more than a thinly skinned, feeble, creaking and crumbling Republic, weak and pathetic, lashing out in geriatric jabs as a very dangerous world closes in- a 'paper tiger' unable to defend itself. This is the eventual projection of the Democrat's America - weak at home, feeble abroad, and finally a one world government secured.

    Irate Democrats may claim that I am full of it, but I would retort, "Exactly, I knew you would feel that way. Actually, you are being managed, by others, to feel that way." Cynical, maybe? Possibly, you should be a bit cynical as well.

    We live in a dangerous world, where our inept Community Organizer-in-Chief is negotiating with an Islamist Extremist, who publicly chants (kind of reminds one of Democrats chanting and cheering slogans) "Death to America", while Hussein Obama unconditionally negotiates the delay of the Iran Muslim theocracy's acquisition of a thermal nuclear device, and the delivery system to aim and direct such. The Obama administration's immeasurably weak foreign policy, weak to the point of possible treason, is not only putting America's future generation's at great risk, America's current generation will be at great risk if the Democrats' Apologist-to-Muslims-in-Chief has his incapable way.

    With John "Stoneface" Kerry devising the path forward in negotiations with the rogue nation of Iran, the Obama policy of: Apology, Appeasement, unconditional Conciliation and then Retreat is failing the American People, while bolstering its desired objective of appearing conciliatory to rouge Islam. While, this approach to keeping American's safe here at home and abroad may appeal to core Democrats as a nuanced progressive objective, patriots consider that same objective as abject ineptitude, bordering treason. Remarkably, there are growing ranks of Democrats in congress, some of whom brought you ObamaCare, are now throwing their lot in with the Republicans to stop the possibility of any treaty with a thermal nuclear Iran.

    Should the Community Organizer-in-Chief wish a lawful treaty with Iran, and should he lose rather badly in congress, in such a bipartisan manner, Barack Hussein will suffer a statement from his own party, especially if it all goes very rather badly, which elucidates, 'you are on your own with the Iran debacle Mr. President. This is your legacy not ours'.

    This is not lost on Amateur Obama, who has directed his legal muscle Eric Holder - the same criminal A.G. that will not investigate the IRS for political fraud - to bring a felony lawsuit against former core Democrat, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, who first broke with The Amateur over the Cuban Blunder, where Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of the victory sown by many smarter, wiser American policy makers. Senator Menendez will be prosecuted by Eric Holder for political improprieties; imagine that. To put a fine point on this action, Senator Menendez is unequivocal in his opposition to these pathetic negotiations with the Mullahs of Iran, and it appears that the Obama felony prosecutions have only served to embolden the senior senator from New Jersey.

    Similarly, using the threat of Eric Holder, political prosecutor for hire paid by the public treasury, pressure was brought to bear upon General David Petraeus, a proven leader and current CIA Chief, to momentarily lie about the Benghazi Terrorist attack, while Amateur Obama was in the throes of his re-election just weeks after lying to core Democrats, at that veritable 'Freak Show in Charlotte', that "Osama bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the run". The Amateur's administration chose to wantonly lie about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack as if it was a Muslim reaction to 'tasteless, despicable video'

    The curator of the Benghazi lie, Hillary Rodham B. (Benghazi) Clinton, for some weird reason substantiated the Benghazi fabrication, with the help of the Obama Media Group (OMG). With the lie exposed by the real journalists of today, remarkably, the OMG helped to perpetuate that lie, and knowingly became a major player in the Benghazi Cover-up scandal, which still has not been resolved, and should, as a single issue, sink the deceitful, and very culpable Ms. Clinton, should she be the Democrat nominee.

    And while I could continue ad nauseum about the bad week for core Democrats, I end it with the biggest current knock of all, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Neytanyahu was re-elected, and Barack Hussein despises P.M. Neytanyahu. I don't believe it is because The Amateur is anti-Semitic, but rather that Benjamin Neytanyahu is everything that Hussein Obama is not - Mr. Neytanyahu is: smart, wise, brave, courageous, congenial, charismatic, honest, humble, maybe even Churchillian, and: Did I mention smart and wise yet?

    For all of you core Democrats, or very Squishy Middlecrats, who believe that I am too acerbic in my honest knowledge of how your party and your leaders are destroying my country, I kind of apologize ... if you will apologize for being fully responsible for putting these incompetent, dishonest Democrats in charge of my America.

    No? Well, there will be more of these maxims yet to follow.

In light of former Secretary of State Hillary B. Clinton admitting that she co-mingled state department business, in her private e-mails, with her personal business: Should Hillary Clinton be forced to relinquish her private server, where e-mails were stored, and, ultimately, transmitted?
1.8%   It is Hillary's e-mails, it is Hillary's private server. Leave her alone.
97.01%   Hillary lost any sense of privacy when she co-mingled the People's business with her own.
1.2%   If it is not Facebook, I don't care.
167 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Considering last week's events, where Mr. Obama and Susan 'it was the despicable video' Rice went on a media blitz to downplay any concerns over worldwide Islamic terrorism directed at the USA: Is Mr. Obama realistic in his approach to keeping Americans safe?
86.88%   Mr. Obama is unrealistic about the level of danger presented by radical Islamists.
5.63%   Mr. Obama is wise to concentrate on the domestic policy of income redistribution and climate change.
7.5%   Mr. Obama will be gone in less than two years.
160 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( April 13th, 2015 @ 8:26 am )
Liberty. Freedom. Sanctity of life. The Constitution. The Republic.

Liberty --- redistricting all NC voting districts to favor Conservatives
Freedom --- Marriage Amendment proved unconstitutional and is nothing more than dictating your views to the public when we can do better with "freedom and justice for all"
Sanctity of Life --- anti-abortion which the SCOTUS decided was for each woman to decide
Constitution --- why so many reversals of Conservative legislation????

Here are my answers to each of your propositions. It is obvious we strongly disagree on your position---and that is OK to "agree to disagree."
( April 13th, 2015 @ 7:56 am )
Liberty. Freedom. Sanctity of life. The Constitution. The Republic. I could continue, but I haven't the time.
( April 13th, 2015 @ 6:05 am )
Here is a "finding" you must first explore, Stan ~~~ What have Conservatives actually CONSERVED???

I dare you to put aside the vitriol toward "liberals" and speak for the folks you think have so much promise for us in NC and the USA . . .
( April 12th, 2015 @ 3:09 pm )
Group think and buzz words/phrases are the Democrat way.

I find it interesting that a whole movement of people can be swayed by these words, but what really gets my interest is the coding in these words that have no bases in its etymology.

No, as long as Democrats can be moved so by these Simple things, and, of course, all the free stuff that they did not work for, I will do my anthropological best to understand it and report my findings.
( April 12th, 2015 @ 2:48 pm )
I think we need to forget "buzz words" and start a real effort to help one another in NC be more authentic to our great heritage of the State and Beaufort County . . .
( April 9th, 2015 @ 9:40 pm )
Thanks Gene. You just gave me three more Liberal buzz words: greed, progressive, regressive. I'll add them now.

Any more?
( April 9th, 2015 @ 9:07 pm )
Dude --- if the show fits, wear it --- if the idiots of GREED want to pollute NC and take it's black gold --- you better invest in some drinking water and pray for God's mercy the we don't have earthquakes and pollute the Gulf Stream.

Screw the stupid / get some smarts and thing PROGRESSIVE rather than REGRESSIVE.
( April 9th, 2015 @ 12:06 pm )
Actually, "Koch Brothers" is one of the top 'Group Think' buzz phrases by Liberals, like yourself, but there are more, and I will continue to work on that list that I started a while back here.

To date the Liberals 'Group Think' code words and buzz words/phrases are: racist, gay, "hate", progressive, diversity, empowerment, neanderthal, "Republican War on Women", mean-spirited, social justice, 1%, Koch Brothers, stakeholders, Rush Limbaugh, Faux News, awareness, green, affordable (means someone else pays for it), (just) Hannity, greed, Bush, Cheney (or Bush/Cheney), disenfranchisement, Trickle Down, Halliburton, regressive ...

Let me know if you have anymore?

Actually, you Liberals need to discover Mark Levin as a new buzz phrase for Liberal 'Group Think' speak. He is a concentrated version of Hannity, not quite a Rush Limbaugh, but close.
( April 9th, 2015 @ 11:38 am )
2 words: Koch Brothers . . .
( March 30th, 2015 @ 6:21 am )
Good article from a good Democrat publication.

Cruz really shakes up the core Democrats, and I really dig that. I would love to see him debate Ms. Benghazi.

If he had done the foreign policy debate rather than Mitt, who was just too nice of a guy (however a smart guy), he would have put that Heifer Candy Crowley back in her stall, and he would ripped Commander Stupid limb from intellectual limb.

That is the brand of candidate, I will most support right now - one that will fight for my Republic at home and abroad.
( March 30th, 2015 @ 6:10 am )
Here is the first behind-the-facade article on Ted Cruz . . .
( March 28th, 2015 @ 9:37 am )
We'll be talking about Ted Cruz, and soon. He is at the top of the pack for me.

He is very smart, and I am so tired of stupid.

Talking about stupid, Hillary may have wiped her the hard drive of her server. Nobody does that. It is not like a hard drive on a personal computer that becomes corrupted from downloading stuff.
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