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I have often wondered why Race is such a large issue in these times. Many of us, who lived through the sixties and were well aware of the events of those turbulent days, have well considered why Race is such a dominant force for those who are interminably imbued with the subject.

    I have often wondered why Race is such a large issue in these times. Many of us, who lived through the sixties and were well aware of the events of those turbulent days, have well considered why Race is such a dominant force for those who are interminably imbued with the subject. Times have certainly changed, but not for the 'Poverty Pimps' and the 'Race Hustlers' that have long had the ear of Democrat politicians and, most especially, their president. For them this is a subject of political gold; one to be mined for all its divisive worth.

    And one may ask: How does this work for them? All of America is not some self-identified racially exploited citizen, who is summarily stripped of their self, or group-identified humanity; we certainly know that.

    What everyone should know, but many never will, is that today's Democrat Party is the party of the disenfranchised, rightfully or not, and they provide a sturdy platform for the shiftless, the sorry, and the weak of mind and spirit, those of such great need, who are pledged to contribute so little. While this is not their total base vote, this is the group, from a pure political science reality, that can push them over the top in elections, when the Democrats can produce a Liberal enough, or Socialist enough face to lead the ticket.

    Today's Democrat party is predominately a party of Self, and may the country be damned, regardless of how much they may dispute this accurate assessment, the Democrat party is in a pathetic state, where few real patriots exist - not in a sense where they may perform a real benefit to the nation as a whole.

    Remarkably, the Republican party has a credible group within it, who would like to edge more into that new Democrat direction, where they can eventually become the party of choice to these disenfranchised minorities, to these folks who will vote in elections as they are told to do, as long as they can continue to receive a great percentage of the public largess, one where they need only to exist to receive. These Republican Liberals are known as RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). These Republicans are growing in numbers, but are not taken seriously by real Republicans, who are still the core of the party, those patriots that understand the true threat without, and within that could end this Republic if not checked.

    As a county commissioner of Beaufort County, I have long watched, with some stifled incredulity, how these local RINO's would stand before a crowd, occasionally a cheering mob, and attempt to lend their sputtering, communal voice to an issue that may well have been beyond their cognitive ability to truly understand. Yet they were there, steeped in their sameness, joining to be joining. At the end of the event, or the issue, I well understood that it was only the warmth of their sense of well-being that drove them to seek that community of acceptance; it certainly was not their intellect of issue.

    So is that what America will become under liberal Democrats and RINOs, the nation of the lowest common denominator, where the desire, or even the ability to perform productive work becomes a rare and fleeting commodity?

    Well, if so, it will be a short future fact of our continuance as a nation, for the Republic will not survive it.

    We will not survive it for the math will not support it. When there is a growth of the unenlightened, within our nation, who are consumed with the petty issue of Race, there is a proclivity to not deal with the more serious issues, such as: an 'unpatriotic' national debt of 18 trillion dollars; an egregiously expensive ambivalence in protecting our borders; losing the War on Terror under Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama; and a financially engineered economic recovery, which will eventually end badly at some point. Remarkably Race is the issue that uninspired leaders embrace, and more sadly, it could be because it is all that they can intellectually grasp.

    To put a finer point on this pathetic conundrum of ineptitude, we have a federal tax cheat (about 4.5 million dollars owed), race hustler, poverty pimp, and, oddly, an MSNBC commentator, Al Sharpton frequenting the White House as a trusted adviser on Race relations to Amateur Obama. To put a further incongruous understanding on the Race malaise, for the overly concerned Liberal, incredibly, is the pathetic fact that Columbia University Law school is allowing their aspiring 'Keepers of the Law' students to postpone their end-of-semester exams, should these students be so disposed to be 'traumatized over the events in Ferguson, Mo and New York City over the grand jury findings in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, respectively'. It does not take a genius to realize that the Dartmouth Law School franchise has been severely tarnished just by this one poorly considered action by a Liberal, and extra reactive faculty.

    As some of these politically charged Columbia Law students took time away from their studies to protest the deaths of Eric Garner, and to a lesser extent, Michael Brown, where in some New York City protests - the crowd of malcontents cheered (as Liberals love to do): "What do we want?" "DEAD COPS!" "When do we want it?" "NOW!" - two of New York's finest were the recipient of these Liberals' wishes.

    On December 20, 2014, NYC police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were ambushed and executed by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a gang member from Baltimore, Maryland, who was sympathetic to, and inspired by these marches advocating the killing of these innocent officers, as some revenge motive, overwhelmed whatever decency the Gangsta boy might have once had. It was a sad Christmas day for these men's families, and the good, decent folk of New York. The overt Liberals, who would not suspend their march during the time needed to bury these good men, continued their protests, as the racially divisive race hustlers, like tax-cheat Al Sharpton, at least in inspired spirit, tromped along with them.

    Could this be the template on how you lose your Republic: Doughty Dartmouth professors coddling their spoiled, 'traumatized students as their president sends gangs of emissaries to comfort the families of Michael Brownc, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin, investigate for possible civil rights violations; yet send no emissaries to the funerals of these slain NYC officers, or to the funeral of murdered two star general Harold Greene - the highest-ranking casualty in the Afghanistan conflict. When the deaths of those in authority, who strive to excel, and if need be die in the line of duty, take a back seat to the unfortunate, premature deaths of Black people, some with extensive police records, are killed by mostly non-Black people (some deaths may have been with some cause), we may well be one step closer to losing this Republic.

    And what happens then?

    I know this: It will not be the Liberals in government and from academia that will offer the solution. They will still be the problem ... unless ... they lose their inured posture on Race, and alternately race to embrace what it means to be a patriot.

In this new year of possibilities: What should be our greatest concerns?
4.32%   Rapacious cries of Racism by the classes of White/Black Privilege's keen sense of entitlement.
89.93%   The abject evil of Satanic murderous Muslims bent on the destruction of Jews and Christians.
5.76%   Global Warming, or is it Climate Change ... or is it Climate Disruption now?
139 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Should we have this much discussed 'National Discussion' on Race, and, furthermore, will all parties tolerate the process and the outcome?
4.73%   Yes, Race divides Americans, which gives us two societies, two sets of benefits.
73.37%   Yes, Race is the foundation of who we are, but should not determine who we become.
21.89%   No, Race to me is NASCAR.
169 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( January 5th, 2015 @ 10:09 am )
I AGREE with you, good buddy ~~~ some things the Court needs to abstain from ruling.
( January 4th, 2015 @ 4:42 pm )
Children need structure. An activist Supreme Court can, and should be overturned.

Children who are not Christian, or do not want to be Christian should not be forced to pray; however, others should be allowed to.

The Beaufort County Commissioners prayed before each meeting (18 years of prayer for me), congress prays, state legislatures pray; how is this any different than children, who are willing, being led in prayer?

Figure than one out.
( January 4th, 2015 @ 4:06 pm )
You should have argued the case before the Supreme Court, Stan!!! They rule on the Constitutionality of religious practices. They ruled as they ruled.

I totally agree that forced prayer of the Christian type is unwise / no prayer or religion is stupid / in my wife's Rocky Mount school a Jewish boy was told he did not have to read the Christmas story. He said, "It didn't matter. His family owned and ran a store that enjoyed the profits of Christmas!"

My mother, a teacher in metro Atlanta, did as she pleased in her classroom. After the court ruled she simply told her students that anyone offended by the Bible reading and prayer could step in the hallway for a bit . . .

Nobody dictates to any American that we cannot pray. Your Conservatives contend such, BUT IT IS BS good buddy . . .
( January 4th, 2015 @ 11:04 am )
If only that was true.

Actually, the First Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Now tell me where this states that congress shall legislate that there be no prayer in schools because of some 'Separation of Church and State' context, which is not in the U.S. Constitution, that has become this massive Democrat fantasy that you, Gene, ascribe to.

I will always contend that this Land is a Christian Land, and that Christians shall remain a tolerant people. We've come a long way since the Middle Ages.
( January 4th, 2015 @ 10:48 am )
"Congress shall make no laws concerning religion . . ." separates religion from politics, good buddy. Call it whatever you want.
( January 3rd, 2015 @ 2:39 pm )
There is a Democrat fantasy of some first Amendment provision stipulating a 'Separation of Church and State', where religion is to be denied in all forms from governing. It simply is not true.

What the First Amendment stipulates is that not one denomination shall not reign over the others, as it was in England, France and Spain and Italy, and even Germany, before the reformation really took hold, in those times of religious retribution. The United States of America is still a Christian nation whether you, Democrats, like it or not.

That is the way it was, is, and will forever be. In America, you have freedom of religion, and as an individual, you have freedom from religion; however, one just can't legislate that the rest of us, Christians, must adhere to your codes of misunderstanding.
( December 31st, 2014 @ 6:33 am )
Frankly, Stan, I fail to see much of anything Conservatives have "conserved."

I watched my beloved Southern Baptist Convention taken over by them. Their mantra was "the end justifies the means to it." Their hate and scheming have ended the NC Baptist State Convention. My beloved Seminary at Wake Forest is nothing but a clone of Jerry Falwell's hate factor in Lynchburg, VA.

Dr. Bill Friday said when SEBTS was taken, "This is the most significant thing to happen in NC during the 20th Century." It is influencing politics as people are now told who they should vote for = ONLY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES OF REPUBLICAN PARTY. The Separation of Church and State in NC is now ended . . .
( December 27th, 2014 @ 8:32 am )
Well, I really did not mention the Republicans, except for the RINOs, and they will always get the worst of it from me, because of their destructive tendencies.

You see RINOs are destroying the Republican party, while most elected Democrats are content with destroying the Republic. That is a sad fact.
( December 27th, 2014 @ 6:24 am )
Stan---I think your are far too critical of Democrats AND far too adoring of Republicans. . .

Each party has changed over the years and, in some ways NOT FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL. The Democratic Party has been PROGRESSIVE in the past with its desire to give "all men created equal" a modern place. The Republicans, on the other hand, claim to be Conservative, but are conserving little of the ideal of a collegial and debating legislative process. Where are the people of color on their spectrum? I see only token blacks and ethnics involved and given a place.

I talked with many good black citizens in Rocky Mount who hate shiftlessness and thievery. They are sentenced to live in the same hood as drug gangs and flying bullets through the night. Many are sleeping in their tubs so those bullets won't kill them. They WANT some brutality applied to the drug problems of the hood.

Lyndon Johnson sated when he signed the Voting Rights and War on Poverty legislation that Democrats could kiss the South goodbye for many years to come. That has turned out to be valid. This split is the direct result of white resistance to the points of the legislation to make society over in a hurry.

We had a racial and societal problem we thought could be solved with law and money. We have proved "you can't legislate morality." You cannot force "liberty and justice for all" unless people are willing to apply such on ALL SIDES.

Dreams of the Forefathers were not perfect from day 1. There is as much prejudice over ethnic groups in the North as with any black groups in the South. People simply trend to their own kind and want to rule without respect to OTHER SIDES, it seems to me . . .

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