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    Publisher's note (December 28, 2016): Today, in light of the Hussein Obama administration's abject betrayal of Israel, I searched the back pages of BCN and found this piece, which represents just how lowly I regard the worst American president in modern times.

    This is a most relevant post today, and my opinion of Hussein has not changed as is manifested by my comment here today at the bottom of the post.

The Obama Administration, angry over the protocol construct between his office and the United States Congress, endures the Middle Eastern 'thorn in their side' - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neytanyahu.

    The Benjamin Neytanyahu drama, fabricated by the Amateur Obama Administration, is just another roadblock to Barack Hussein's presidential legacy. For the Israli Prime Minister, he only struggles for his miniature nation to survive. Between the two world leaders, there are few similarities, few consensus motivations, only similar, but separate ambitions; one to succeed, the other to survive.

    Amateur Obama fully understands that his scandal ridden legacy will be forever enhanced if he can broker even a terrible nuclear enrichment deal to delay the Iranian acquisition of a capability for deliverable nuclear warheads. Amateur Obama believes that his many abysmal failures in foreign policy, will be glossed over by this one foreign policy endeavor with the many middling-minded Liberals, still well overpaid, to consider the current events of today to write the history of tomorrow's yesterday. Hussein Obama believes that this false narrative will succeed to paint his administration in a far more effective hue, but now with the advantage of free informational dissemination on the internet, I fully doubt its success.

    Regardless of future perceptions of historians, The Amateur, as Candidate Obama running for presidential office in 2007, promised no preconditioned negotiations with Iran, and now struggles on to throw the rouge state of Iran a lifeline for their negotiations to continue before The Amateur leaves office in less than two years. No deal, means his legacy will only exist as: surrender in Iraq, and to a lesser extent Libya and Syria, and soon Afghanistan; a misguided economy that has organically failed American citizens; a failure in dealing with congress; significant scandals heaped upon expanding scandals; an abhorrence of the Constitution and the division of powers; escaping certain impeachment only because of a co-dependent Mainstream Media of many pathetic minds; losing badly the War on Terror; more than doubled the national debt to further his Socialism for votes strategy; and his signature legislation - ObamaCare - built on lies to the People of America and the Supreme Court. No deal with Iran means that the sophistry of Amateur Obama, and his sycophant minions, of a middling intelligence, will stand for Barack Hussein's presidency, and its eight years of successive failures. It is a 'Hail Mary' to reconcile this poor president's posterity, which may speak worse for the Simple People who elected him. With the peace of this world in the balance, Barack Hussein chooses the redefining of his administration's history, with this one ambiguous success rather than setting the stage for real peace for this generation and future generations.

    Let us Remember back to the Mir Hossein Mousavi election as Iran's president that was fraudulently reversed to keep the radical mouthpiece of Iran's theocracy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in his place as president. When the riots and civil unrest developed in June of 2009 in the streets of Iran, as a result of that illegitimate election, Amateur Obama did nothing to help foment the peaceful revolution into a productive movement, one of sweeping change rather than one that was summarily crushed. What if The Amateur had worked to end Iran's theocracy of antisemitism and anti-freedom, rather than his concentration on his confession of apology for American exceptionalism to the Muslim community, while working on his Democrat inspired surrender in Iraq. Maybe Amateur Obama would not be giving away so much to retain so little.

    Chief on that list of gaining nothing from Iran to limit nuclear enrichment is the safety of Israel, which Iran has promised 'to push into the Mediterranean Sea'. Can anyone with a full working brain blame Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neytanyahu for advocating with the United States Congress for the survival of Israel?
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( December 28th, 2016 @ 9:43 pm )
Hussein Obama is leaving the new president a mess to clean up; much of it by executive order or through the U.N.

John Kerry's sophistic explanation of the Obama betrayal of Israel as good foreign policy is emblematic of a presidency that accomplished so little, but now is working overtime, while this president enjoys yet another Hawaiian vacation, to disrupt, divert and dissolve a proper presidential path for President-elect Trump.

No honeymoon for the new guy, and what is cool here: President Trump will probably use all these unprincipled political hurdles to his advantage, a political judo of sorts, to hone a presidency that will have to perform to sustain any momentum against an unprincipled Democrat media.

I predict that the unproven, unpolished and despised (by Liberals /Socialists) new president will either fold into a miserable mess or will make history as the finest president since Ronald Reagan.
( March 5th, 2015 @ 2:52 pm )
Here is Stan in 18 months ~~~ Love, Love, Love--all we need is love and here is the link to wash your dishes and clean your house . . .
( March 5th, 2015 @ 9:47 am )
Only one link per comment unless the script suspects you, and it may only give you no links.

I calculate that in 18 months BCN will become self-aware. At that point, I fully expect for it to write my posts exactly as I wish then to be, and do my laundry.
( March 5th, 2015 @ 9:38 am )
I get an automatic question over "suspected spam". I assume it is due to the links I included . . . Will try to retrieve it / or you should have it with the block being automatic . . .

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