When Will the Impeachment Proceedings Begin for Candidate Obama? | Eastern North Carolina Now | I am sure that America's ongoing nightmare will continue, unabated, with the community-organizer-in-chief navigating America into the dank, dark corners of a despondent national psyche of complete, and utter helplessness.

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    I am sure that America's ongoing nightmare will continue, unabated, with the community-organizer-in-chief navigating America into the dank, dark corners of a despondent national psyche of complete, and utter helplessness, then leaving us there to fend for ourselves, as he, and his most elite supporters, profit immensely from our collective hardship.

    Simply, that is how government, based on special interest needs operates, and, in modern United States history, there has never been a government more built on special interest than the Obama administration. Accordingly, in this Obama administration, the stakes to continue this farce of being everyone's president, while only working his government to the advantage of those that benefit him, requires that he drive alternate narratives, rather than just brokering the truth. Currently, with the many scandals orbiting his administration, this disjointed plan of rewarding those in his care from the productivity of others to buy special favors, or silence, is beginning to unravel for this "pretend president," so ...

    When will the Impeachment proceedings begin for Candidate Obama?

    It may well happen, and even though a disgustingly complicit lapdog-dog media will gloss over these multiple Obama administration scandals by either rallying to his defense, or worse, failing to report, or inadequately reporting, massive improprieties fostered by their president and his administration, I believe eventually enough Americans will eventually realize this Obama Administration is too much at fault to continue. Yes, I concurr that this "pretend presidency" will eventually come to a crashing end, regardless of Obama's trump card, an insurance policy - in one dysfunctional Joe Biden - notwithstanding.

    And even though the ingloriously stupid Joe Biden would be a huge negative to this nation at anytime should he be required to fulfill the balance of the Candidate's remaining term, I believe the Republicans will push that envelope to achieve what will be a very necessary to end this national nightmare of scandal, after scandal, after scandal ... Impeachment.

    If this was the Nixon Administration, with the media revved for optimum efficiency as they were then, the impeachment word would have already been floated in their (the media's) upper echelon.

    For those of you who do not know what impeachment is, and how a president qualifies for this infamous congressional procedure, and its possible inglorious end: Article II of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states, "The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." If the Articles of Impeachment (list of charges against that Federal officer) of are drawn up by the lower house, the United States House, and passed by that house, then the officer will stand indicted of impeachment, and then this case will move to the upper house, the United States Senate, where said officer will be tried and summarily impeached from office.

    As a point of reference, there have only been two presidents impeached in these United States: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

    President Andrew Johnson was impeached because of a sense of total incompetence by the United States Congress, ergo, they did not like him very much because he refused to work with these august political bodies as did his predecessor, Abraham Lincoln. President Andrew Johnson was indicted by the lower house, but the former senator from Tennessee held a one vote margin in the U.S. Senate to retain the presidency.

    President Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied to officers of the court in the deposition in the Paula Jones sex scandal, a scandal that began, and occurred mostly, while Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. The aforementioned deposition occurred while Mr. Clinton was president. Like president Johnson, Mr. Clinton was indicted by impeachment in the lower house, but unlike Mr. Johnson, there were nowhere near enough votes to conclude the impeachment.

    By contrast, President Richard Nixon was never impeached, but resigned with disgrace from the presidency due to investigations in the United States Senate that were turning up "smoking guns" that implied that there was a cover-up of the "third rate burglary" of the Democrat headquarters at the Watergate multi-use complex in Washington, DC. Furthermore, it did not appear that Mr. Nixon had the votes in either chamber of the United States Congress to retain his presidency, and what the Senate was investigating would probably result in criminal charges.

    There are components in both the President Johnson and the President Clinton impeachment processes that resemble Obama transgressions; however, I seriously believe there are more similarities between President Nixon and Candidate Obama than Presidents Johnson and Clinton. True, in relation to the Tennessean Johnson, Mr. Obama, by today's rigorous standards, is wholly incompetent, which is bolstered by the fact that he has, and will take great liberty with the truth, or for those who appreciate straight talk, he is a renowned liar. In this regard, he is more like Bill Clinton's transgression, but with more of a sociopathic frequency.

    This is why, I deem that the Candidate is more like the disgraced Richard Milhouse Nixon; Like Nixon, Obama is known to bend the truth, but unlike President Nixon, Mr. Obama is unrelentingly incompetent. Moreover, Candidate Obama's troubles are being brought to the fore by an activist congress, mostly in the Republican-led House of Representatives. There is one huge difference between the two presidents however; Richard Nixon suffered under an activist media as well, many of whom were pledged to ruin him. Alternately, most of the lapdog media of today have lost all semblance of objectivity, and have proven to be so heavily invested in the Candidate's success that real investigation of these issues, already uncovered by FOX News and a few scattered principled, investigative journalist with the mainstream media, may not occur. Regardless, there may be enough principled punch offered from the likes of the currently incomparable FOX News and a smattering of others, most of talk radio, some outlying print media, and the evolving internet media resource, with its inherent dynamic synergies of media writer and reader.

    As much as an unbiased media, and the first amendment guarantee of a free press, should make a difference in discovering the truth, it will be difficult due to the immutable fact that most of our fellow journalists have developed an incuriosity of all things Obama unless it is cute, kitschy, effusively banal, and of little consequence, unless it is to bolster his image among the low-information class that is the Candidate's broad base of support.

    Consequently, in discovering the truth out of the broad swath this administration's litany of misdirected misinformation, overly scripted talking points, half-truths and out-right lies, it will take what is left of an aforementioned principled and curious media, and an activist United States House that has risen mightily, after this administration's gross dereliction of duty and the evolving cover-up associated with the Benghazi terrorist attack, to discover the truth behind the ever expanding scandals emanating from this derelict administration.

    Will this be enough to do what is necessary to counterbalance an Obama administration that is obviously drunk on power, with little allegiance to the document that he is sworn to defend?

    Possibly, if everyone does their respective jobs to ferret out the truth in these scandals, and at least one known cover-up (Benghazi), to ultimately expose those who live on the lies that are now known, and the lies yet to be discovered. It will be imperative to discover all that we can so we will be able to explain the Obama administration, and the complicit mainstream media to generations of Americans yet to come. Hopefully this cautionary tale of deceit, indifference to our traditions of honor and duty and the utter incompetence of this administration will serve as a template of just how bad a presidency can be, and by educational use of that Obama template, there will never be another. I'm not sure this nation could endure another president like the Candidate.

    It is the duty of an activist congress to seek the truth now, and the responsibility of the rest of us to tell that truth to generations of Americans henceforth, generations that will have to exist without the ease of special interest from the productive to the nonproductive. An indictment of impeachment would be a good start down that inevitable path toward an America rebuilt on self-reliance.

    Do self-reliant people need ObamaPhones?

    Do impeached presidents need a voting base of the never working, needy, low information class, who must have their ObamaPhones to discover all of the free stuff that tethers them to politicians, like Candidate Obama, which the rest of us, who are productive, pay for? Hopefully, when, and if, we are successful in extracting Mr. Obama from the highest office in the land, then possibly we, who are productive, shall terminate this despondent national psyche of complete, and utter helplessness.

    Are you as frustrated as I am about all things Obama? Then do something about it: write a rant, a smok'n' screed, get angry and stay angry, and above all talk to your congressperson, your senator (especially the Democrats), and express how this ne'er-do-well must be removed from office as soon as is possible.

    Publisher's note: Since this is such a weighty matter for the People's government to discover, measure, and deal with, there will be a succeeding series of articles to follow.

Is the scandal ridden Obama Administration apt to fulfill its second term in office?
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25.87%   No, Mr. Obama will suffer the same fate as President Richard Nixon.
19.94%   I live under a rock.
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( June 16th, 2013 @ 11:49 am )
This is such a rant, and it is Father's Day, so I deserve to just "get this off my chest." The real meat will come in the succeeding posts.

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