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What Would Liberals Do (WWLD): Trust a sociopath, a pathological liar, like Hillary B. Clinton to the 'Gates of Hell'.

    For the rest of us, who understand principled truth, Hillary has a rough road ahead, and, possibly, she did herself a great disservice as to the point that her congressional testimony, under oath, may act as evidence in her FBI investigation, which may become a criminal investigation at some point for many reasons; too numerous to mention here.

    I watched about 35% of the 11 hours of testimony, but immediately understood the gist of what the Democrat 'Group Think' plan was, and while it appeared to work as a 'well oiled machine' in the world of the unprincipled Liberal; in our real world, Hillary B. Clinton distinguished herself quite poorly, where competence to act is wisdom, with the ability to know and promote the truth as principled behavior. Today's Democrat, elected, and, or committed to their present day precepts of Liberal action are wholly unprincipled as a cohesive unit. This is not an opinion; this fact was well on display this October 22nd, 2015 before the Select Benghazi Committee, chaired by former prosecutor, Trey Gowdy.

    To these committed Liberals: the elected, their committed electorate, and deep within their empowered Democrat Mainstream Media, their Hillary appeared masterful, invincible to this 'style over substance' constituency; what defiant Socialist, and utterly incompetent woman wouldn't? Ironically, in the truth of total perspective, where principles and ethical behavior and legitimate purpose actually matter, Hillary B. Clinton is anathema.

    The chance of this impossibly incompetent, pathological liar, and sociopath being elected president is impossible; it could never happen. But then again, in today's America that world might not exist. Where do you line up? What do you expect from yourself, rather than what you expect from your nation? Are you a patriot, or are you the antithesis of such?
    It is a rhetorical question, but consider this proposition: Are you a patriot, who wishes to continue "American Exceptionalism", or did you, do you understand the need for Socialists, like Hussein Obama and Hillary B., to pathologically lie as their special Alinsky ("Rules for Radicals") process of the "means always justifies the end" to promote Progressive Socialism? It is proved to be their masterful tool of choice, even to the point that it is not even reported any longer - actually, it never really was to any great extent - by the ultra liberal Democrat Mainstream Media.

    Most notable was to watch the once venerable Carl Bernstein, of the Woodward/Bernstein Watergate fame, grovel for Liberal acceptance by talking nonsense for a liberal audience that he presumes has no interest in the Benghazi Debacle and resulting cover-up, so the doughty Bernstein manages his assessment of contrived Democrat facts, so his words will speak to a Liberal Audience. An audience that professes that a lying president, who must win re-election, and a lying secretary of state are more important than: competence, integrity, honor, honesty and the lives of 4 brave Americans on American soil murdered by terrorists. When any loyal Liberal, or liberal institution, like the N.Y. Times, repeats Democrat 'Group Think' 'talking points' as truth, when it is not, to promote the Democrat cause, I am, understandably, repulsed when that same Democrat feigns concern over "four dead Americans!".

    I don't believe these Liberal Lies, and neither do the families of those "four dead Americans!" - Ambassador Chris Stevens, Consulate Attache Sean Smith, former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. The truth they know is that Hussein Obama and Hillary B. Clinton left them prone to the designs of terrorists in a very dangerous land, did not endeavor to save them once the attack began, and then lied about it, while having their subordinates lie as well, till and then after they were found out and fully exposed by impartial investigations. The only way these dishonest leaders, Hillary B. and Hussein, were able to continue through the election is due solely to the Democrat Mainstream Media providing Democrat cover through the election, and then beyond as a means to divert attention of these Democrat Journalists' own complicity within the cover-up.

    It was a sorry mess, where partisan Democrat hacks, like the doughty Carl Bernstein can not, and does not have the tools of principles to recognize. If Richard Nixon had been a Democrat in 1972, it would had been Bob Woodward, and somebody else investigating the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover-up.

    Maybe, I give Bob Woodward too much credit; maybe due to occasion, where I met Bob Woodward in March, 2013, and did ask the still venerable Woodward specifically about the complicity of the Democrat Mainstream Media in the Benghazi Cover-up, and used that premise to ask him again about the IRS Scandal. Of the two scandals, Mr. Woodward considered the IRS Scandal possibly very real (he spoke of if he was only younger, he would be in Cincinnati asking questions), and the 'Benghazi Debacle as just that - the result of bad policy and management, and no smoking gun ...yet'.

    That was in 2013, long after the Democrat 'Group Think' Mainstream Media declared "hands off; our guy has an election to win in 57 days". Obviously, almost no attention was paid to investigating the Benghazi cover-up, other than FOX News and other more bipartisan news outlets, who still have some journalistic principles, and maybe, there was no smoking gun, but there are smoking guns now, ignored by committed unprincipled Democrats - every damn one - and quite a few have been turned up by the Benghazi Select Committee. Let's examine now what could never have been discovered over the last 3 years, with a dishonest Hussein Obama instructing his criminal Eric Holder to appoint no special prosecutors to discover the facts that his instructed state department stonewalled the release of subpoenaed documents for years, and if not for Trey Gowdy and the Select Benghazi Committee, we would not know:

      •  About Hillary B.'s private, unsecured server, where she knowingly stored commingled private emails with classified e-mails;

      •  The fact that Hillary B. destroyed the public record after receiving a subpoena for the unsecured server, which is being investigated for the possibility of an Obstruction of Justice finding;

      •  That Hillary knew hours after the Benghazi Terrorist Attack that the attack had nothing to do with her 'despicable video' comment that went on for over a week, as she lied repeatedly to the American People, and, sadly, to the families of those "four dead Americans" that she, and no committee Democrats actually cares one whit about;

      •  That Hillary B. Clinton, and the pathetic Democrats occupying valuable space on the Select Benghazi Committee coordinated their questions and answers to the point that Hillary B. actually read her answers, from the complicit Democrat committee members, into the record, without even trying to act as if there was any spontaneity of intellect;

      •  That, alternately, left the Republican committee members as the only congresspeople who asked real questions to devise the truth of the Benghazi debacle from a recalcitrant Hillary B., which did appear that she was the pitiable 'woman scorned', playing well into the 'simple' political narrative best understood by the Democrat 'low-information voter';

      •  Divulged to Tyrone Wood's father her intention to imprison an American citizen, film maker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, as the "despicable video" scapegoat, which abridged Mr. Nakoula's first amendment right to express his speech as the "Innocence of Muslims" - that "despicable, inflammatory video", rather than take any responsibility for the Benghazi Terrorist Attack;

      •  Never directly spoke to Ambassador Stevens during the duration of his assignment in Libya, while reducing his consulate's security by over 75%, and against the Ambassador's written objections (over 600 emails that Hillary refused to read), and his professional "on the ground" written assessments of the immediate, impending dangers, while she stayed in e-mail correspondence with publicly paid Democrat adviser Sidney Blumenthal about Libya business opportunities who, as a clear conflict, also worked for her infamous profit oriented foundation;

      •  Explained to the Select Benghazi Committee's concerns that Ambassador Stevens, 'knew going in that it was a dangerous job'.

      •  That Hillary took the night off on September 11, 2012 after mentioning the attack to Hussein in a phone call, her immediate supervisor, then did not speak to Department of Defense until September 12, 2012, after the Americans were dead. The most troubling part of this truth is that Ms. Benghazi did not want to be troubled to advocate for the immediate safety of her diplomats, repeating this mantra that Ambassador Stevens understood the dangers of his job and accepted the consequences of such, and no one of the partisan, and stupid non patriot Democrats on the Select Benghazi Committee questioned this ambivalence by the Grandmother before them that does not understand e-mail, servers, honesty, or human decency.

If you listen closely, and you know her other testimony, which was under the pain of perjury, most of this is lies, told, again, under oath. Also in this video, we get to hear Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who is just a Latina and no patriot, just taking up a lot of space someone useful could occupy: Below.

    Disgusted yet?

    Chances are, you will not be if you are a partisan and unprincipled Democrat; however, rest assured this one truth, every real patriot in America is thoroughly disgusted, and we vote too, but will it be enough? Hopefully, but ...

    When committed Liberals vote for Socialist Hillary it is a complete continuation of the ideology of the administration of Socialist Hussein; however, their anti-social lying could be their greatest similarity - the most of all politicians, at all levels of government, in these modern times. How could this be good for a nation, where the vast proclivity of our citizens say we are on the wrong track. Just how much more Liberal transformation can this nation stand?

    Constructively, the electorate, and, prayerfully, one getting much smarter, and with the FBI paying close attention to her every comment as to her veracity, chronic dishonesty may prove to be a cruel master for Hillary B. Clinton. Possibly, at some point, the reality of truth will take hold to divine a path for the United States of America.

In wake of Hillary B. Clinton's email /wiped server scandal and resultant criminal investigation by the FBI: Do you trust her veracity?
3.13%   Yes, Hillary has the right to dispose of the origination of the public record.
92.19%   No, I don't trust her ever changing stories on all things (lies) Hillary.
4.69%   It does not matter that she is dishonest, she is a Clinton.
192 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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