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Tethered in a warm embrace, this delicate waltz of Hillary B. and committed Democrats, may prove disastrous in 2016, and beyond for today's Socialist /Liberal.

    Publisher's note (January 22, 2016 - re-featured as publication and again here on February 26, 2016 because of its continual relevance.): With Hillary B. becoming evermore the liability as she inches ever closer to probable felonious indictment (either that of AG Lynch could be impeached) for her realm of dishonest behavior as secretary of state, we revisit a bit of how it all got to this point.

And, the future of not only the Democrat Party, but, possibly, the Republic, as we know it, hangs delicately in the balance.

    Tethered in a warm embrace, this delicate waltz of Hillary B. and committed Democrats, may prove disastrous in 2016, and beyond for today's Socialist /Liberal. Their only saving grace may remain the stupefaction of a large swath of Americans, who never surrender to common sense, and avoid the virtue of common integrity for the sake of blind loyalty to the public trough, which is the promised reward of today's Democrat party for these loyalist ... those who blindly vote Democrat without question, with great prejudice.

    For the dedicated Democrat, the larger question will always remain: What if the American people get markedly smarter, wake up demonstrably, like King Theoden from J.R.R. Tolkein's The Two Towers, from their sad slumber, a condition of their dependency upon Democrat policies? What if they begin thinking as American patriots-in-training, rather than the confirmed dependent dolts upon Democrat Socialism, which they certainly are today? Rather than the Liberal's whispered promises of the cover of economic sustenance, without accountability, responsibility, like that of the sordid Gríma Wormtongue in King Thoeden's ear, this existence of able bodied people living off America without being true Americans will end.
A large component of Hillary B. Clinton's (left) and Hussein Obama's (right) foreign policy was to cede prestige and power to Islamist, Russians, actually anyone other than America or their allies. This Rose Garden event in the early days of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack Cover-up speaks volumes.

    The Liberal's talking points of: Peace through Surrender, Unqualified Abortion of Demand, Global Warming as a Religion, the Division of the Races false flag will not save the party, when, and if, their dependent liberal party members awake from their patronizing policies, whence, the Democrat party shall either return to its roots, or dissolve as the nation's Socialist mainstay. Personally, I pray for the Democrat Party to return to its moderate roots, which would insure its survival, which also would help America and maintain a healthy two party system. However, a moderate Democrat party does not appear to be anywhere close to a reality at this point.

    On September 29, 2105, as Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was questioned by elected Republicans in congress (current elected Democrats would never care to know the truth on any Liberal issue), we witness a staid advocate of Abortion on Demand, unapologetic for their selling of severed fetal body parts, and adamant that the private investigation was a "smear campaign". This pathetic exhibit of Democrats helping a Democrat was yet another example of their advocacy for 'shooting the messenger' of those recorded abominations. In the reality of normal folks, that message is abhorrent, so much, that Democrats, in one voice, stoically decry the method of knowing that permanent truth as false. Still, the Democrats' unified approach to this dishonest behavior is best exemplified by the symbolic phrase: 'Move along now; there's nothing to see here.' This absolutely does not absolve Democrats from the reality of their nonchalant attitude toward integrity, and of their confused, but continued rampant illegal activities.

    Accordingly, Hillary B. Clinton's admonition that she now: 1) does not understand how e-mails work; 2) that she never understood what constituted classified correspondences; 3) that she never realized that destroying government property was unethical, possibly illegal, as a means to cover her tracks as a public employee would not absolve her from the other side of the fiduciary coin. That reverse side being: 1) she would heed the advice of staff on simple matters that were beyond her limited comprehension; 2) that she was sworn to defend the America from all enemies and to defend the Constitution; 3) that of her fiduciary responsibility; her business as an erstwhile secretary of state, was the business of the People, and the work that she was paid for was the People's work, and that work, in all its forms belonged to them, not her, and certainly not her husband.

    October 22nd, 2015 certainly looms large for Hillary B., where she will appear before a stonewalled Select Benghazi committee, who wants and needs truthful ansewers, yet the longer that partisan Democrats, in lofty publicly payed positions, continue to conspire to stonewall all Benghazi investigations searching for the truth, these investigations will be extended through 2016, if necessary, and the truth will be known. Furthermore, no Democrat running for president, or close to the investigation is immune from this Benghazi cover-up scandal, and its ancillary improprieties. I remind everyone, that is was the Benghazi Select Committee that uncovered Hillary B.'s incontrovertible stupid, unethical and patently dishonest behavior regarding these e-mails, and the attempted destruction of the server to erase them from the American record. The investigation of such, stonewalled for so long by partisan Democrats, is now in the early stages and will continue, with one caveat.

    Appropriately, the only obstacle to stop these patriotic congressional Republicans' efforts, and now the efforts of the FBI, to discover the truth, will be if the Democrats elect even more disinterested and the corrupt of their party to gain majorities in congress, and the White House. At that point, our nation of a free, good people, who love their nation, will cease to exist as we know it. On that occasion, it will be 'lights out' in America in thee certain perilous times.

In wake of Hillary B. Clinton's email /wiped server scandal and resultant criminal investigation by the FBI: Do you trust her veracity?
3.13%   Yes, Hillary has the right to dispose of the origination of the public record.
92.19%   No, I don't trust her ever changing stories on all things (lies) Hillary.
4.69%   It does not matter that she is dishonest, she is a Clinton.
192 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

If you could vote today for one of the Republican front runners for the GOP primary nomination: Who would it be?
11.57%   Donald Trump
25.75%   Ben Carson
13.81%   Carly Fiorina
4.1%   Jeb Bush
32.09%   Ted Cruz
12.69%   Marco Rubio
268 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( October 2nd, 2015 @ 12:51 am )
Good one Bobby Tony.

Sadly, this has whole dishonesty thing has become a necessity for all most Democrat politicians. Also, without hyperbole, for the most part, whenever Hussein Obama opens his mouth, he is lying. This is quantifiable.
( October 1st, 2015 @ 9:37 am )
I don't usually forward or post any of the thousands of pictures I get in my email but this was just too good to pass up.
You will not see this in Gene's Democratic active site on Facebook.

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