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Michael Brown is Dead. Cut down in the prime of his life by a hail of police bullets, denying this young man the opportunity to live a full productive life, bolstered by the accrued resounding wisdom of a life lived well. It is a tragedy of mammoth proportions.

    Michael Brown is dead, and nothing can change that. Cut down in the prime of his life by a hail of police bullets, denying this young man the opportunity to live a full productive life, bolstered by the accrued resounding wisdom of a life lived well. It is a tragedy of mammoth proportions.

    A tragedy so profound, Michael Brown's president, Barack Hussein Obama, sent 3 members of his administration to represent himself at Michael Brown's funeral, and to comfort the Brown family. It is a tragedy so noteworthy that Mr. Obama dispatched his publicly paid, personal lawyer, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, to Ferguson, Missouri to advise the Black Community of his intentions to use 40 FBI agents to conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether Mr. Brown's civil rights were violated in his shooting death by the White, 28 year old, police officer Darren Wilson.

    It is a tragedy, so national and international in scope, that Mr. Obama, in his most recent speech to the United Nations, thought it wise to direct world attention toward the tragedy in Ferguson, and away from the multiple terrorist acts of horrific violence, at home and abroad, that actually endanger the well being of all Americans. Additionally, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder, have often discussed that tragedy on the national stage, on multiple occasions, so that a 'national discussion' on Race can be effected and continued. It is apparent, above all else, Race is a key issue for these two men.

    Now, after a thorough investigation and extensive deliberations, that a Missouri Grand Jury has chosen not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, the results of which were meticulously transcribed by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, in full transparency, for public consumption, it is time to have that 'National Discussion'.

    Currently, there is an epidemic in America, where young Black males are dying in alarming numbers from violent acts, and, as identified by Mr. Obama/Mr. Holder, something must be done, which I totally, and wholeheartedly agree with ... So much, I have concluded these life tips to Americans, all Americans, not just Black Americans, as we are a nation of many races, many peoples, but with one prescribed objective: to live harmonious lives, while in peace with others, while defending the freedom to continue this Republic.

A Clarion Call to all Americans to Exist in Peace

And to do so, there are structural and systemic dysfunctions that must be corrected, or no initiative to correct today's corrosive conditions will ever be made.

     •  1) Get an education: It is cool to know stuff, and very uncool to be stupid. I am an employer myself, and I will hire the smartest people that I can afford, who have a work ethic, every time before I hire the reverse. If all I can hire are marginal people (which by today's standards is pretty low), I have found it better to hire no one.

     •  2) Education continued: do not disrupt your class - whether you appreciate your free education or not. There are students who wish to learn, and make a better life for themselves even if you don't. No fellow students, and, especially, no committed, motivated teacher deserves your narcissistic need to be remembered as the unruly idiot.

     •  3) Get a job: All work is honorable, and it is necessary for any society to continue. If you get an advanced education that you gives you a needed skill, you can get a good, fulfilling job; however, if you are motivated enough, you can learn a skill, on the job or in a technical school, which will qualify you for the enrichment of being a benefit to society. Having skills is necessary for survival.

     •  4) Stop your entitled attitude: You will never truly succeed in this world if you feel entitled, regardless of your familial background. If your family is rich, you may well survive to some extent; however, all substantive people will consider you an asshole: So what have you gained? If you are from a family that exists solely on public entitlements, you will need to strenuously follow all tips herein below to escape that level of societal poverty. Is this an insurmountable task? Not if you follow all tips.

     •  5) Be respectful: To your parents, to your teachers offering your free public education, to your prospective employers, who will fire your sorry ass for, simply, disrespect, and, finally, to all authorities - including officers of the law. Maybe then, you will step upon a path whereby you will finally respect yourself.

     •  6) Never lie: When you lie, your are stealing the truth, and that is a dangerous place to exist.

     •  7) Never steal: People usually work hard for what they have, and taking from people that work hard is the ultimate disrespect. If you work hard, have some education, and respect others, then you will have a decent to good job, and you will not need to take what you did not work for.

     •  8) Stay away from all narcotics: They are the Devil's trap, that trap is his workshop.

     •  9) Stay away from alcoholic beverages unless you can drink responsibly: To be succinct: That does not mean, 'I did not drink so much that I blacked out'. What it means is: Do not lose control of yourself, and that means drink limited quantities, or don't drink at all, which is always best.

     •  10) Work Hard ... at everything: The education, the respect, the job, the morality of living a purposeful existence of contributing to society, rather than one where you only take.

    Here above are Ten tips to a life that will probably turn into one where you can exist comfortably, love more deeply others, and hopefully yourself. These tips are based purely on a secular perspective stressing self-fortitude, perseverance, and diligence of duty to succeed. This secular attitude does not preclude one, who might offer their challenge to the glory of God, understanding this truth: His will is the perfect purpose, His love will comfort you as you endeavor to transform your poor existence, your eternal spirit.

    What is the alternative? Not too promising for these people unwilling to remake themselves into productive citizens, into productive human beings. If you happen to have read this far, and, alternatively, think that I am terribly wrong to firmly consider that anyone leading a purposeful existence must strive to reach some semblance of their potential, know this: America's entitlement society for those that will not work, who come from families that have never done anything to deserve their existence in this world is coming to an end. It won't be the Democrats that shut it down, it won't even be the Republicans, it will be the math of the matter. The National Debt will shut it down. The 'free ride. that the 'unpatriotic' 'poverty pimps', and 'Race hustlers' declare is still not enough will end, and which political party is in office is inconsequential. It will end.

    Ask yourself this question: Which side do wish to be on: Those that propose a solution, and ultimately are the solution or those sorry 'poverty pimps' that profit off the unnecessary misery of the perpetually downtrodden?

    Should you be reading this, and are in need of the transformation, your future will depend on that answer. Everyone, who has worked for real success, knows that there is no quick road to success. Success attained is a journey of small victories won, some lost, but it is a path that must be followed to reach that perfect place, where one realizes that they have accomplished all they can, and regardless of their temporal rewards, they invariably set a powerful example for their families, their contempories.

    The current problem in Ferguson is that far too many of the criminals that are destroying that community, in the wake of the Grand Jury's verdict of no indictment, have no sense of integrity, community, or the simple propriety to stay true to a cause, irrespective of the validity of those ideals prescribed. For these criminals, the death of Michael Brown is just an excuse to destroy and take at will, at a moment where they are given that opportunity by lax local authorities, who well know the infamous truth - 'the whole world is watching'.

    If the 'whole world is watching', they are seeing the worst of human behavior, not unlike Kristallnacht, August, 1938, when the Waffen SS and the Nazi Brown Shirts destroyed Juden businesses at will all over Germany and Austria. These vulgar looters, vandals, arsonists, and fist happy abusers know nothing of respecting others, the diligence of purpose, hard work. Many will be destined to similar fates as Michael Brown, it is an imperative, as sure as the rising sun of a new day.

    On that sweltering August evening, Michael Brown, too, fated his last day on this temporal plane by having the worst attitude at the wrong time. When the massive man-child (tall and nearly 300 pounds) stole from that convenience store, then strolled the middle of that Ferguson street, clutching his stolen loot, and ready for a fight, he could not have made a poorer succession of decisions. Whether he was replaying the monotonous beat and lyrical drivel of Gansta' trash reverberating in his adolescent mind, or just existing then in a really bad, stupid place, Michael Brown made the worst decisions at the most inappropriate time, and it cost him his life. When he was confronted by Officer Darren Wilson, his answer to the young inexperienced officer was to reach into his sedan, and slug the officer's face - twice - then reached for his weapon. This earned Michael Brown his first gunshot wound to the hand. Charging the officer as the Officer Wilson gave chase to the assailant was tantamount to Brown signing his own death warrant.

    It is too bad that Michael Brown was in that bad place on that fated August evening, which ultimately cost him his life. If the young man's life is not to be in vain, and may serve as a furtive example; that example is of what can happen when young people do not listen to the voice of authority, and are not capable of fathoming the consequences of not doing so. As we saw in Ferguson, Missouri, the result can be devastating.

    So ends my part in this long overdue 'National Discussion'. I've said my piece, and I challenge others to say theirs.

    Publisher's note: Companion piece to this post can be found here.

Should we have this much discussed 'National Discussion' on Race, and, furthermore, will all parties tolerate the process and the outcome?
4.73%   Yes, Race divides Americans, which gives us two societies, two sets of benefits.
73.37%   Yes, Race is the foundation of who we are, but should not determine who we become.
21.89%   No, Race to me is NASCAR.
169 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( November 27th, 2014 @ 7:59 pm )
My impression of Darren Wilson is that he is exceptionally creditable.

No good person relishes the opportunity to kill another human. I think Darren Wilson is a good person.

There are bad cops. I don't think Officer Wilson is one of them.
( November 27th, 2014 @ 7:52 pm )
I am thinking if the big bully had been taught by his parents and friends to be nice and not mess with drugs and crime ~~~ he would be alive today. Instead, he molested a police officer and tried to get his gun = he got it!

The worst part is people turning it into an opportunity to loot and burn ~~~ not wise either because they hurt black businesses and stole from them.
( November 27th, 2014 @ 9:51 am )
Yeah, Thanks.

You too, and thanks for your vote of confidence on the corporate post. Especially as I return to the process of sales. Thank God I have a great product, and one I can totally control.
( November 27th, 2014 @ 8:57 am )
AGREED, my brother ~~~ have a great holiday and we both need to turn off the computer and CELEBRATE the good things of this nation which is more than blessed with FREEDOM.
( November 27th, 2014 @ 8:51 am )
If you read closer, you'll find that this is not about politics.

The politics of Race hustlers and 'poverty pimps' are the biggest part of the problem.
( November 27th, 2014 @ 8:39 am )
I think ~~~ besides the partisan politics BS ~~~ that this is a prime example of what happens when parents allow the big son to become a bully.

Perhaps the same should be applied to ALL political bullies these days and their non-stop aggression over cooperation.


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