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I have always wondered just how a community organizer from Chicago could get elected to the highest office of the land.

   I have always wondered just how a community organizer from Chicago could get elected to the highest office of the land. How could someone, who had limited governing experience before his election to the presidency, find his way into the sensibilities of this American electorate with such a nonexistent resume? Especially in 2008 with so much on the line, and over a Republican moderate, who was also a Vietnam War hero.

   Finally, I have figured it
The Barack is still the coolest guy on campus.
out, with help from the internet, and elsewhere. This political anomaly is completely due to an entity that overwhelmed his masses of mindless minions by a mesmerizing Candidate Obama, and is just now surfacing as what was, obviously, a significant part of the electorate for Candidate Obama in 2008 - the "Obama Zombie."

   In those heady days of 2008, as Candidate Obama crisscrossed the nation spreading the enthusiasm about "hope" and "change," he inconspicuously tapped into the pulse of the young people, and brought many of them along for the promised ride to embrace his optimistic hybrid of Liberalism / Socialism, which would build a new America. Now in 2012, Candidate Obama, in the aftermath of spreading his "awesome" and "amazing" cool factor to wherever that concept could grow into an individual's political theory of governing this "changing" land, is reaping the reality of his shallow understanding of his elected executive duties. "Obama Girl" are you still out there? Where are you when the constant candidate really needs you?

   With this nation in the worst economic recovery since the great depression of the 1930s, Candidate Obama gave up even trying to govern this nation out of this mess that he, in great part, made for himself, and is campaigning full time, spreading his cool factor wherever he can find a covey of college students, or a bevy of union workers and union bureaucrats, as a backdrop, to hear his message of the "Two Americas."

   As the incumbent, Candidate Obama can no longer employ the "hope" and "change" rhetoric, so simple, but yet so effective with his core constituency. He now must use a more diabolical form of Obama "mind control," and has chosen the "Two America's" theme to win those who have little real knowledge of anything, save "entitlement" handouts, and a firm understanding of the enduring concept of "cool."

   As young Americans grow into an unknowledgeable electorate, and those who won't work, because they don't have to, continue to not to, there will always be an audience and a call for Candidate Obama ... but .. but, where are the Obama Zombies?

   Because of Facebook and free speech, I am constantly reminded of their place among us, but their numbers may be dwindling. Here below, by virtual of the wonders of "time travel," we have a video representation of how the intoxication of "Obama Cool" may be wearing thin. Because of Facebook and freedom of speech, this video is also representative of what I am increasingly seeing, as some young Americans finally grow into adulthood, as the veil of Obama controlled cool is slowly lifting from their eyes:

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( August 11th, 2012 @ 12:27 pm )
I actually agree with that to a certain extent, Stan. Mike Hayes is, in my opinion, on point and the inclusion of his writings on your website is commendable. It does indicate your willingness to open BCN to all who care to participate. It does not indicate your willingness to open your mind to opposing views. But I suppose that is a moot point.

The overwhelmingly conservative tone on this site is certainly due more to the political climate of Beaufort than any intent to ignore those with liberal viewpoints. Your point is well-taken. I can only hope that your readers can differentiate between opinion-based editorials and investigative reporting. I'd love to see an editorial here concerning the significance of Bain Capitals primary source of funding at its inception. I'm sure it's just around the corner.
( August 10th, 2012 @ 11:31 pm )
It's all here in Beaufort County Now - even your comments.

So ... I guess that would make us Socialist propagandists as well.

( August 10th, 2012 @ 8:45 pm )
Stan, do you want praise for working 70 hours/wk? You're not gonna get it from me as I've been doing the same for 20 years and don't expect any special recognition for it. "You don't have the time to understand"? That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? You don't even pretend to try to understand views which aren't exactly in line with yours. If articles which coincide with your views are the only ones you're willing to include on your site, you're a propagandist. Articles you publish aren't honest journalistic pieces. They're conservative propaganda.

And this socialism thing again? Stan, what are you talking about? Read the Wall Street Journal article about how Obama has significantly DECREASED federal spending. How does that happen with a "socialist" president? How does Romney represent this "idea" you support? And you're saying Obama's the wrong man for the job because he's NOT "uncool"? Show your readers some facts which support your "ideas" and cite at least a few reliable sources. I've yet to see you cite one.
( August 10th, 2012 @ 12:13 pm )
As someone who works over 70 hours a week, I absolutely do not have the time to try to understand, let alone celebrate, the whole Occupy Wall Street, "we're the 99%, you're the 1%," YEAH socialism! mentality.

Sorry. Maybe that is why I so ably see through the whole "Cool Concept" as a reason to support an idea, an individual.
( August 10th, 2012 @ 12:00 pm )
I'm not sure why anyone would value the work of a venture capitalist over the work of a community organizer. Obama also taught constitutional law. And there's his time in the Senate. But for some reason these aren't considered "jobs" by Stan Deatherage because their salaries come, in varying degrees, from the taxes we pay. Stan, is that your argument? A job is only a "real job" when its salary comes entirely from the private sector? What about fire departments? Police? The military? Are you saying all employees at state universities are mooches? Interesting. And indefensible. But you go ahead and stick to your guns.

Also interesting..Mr. Romney seems awfully anxious to get that government job. That is, he's awfully anxious to be the top executive in an organization he's continually saying should be stripped of much of its authority to collect revenue in the form of taxes and serve the people from whom they're collected. And you're voting for him? Very sad indeed. He's spent his entire life making the rich richer. Do you have any doubts that he'll continue to do the same in the White House? He's never shown a bit of interest in helping the "middle class."

But you think the super-rich got super-rich through hard work, don't you Stan? The executive making $10 million/year while his average employee makes $25k/yr deserves his castles because he's recognized all of the ways to legally exploit as many people as possible and had no moral qualms along the way. Fantastic.
( August 10th, 2012 @ 9:34 am )
Mitt Romney has had quite a few real jobs unlike Candidate Obama, who has only lied his way through life.

And you voted for him. Very sad.
( August 10th, 2012 @ 9:13 am )
The "mindless masses" didn't put Obama into the White House. The Electoral College did. Obama received 365 votes while the "war hero" received 173. This is called a landslide, Stan. And while electors are "pledged" to vote for the candidate of the party that chose them, nothing in the Constitution requires them to do so.

You seem to think that "coolness" and stupidity are mutually inclusive. Here's your line of thought: "Kim Kardashian has pop culture appeal. Kim Kardashian is not presidential material. Obama has pop culture appeal. Therefore, Obama is not presidential material."

Another famous Deatherage line of thought: "Cuba has universal healthcare. Cuba is socialist. Obama supports universal healthcare. Therefore, Obama is a socialist." Awesome, Stan. Just awesome!

You find one hopelessly stupid Obama supporter and then leap to the conclusion that all Obama supporters are hopelessly stupid. Life ain't that cut and dry, Stan. And you know that.

You criticize Obama for launching "false" attacks against Romney rather than highlighting his own strengths and policies. Enlighten us, Stan. What are Romney's strengths?

One final Deatherage line of thought: "Romney knows how to create wealth for himself. Therefore, Romney will be able to create wealth for our entire nation." More absurd logic. The guy was a venture capitalist. He never produced a single thing aside from his personal fortune. He's not Henry Ford and he sure as heck isn't Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. And we're all beginning to realize that he made his fortune through outsourcing, manipulation, dishonest accounting, and greed. Not through hard work.

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