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Do you believe that your government is fair and balanced in application? It is not. Liar James Comey, Hillary Clinton, President Trump
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Start Now to Remedy this Multi Tiered Justice System Before we Lose the Republic

After the Inspector General's (Michael Horowitz) scathing report disgracing former, fired FBI Director James Comey: What are you prepared to do right this Republic?

    Do you believe that your government is fair and balanced in application? It is not.

    Do you believe that there is a multi tiered justice system, and that you may not be properly placed within the spectrum because you are a principled individual? Bingo; you are probably right.

    Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information; as secretary of state, sold off pieces of America for tens of millions of dollars; then obstructed justice by destroying tens of thousands of incriminating emails, then the devices that held access to her personal Cloud of information.

    Was she indicted? No. Was she even investigated? No.

    Of course they went through the motions, but Dirty Cop, Sleazy Shyster Lawyer James Comey fixed the system to let her go innocent with no real investigation - no one, with a full working brain, will admit that it was a real investigation. This is not justice.

    Consider what Liar, Criminal Lawyer Jim Comey did to General Michael Flynn to get to President Trump. It did not work.

    Is this justice?

    The idiot Democratic Socialists in congress may still try to impeach Donald Trump for acting as president; however and moreover, it is time for patriots to stand tall and deny this two tiered justice system that allowed the worst, the most corrupt FBI Director to nearly ruin the good reputation of the FBI. Thank God President Trump fired the dirty bastard ... which brought on the Decrepit Mueller ... Think about this unprincipled subterfuge that led to their dasterdly desired end.

    Think about it: If these stupid non patriot Authoritarian Democratic Socialists, coupled with the insipidly corrupt propagandist administering the Fake News, are allowed to run roughshod over our duly elected president, his political friends and his family for NO cause, what could they then do to you, your representatives who speak for you in this Republic.

    This must end. Patriots step it up, and do it now.

    Republics crumble when the corrupt continue to control of its power structure, and Lord knows, they held that control for more thatn 11 years, 8 of which during the corrupt, scandal ridden Hussein Obama administration.

    We need good honest people in charge of this Republic to save it; furthmore, we will not survive these terrible, self-centered narcissists if we do not toil mightily within our patriot power to take back our nation to save this Republic.


( September 1st, 2019 @ 6:13 am )
The Senate will come down on Liar Comey, with Lindsey Graham leading the charge, but the House Judiciary will applaud his "candor" since they love liars for their Socialist cause.
( August 31st, 2019 @ 9:35 am )
I try to speak directly and precisely whether some people understand me or not.

On Facebook, a Trump Hater educated by the propagandists controlling the Fake News took umbrage with me using the perfect descriptor of Democratic Socialist and all of its variations.

Against my better wisdom, I took the time to further explain by perfect definition, which I found was lost on his diminished intellect controlled by propaganda, so, I include this definition here for posterity:

Democratic Socialists are: Professed Socialist politicians (the leaders), which is the vast majority of the leaders constituting the former Democrat Party, who are supported by their constituents, which, in this Democratic Republic, makes all of their constituents professed Democratic Socialists, especially when they profess those Authoritarian ideals.

Whether these Democratic Socialist constituents remain so out of loyalty to that representative ideal or ignorance is irrelevant, they are therefore Democratic Socialists. That is how a Representative Democracy in this Constitutional Republic works.

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