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Or, is the Fake News here to stay?    Will Propagandistic Journalism survive as real?    Will the Republic fail as a direct consequence?

    If you have spent any time on Beaufort County NOW, you possibly have noticed that I, Stan Deatherage your humble reporter, have written extensively about Advocacy Journalism; coined by me as the Democrat Media, or borrowed from others as the Obama Media Group (OMG) during those 8 long Obama years. Sadly, it is my accurate analysis that it was during these Barack Hussein Obama years of his White House occupation, the Mainstream Media threw off all semblance of bias, impartiality and went to work for the Obama regime, and supporting core Democrats at large.

    Incredibly, many of this pathetic lot still believe that they deserve First Amendment status for their sparse-of-news-enriched political advocacy, when more truthful reporters and wise observers call these misidentified "journalists" out for their abject bias. To be honest, these advocates of the Left predominately report negative news against their political opponents, or, on occasion, they just make up "news stories" altogether to suit their propagandistic needs. That advocacy of these Leftist "reporters" has existed in limited fluency for some decades since the much hyped Watergate scandal, but its quality of pure propaganda began to metastasize during their George W. Bush "Weapons of Mass Destruction" mania (they wore the poor man down to an intellectual nub); and, while their Obama worship was glorified as rarefied purpose, their collective journalistic body became riddled with their well-sown cancerous tumors of unmitigated and blinding bias.

This video is rich because it is from the plaintive position of the Democrat Media, exhibited here on Fake News channel MSNBC. Watch how Sarah Sanders handles the incredulous Democrat Media guy. Also notice that the Democrat Media session is run by the discredited (lying about a war story) Brian Williams. Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells it true, as she does it so well, so often: Above. And then there was the Democrat Media's outrage over President Trump's Pocahontas comment to WW II Navajo Code Talkers. Even though the Fake News boys got their "panites in a bunch" over this comment, if one has a any sense of humor, they would have gotten a few belly laughs from this Trumpian verbosity. I did, and it never got old for about two weeks, especially as core Democrats and their collusive Democrat Media were in the throes of constant conniption fits over this one (who knows what amount of real news they missed while they were so offended): Below.

    It was with the reporting of the Islamist Terrorist attack on the American consul in Benghazi that I knew that the Mainstream Media had insideously morphed into the Obama Media Group; electing to stop investigating an obvious cover-up of that scandal of wantonly lying to the public, and instead aided in the cover-up, by advocating for the Obama narrative built on deceits and lies just 6 weeks before the Obama's 2012 presidential election against Governor Mitt Romney; an election Hussein Obama could possibly have lost without the Liberal /Socialist biased proganda masquerading as real news sources.

    For American patriots that care about the United States Constitution as the nation's guidebook manifesting the Rule of Law, we know that the First Amendment allows for a "free press", but not a fair press. The lack of the "fair press" conundrum is one that can only be broached fairly when all parties understand that that is the way it is, and in some lesser capacity, that condition has always existed. For the purpose of retaining a proper propagandistic foothold, even to the point of Orwellian word incongruence and contextual conflated fascism, today's Democrat Media still does not understand that more principled reporters of real events will call them out for their abject bias and their now chronic journalistic imprecision. When this occurs, these ardent members of the Democrat Media instinctively rush to the First Amendment for constitutional cover, but none can be found, and there are well provided reasons for that truth. Simply, the Constitution does not provide the constructive media - real or imagined - safety from criticism; only the safety to ply their trade.

    When better, smarter, wiser Americans call out the Democrat Media's imprecision in reporting, their lack thereof, and their obvious bias. If these so-called journalist Snowflakes feel that their constitution dominion has been denied them, they, and their elite following's objections notwithstanding, they are only being discredited, and rightly so.

    That is the way the First Amendment's Freedom of Speech provision works, and regardless of one's status as a Liberal, they must follow those rules as well, and ... enter Donald J. Trump.

    Donald J. Trump, first as candidate for president and now the surprise president of these states united, is a man of often inarticulate and sometimes imprecise word, but sometimes, the man nails it. When Candidate Trump, now President Trump branded the Democrat Media as the Fake News, it took hold fast and hard, and now the Democrat Media crys the foul of slanderous libel, but it is too late ... it stuck right fast to their thin little skins, and, I would be nigh shocked if that brand does not stay stuck for quite some time.

    President Donald J. Trump may have properly branded the Democrat Media, and, he may not survive an election for a second term (the whole Liberal /Socialist impeachment of President Trump for being Trump is just core Democrat FUBAR), but, this President, this man capable of branding an entrie huge branch of American media, is a working president, and can do a lot good for the Republic, and so much damage to the Socialist aspirations of core Democrats and their associative, colludive Democrat Media.

    It is only reasonable to assume that the Democrat Media is sufficiently wise enough to realize the destructive power of this President to their Liberal longings, and, therefore, hence the Fake News approach to their otherwise Liberal advocacy as so-called journalists is magnified multifold.

    Two years and one half years earlier, when this Trump experiment fumbled for its political spark, the Democrat Media found Mr. Trump a profound curiosity. He could say fairly wild stuff, and they would report it, but, rather than take constitutional /humanitarian /Socialist umbrage with his message, they afforded Candidate Trump the constant glare of their limelight over all other Republican candidates, and the response was fabulous for their ratings.

    Early in the Trump campaign, I, alternatively to the Democrat Media, did not think much of Trump, and his inarticulate nature of expressing a path forward for the Republic. Since 2009, I had well observed, and reported on politics /governing for beaufortcountynow.com , with an eventual 5 terms as a Beaufort County Commissioner, combined with one of the most consistent voting records (for 18 years as a real Conservative) in historical modern times. I have long possessed a deep knowledge of History, in particular U.S. with an emphasis in civics /governing at all levels of government.

    Suffice it to say, I don't a back seat in knowledge level to any known member of the Democrat Media at all levels of their brand of "journalism". Alternatively to these intellectual hucksters, I did not particularly like Mr. Trump in 2015, and these core Democrats posing as "professional journalists" loved him; loved the ratings of this mercurial political neophyte. who was then more ego than substance.

    Fast forward to late Summer /early Autumn, 2016; my guy, Ted Cruz, was ravaged by the caustic, acerbic Trump, and, eventually lost to the streaking political one man wrecking crew. Remarkably, the bombastic Mr. Trump was doing something that George W. Bush and Mitt Romney would have never done, he was speaking and dealing very truthfully with the utterly dishonest and ultra unqualified Hillary Clinton; first woman candidate for president be damned. That Trumpian negativity took some real political courage, and began to earn my respect now that he had the enemy to our democratic Republic in his sights. Understanding the dishonesty (at the multiple felony level) of this "nasty woman", I came to not only like Donald J. Trump, but to revere his political savvy. With Hillary Clinton presenting this profound level of incompetence heading up the opposing team (the Democrat(ic)s, one goes for the "head of the snake"), and the unworthy Ms. Clinton was that perfect snake in the political grass; a viper that deserved a political death.

    Alternatively, since late Spring 2016, once it appeared that Candidate Trump would be the presumptive nominee, the Democrat Media /remnants of the OMG went after Mr. Trump with and unconditional vengeance, while taking a virtual hands off approach with the felonious L. Hillary Clinton; her tangled web of obvious deceits: obstruction of justice, money laundering, mishandling of classified documents, and now we are learning of collusion (which is not a crime) with Russian officials on unverified opposition research on her opponent Candidate Trump (the Fusion GPS Dossier).

    Fast forward to January 1, 2018: Hillary Clinton still can't believe she lost the election; losing the Electoral College by a wide margin; questioning the President for his suitability to serve, while noncorrupt, unlike former FBI Director Jim Comey, investigative agents are circling ever closer to her Money Laundering by Selling Influence (Uranium One) /Obstruction by Destruction of Evidence while under supeonna (illegal unsecure servers in an unlawful location, and their complete destruction of evidence, the emails, the software and the hardware all destroyed to some extent) /Putting Classifed Documents in Perilous Circumstance (plenty of these, which were never truly investigated by the FBI we are now discovering) coming conundrum ... All the while the Fake News would report only the negative, real and imagined regarding Candidate Trump and, without fail, Russia, Russia, Russia. What unprincipled dopes.

    Concurrently, while the Democrat Media /Fake News feigns constant consternation over the Donald J. Trump juggernaut, they are near oblivious to every other issue; most of a quality of life nature, or the sustaining the Republic by winning the battles fought globally, limiting the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by rouge nations, open borders to illegal and very costly (in a multiplicity of terms) immigrants; etc ... President Trump has had one of the most successful first years in modern history, maybe even better than President Ronald Reagan's first year. These ungraspable issues to the Democrat Media and those that regularly consume the Fake News, who are well conditioned to their oblivious state, such real news remains under reported or unreported. As the Republic ongoingly suffers the effects of a poorly educated partial electorate, the surest losers are the Americans that put their intellectual faith in the purveyors of the Fake News.

    It is imperative that these ultra biased core Democrat "journalists" are continually called out for their unprincipled treatment of their craft of "journalism", and if not, this Orwellian intelectual cancer will continue. It could devastate this Republic if we can not sustain a proper level of patriots who will to know and protect the real truth, as if to save this very special Republic. If you are a patriot, and you know the truth: Speak it! Otherwise, I would advise caution; someone of substance may call you out.

Now that the Russia Collusion scandal has most completely boomeranged on core Democrats, the Democrat Media, and the Deep State, who have promoted this scandal for over one year: Should congress and Jeff Sessions's DOJ investigate the DNC, the Clintons, and, notably, the FBI /Obama DOJ with the same fervor that they have hounded all things connected to Candidate, then President Donald Trump?
  Yes, it is a necessity that we discover all that is corrupt, and stains the government of this land.
  No, investigate only everything connected to Donald Trump, as a candidate and then president.
  I generally don't pay attention to most things except what is normally pop culture.
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( January 12th, 2018 @ 12:08 pm )
"Mr. President are you a racist?" yelled repeatedly from the reporters' gallery as the President honored the late Martin Luther King, January 12, 2018.

The impetus for these most improper questions, yelled by these proved propagandists, was possibly Mr. Trump's alleged comment, in a private meeting in the Oval Office, where, unfortunately, Democrats were present, was a reference of "shithole countries" - 'those countries that are the wrong countries to accept immigrants from'.

Two lessons need to be learned here by this president: 1) Refrain from that type of language in all settings; 2) If you can't refrain, please don't say it in front of Democrats. They all use similar language, but, they know that they will never be held to account by their unprincipled Liberal /Socialist peers for their improper comments; and, most importantly, Republicans are always treated differently by the Democrat Media. Mr. President, you know that now, so you must remember. Also remember, if core Democrats and the Democrat Media did not have the Double Standard, they would have no standards at all.
( January 7th, 2018 @ 11:19 am )
Socialist President Hussein Obama wanted to fundamentally change America, and the Democrat Media would employ any unprincipled means to help.

I too want to "fundamentally change America": To a Nation of Laws, and equal protection under, and equal application of the law.

Orrin Hatch is retiring - My first and Last Political post for 2018 Local News & Expression, Clarion Call, Editorials, Op-Ed & Politics Pay and Train Officers Better


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