Not Exactly the Loyal Opposition | Beaufort County Now | If you hate President Trump to the point that your blood pressure rises when you encounter others that not only don't hate Mr. Trump, but are extremely appreciative of the man's governing style, however unpracticed, you might not want to read this, but you really should.

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TDS is a daily derangement that is fun to watch, but may end very badly for the affected Liberals, the Socialists, and the kindly caring of Social Justice Warriors everywhere.

    If you hate President Trump to the point that your blood pressure rises when you encounter others that not only don't hate Mr. Trump, but are extremely appreciative of the man's governing style, however unpracticed, you might not want to read this, but you really should. You should read this for a variety of reason, most notably, you need to embrace the fact that others are different than you; enough that President Trump won the highest office of the land by an Electoral College margin that, in no way whatsoever, represents a close race.

    Yeah, I know that many vocal Liberals, many that you might appreciate from their nebulous opinions, built from a soaring pop culture of relative understanding, are spouting in a continual manner that Mr. Trump 'lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes'; however, you have to know at some point that this does not matter; nor will the popular vote ever suffice as a stand alone qualifier for the office of president. America does not, has not, and will never elect presidents by the popular vote. American presidents are elected by the states. The popular vote is simply a guide for those states to allocate their Electoral votes as per their constitutional duty to do so.

    It is irresponsible, at best, or, 'stuck on stupid', at worst, for any Liberal /Socialist politicians to spout nonsensical conjecture that Mr. Trump is not the true American president because he did not win the popular vote. These intellectually challenged House of Representative members (68 in number), Democrats all, and led by Representative John Lewis of Georgia, made the unprecedented decision to not show up for inauguration of the 45th president, if not celebrate his presidency, but to acknowledge the United States's exemplary tradition of the peaceful transfer of power.

    These Democrat lawmakers, who did not show up for the inauguration as an affront to the new president, and who are sworn to defend the United States Constitution; really should know what is in this document, and, therefore, stop with this popular vote nonsense as political imagery to embolden their voting base of Liberals /Socialists. It may play well to the base to promise to Impeach President Trump for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors", as California Representative Maxine Waters has done, but these bold words ring incredibly hollow when no "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" have been committed. It's not like the new president has: lied to nation repeatedly on the rollout of an unpopular health care initiative; lied to the nation over an attack against a foreign consulate while embroiled in an heated election, and then instituted a cover-up; or gave campaign donors a half of billion dollars of public money, even though their company was nearing bankruptcy; or even had his political opposition harassed by the IRS. "Me thinks Maxine doth protest too much".

    Like Representative Maxine Waters calling for the Impeachment of a president as soon as he was inaugurated (an inauguration that he did not attend), like Representative John Lewis deeming Mr. Trump illegitimate and instigating the boycotting of his inauguration; or like the goofy senator-from- Virginia-Vice-President-wannabe Tim Kaine just call for continual protestations of the Liberal /Socialist base to disrupt the peaceful transferral of power, and give the new, disruptive president no "honeymoon", no peace and no Democrat legitimacy for the irascible Mr. Trump.

    When Democrats' leaders call for civil unrest, and obstructionist behavior in congress to derail the Trump Administration, one might question whether this public angst devolving into a veritable Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is more about radical Democrat politics rather than governing as patriots for the betterment of the American People.

    The systemic problem with the new Democrat party is that the party has been taken over by abject Liberals and Socialists, relegating the party of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson to one of representing the favored special interests over the will, the needs of the American People, at large, and the Republic as a whole. After decades of this party's rule by identity politics rather than governing by constitutional prerogative, the seams of the Democrat party are beginning to show fatigue, and their "big tent of the offended special interest" is soon to blowout and collapse.

    If Trump Derangement Syndrome metastasizes into the entire purpose of the Democrat party, watch for that Socialist party's political implosion.
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