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I do get it. Some folks, within today's America, seem to need a tribal gathering point, and for the consumer intellect, scoring well while shopping is a tempting scorecard to behold, it tends to register in the pathos of the chronic consumer long beyond 'the shopping experience'. Black Friday, tribal gathering point, consumer intellect, consumerism, consuming, consumer hypocrite, chrstms, chronic consumer
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Black Friday is a State of Mind

One that I do not participate in ... I can find better things to do; however ...

    I do get it. Some folks within today's America seem to need a tribal gathering point here very early in the Christmas season, and for that consumer intellect, scoring well while shopping is a tempting scorecard to behold. This seasonal success tends to register in the pathos of this chronic consumer long beyond 'the shopping experience' has subsided. So, I well understand; however (again), group consumerism is unmistakably time consuming, and leads one to question: How much consuming do I really need to do?

    Certainly, some consumerism will always be necessary, but, with time always at a premium, I tend to be shopping less in crowds and more online, which, I agree, is the "chicken" way of consuming, so, maybe I am the dreaded consumer hypocrite. When I /we (my wife more than myself) shop; we just try to take care not to profoundly peruse and purchase beyond our capacity to use those products in a timely manner. For us to be completely honest, shouldn't we recognize that the products that we might eventually need will still be sitting on some merchants' shelf, possibly in an upgraded form. So, what is the rush to buy now, unless we need the product now?

    Eventually, we are now, and will be in the future, most fortunate to have access to this thriving marketplace, made more available by the industry of the habitual shopper; so, my eternal thanks to the supply and demand excess of the aforementioned consumer. That thanks humbly rendered, I just can't understand the motivation to 'shop till (one) drops' as a means to validate one's existence by the misuse of one's time. To some it may appear to be an essential American exercise, regardless, to me, excessive shopping is the bastardization of America's promise. Abundance is a reward that should be managed frugally.

    As Americans, we have the Capitalist's right to enjoy a free market system that rewards an excessive supply of products due to an excessive demand, which is constructively in relative balance; however: Should we, as a spiritual people, be consumed by that marketplace reality, its benefit and its detraction? Truthfully, Black Friday is simply a commercial holiday; it is shallow, superficial, and other than bolstering the hopes of most merchants, is entirely unnecessary to further the Republic as a whole, or our spiritual growth, which is the core of who we are as individuals.

    Remember our American motto: E pluribus unum, which is Latin for "Out of many, one". Healthy, spiritually wise and humbly present Americans, make for a strong, powerful and wise Republic; one that sustains us all through the tough times ahead. The moral here is simple: Keep Black Friday and all consumerism in complete perspective. As one tiny component of our American tribe, I thank-you in advance for this careful consideration.

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