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The larger truth expressed here is that Liberals will say and do just about anything to reverse a rout upon the political, and therefore, policy platform, that we are all now well-engaged.

   One can always count on their abject dishonesty.

    Publisher's Note: Here below is the 2nd installment of a multipart series examining just what Liberals do when called upon to be decisive, and without reservation. The 1st installment in the series is "WWLD (What would Liberals do?): I care too."

    A few months ago, during the height of the "You must give away Beaufort County's Hospital because I say so" fiasco, a young teacher at a local high school approached me, where I take my regular exercise, to ask questions and discuss the merits of the fiasco in progress. I summarily stopped my exercise regimen and gave the young man my full attention.

    His questions were initially respectful, even had a tinge of merit, but eventually the tone of his discussion reverted to an adversarial tact, which I noted, and naturally, I then quickly changed my approach to the conversation, as well, to full-on debate mode. What began as an informational process, initiated by the young teacher, did degenerate into this debate, and remarkably, it was on an issue that he was not especially well versed in. Needless to say, the teacher began to lose the erstwhile discussion on every point, and moreover, I could sense he was beginning to realize it as well.

    Now, when I am having one of these impromptu discussions, I usually try to hypothesize my opponent's political leanings. The young man was employed in the education industry, and while some of you may generalize that all educators are ranting, weeping Liberals: That is not always the case.

    In the past, some educators have made stealthy representations to me that they have, and do vote for me when I have run for re-election to the county commission. These folks well know that I am a true, practicing Conservative, so they do not make these admissions to gain favor. With a real Conservative, such as myself, there is no favor to be gained. I truly believe they know that, and just vote for a better stance in the process of governing.

    Now, back to the young arguing teacher, who was now recognizing the intellectual rout that he was now engaged, in which I was, consequently, still endeavoring to ascertain the nature of his political bent.

    Just because the young man took umbrage with me on a local issue does not necessarily make him a full blown Liberal. To a terrible fault, I tend to be very reserved in my judgments of others; however, the badly beaten young man, "of letters" no less, abruptly, and without reservation, opened his mouth and removed all doubt.

    He uttered, "Everyone that I associate with knows that (Commissioner) Hood Richardson is a racist."

    Stan: "That's not exactly true, but I can understand why you misunderstand the man due to his rather acerbic delivery."

    The youngish teacher: "And I've heard you tell black jokes."

    Stan: "Well, that is true. I do enjoy dark humor."

    The very young teacher, who does ironically teach the process of communication, and, thankfully for the sake of brevity here, could at least understand my direction: "No. I've heard you tell racist jokes here at LifeStyles."

    Stan: "Well, I guess we're done here," I said with a smile, now realizing two inarguable points: The "young man devolving into a boy" teacher was indeed a Liberal, and with all certainty, the "boyish" teacher was thoroughly trounced in the debate, and intrinsically, by his transparent self-acknowledgement of his abject dishonesty, he knew it as well.

    The dead give-away: Liberals, when irreversibly routed in the arena of ideas, will instinctively begin to misrepresent truths, and remarkably, they will do it with a great vigor, and with the certain self-righteous tone of pious indignation. In this case the "boy" teacher lied, and felt piously justified in doing so.

    It was if the "boy" teacher was taking this representative question, "Does this particular end justify this particular means?", from the text of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, to heart, and felt quite justified in doing so to punctuate his point - which sadly became: Play the race card, even if I have to lie about it.

    The larger truth expressed here is that Liberals will say and do just about anything to reverse a rout upon the political, and therefore, policy platform, that we are all now well-engaged. Liberals have well proven that they will misrepresent truths, and outright lie if necessary.

    This is an inarguable truth.

    South Carolina's Representative to the House, Joe Wilson, yelled, "You lie." at President Obama during his Obama Care speech, September 9, 2009, to that joint session of congress. He quickly apologized for his inappropriate remark at a most inappropriate time, but the larger point may be the representative's representative frustration with this magnanimously wrongheaded legislation that was forced down the throats of the minority Republicans in congress, and ultimately, the American People.

    Remarkably, this was done with not one of the Democrats, flexing their political muscle in congress and the executive branch, having read the over 2,200 page bill.

    Bad mistake.

    During the President's 2010 State of the Union Address, Justice Samuel Alito, sitting customary on the front row with the other 8 Supreme Court Justices in their full justice garb, was detected mouthing the phrase "that's not true," when the President publicly admonished the justices' recent majority opinion on "Campaign Finance Reform." The Justice's reticent remark was quite appropriate, and was mouthed at quite the appropriate time.

    President Obama's admonishment of the Justice's majority opinion was; however, an astounding breech of decorum, and unlike Justice Alito's publicly mouthed opinion, highly inaccurate. Once again for Liberals, "Does this particular end justify this particular means?" - Saul Alinsky.

    Currently, I am examining to what end this President has shrunk the power of his office in my ongoing series, Barack Obama 2012: The Amazing Story of the Incredible Shrinking President. It is this constant misrepresentation by this Liberal, on these and other real world issues, that sets a terrible example for rank and file Liberals like the aforementioned local "boy" teacher.

    Reluctantly, like my impromptu debate with the "boy" teacher, I am connected to these humorless, but extremely comical Liberals, in league with our Community-Organizer-Elected-President, by their unrelenting, and constant barrage of e-mails.

    And now, in conclusion, for your consideration, I am listing a number of these comedic directives from these Democrats at large, and maybe you too can start making some sense as to why Liberals are whom they are, and do what they do:

For the "once-cheated" Al Gore, guess what issue, other than "global warming," is at the top of his list of deepest concerns? That's right. It is those "mean-spirited" Tea Party Republicans. You go get'em Al -

Stan --

    At no time has Democrats' progress been more threatened than it is now. Single-minded proponents of a dangerous and extremist agenda are working feverishly to roll back every Democratic gain we've ever made.

    The Tea Partiers now calling the shots in the Republican Party won't back away from their radical agenda. And they are also exceedingly well funded by corporate backers, thanks to the Supreme Court's disastrous Citizens United decision.

   It will take an unshakeable commitment from grassroots
That's good Al.    Try to keep it positive.
Democrats like you to guarantee our progress and to continue to move America forward.

    That's why I am asking for your support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)'s Million Dollar Matching Gift Campaign before their critical Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising reporting deadline on September 30th.

    Contribute today and your gift will be matched by House Democrats with two dollars of their own!

    Your gift will fund the DCCC's Rapid Response Network and shine a powerful spotlight on the Tea Party Republicans' extreme agenda so we can return to the Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives as full partners with President Obama and with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

   I am making this personal appeal to you because it's imperative we have a strong FEC filing on September 30th.

   We need to deliver proof that the Democratic Party is ready, willing and able to lead the country forward -- with money in the bank and people like you willing to stand and fight.


    Al Gore

    P.S. Nancy Pelosi and my friends at the DCCC are working around the clock to stand up to the Republicans' war on middle class America, but we must have grassroots Democrats like you at our side to return to the Majority.

Now this next one is funny, even the comment about the tissues; however, obviously Bobby Mook is not familiar with the debilitating economic effects of "Obama Care," and the Obama led EPA. Also, I have just got to ask: How's that "Green Jobs Initiative" working out now at the expense of President Obama's prolonged moratorium on drilling the deep water wells in the Gulf of Mexico -

Stan --

    Where are the jobs, Speaker Boehner?

    After 255 days in the House Majority, Republicans have failed to introduce any jobs legislation.

   You can tell Boehner to put aside the golf clubs, put down the tissues and get to work helping the President create jobs.

    Help us reach 100,000 people standing strong demanding Speaker Boehner stop standing in the way of President Obama's plan to create jobs.

    Co-sign the American Jobs Act Petition and tell Speaker Boehner to support President Obama's plan to put Americans back to work.

    The President's American Jobs Act is a bold plan to create millions of good paying American jobs and Boehner and Tea Party Republicans need to stop their cheap delaying tactics and support it right now.

   See Speaker Boehner's response to President Obama's jobs speech? It was the same warmed over trickle down drivel Tea Party Republicans have been selling for years. Tax cuts for Big Oil, Billionaires and corporations that send jobs overseas; table scraps and crumbs for the middle class and unemployed.

    Co-sign the American Jobs Act Petition and tell Speaker Boehner to support President Obama's plan to put Americans back to work.

    Together, Democrats will get America back to work. Sign our petition and join our campaign today.

   Thank you.

   Robby Mook,
   DCCC Executive Director

Dear Nancy. Some of us are still rooted reality. I'm sorry you can't understand that there are certain absolute truths that cannot be conveniently traded away to purchase a relative moment of Liberal bravado.

    Furthermore, I experience that full back spine-tingling chill of vicarious embarrassment for you every time you exhibit your unhealthy obsession with "Tea Party" folks. Stop it. It is beneath you. Please remember, you were once the Speaker of the House -

Stan --

   There are those who will spend their time trying to "predict" the results of next November's elections and our support of the President just by our actions today.

    While there are no crystal balls in politics, you can send a real message today that Democrats are united and strong and that we have what it takes to win big in 2012.

   September 30th will be the first Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising deadline since the President introduced his
Alright.    I got it Nancy.    "Keep hope alive."
American Jobs Act to put Americans back to work and ensure that the wealthiest among us are paying their share.

    This is a fight worth waging. We've set a goal of raising $1 Million from grassroots Democrats before this critical FEC deadline to show the world House Democrats are united and determined to fight for President Obama's plan.

    Contribute today to show Tea Party Republicans that America will not put tax breaks for billionaires ahead of middle class jobs. If you give today, your gift will be matched 2-to-1 by a group of committed Democrats.

    The world will be watching our fundraising totals on September 30th to determine whether Democrats are united behind President Obama's plan. We must have a powerful showing. Please show your support by contributing right now.

    Now's the time for you to stand up and be counted.

    Thank you,

    Nancy Pelosi

This next, and final e-mail (for now), is reminiscent of the aforementioned local "boy" teacher's tact in debating - just go ahead and lie about it when your getting your intellectual butt-kicked. The truth of the matter is that the House version of the bill had bipartisan support and passed 59 to 36. The Democrat controlled Senate rejected that version of the bill and offered no serious compromise. That's actually not mentioned in this e-mail. Now, is it?

Stan --

    Here's the latest:

   Boehner, Cantor, and House Republicans are once again holding our government hostage -- this time over disaster aid for victims of Hurricane Irene and devastating fires across the western U.S.

    We've all seen what can happen when Republicans get their hands on FEMA. Now they are intent on setting a dangerous precedent that victims of natural disasters are fair game as political bargaining chips. It's appalling.

    FEMA is expected to run out of disaster relief funds early next week so we must act quickly. The entire government will run out of funds just a few days later.

   Please contribute today to help us hold House Republicans accountable for heartlessly holding up disaster relief funds to their political demands.

    When our friends and neighbors see their lives turned upside down by hurricanes or tornadoes, we should stand by them. Their hardship should never be used as an opportunity for Republicans to score points with their Tea Party base.

   What's so important that Boehner, Cantor, and House Republicans are threatening to hold up assistance for victims of natural disasters and shut down the federal government?

   House Republicans want to strip funding for a green energy loan program that's created or saved 41,000 jobs.

   Instead of heeding President Obama's call to create jobs, House Republicans have presented us with a callous choice: put more Americans out of work in this tough economy or risk a government shutdown and delay of critically-needed funding for disaster victims.

    I reject that choice. Will you stand with us?

   Thank you for everything you do.

   Steve Israel
   DCCC Chairman

    P.S. September 30th marks the first Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising deadline since President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act. Contribute by September 30th to show your support for this bill and House Democrats will triple match your gift!

Obviously, a large piece of the comedy here is that these most communicative Liberals actually believe I am a Democrat. Obviously, I need to hone my Conservative message.

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