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To date, and by a wide margin, our best month ever!

    Last month, as our publisher of Beaufort County NOW as I was making some sense of our periodic mediocre traffic (at least for us), I stated that: "In terms of traffic, Beaufort County NOW (BCN) has hit a lull in expansion - more than we have experienced in the past."

    I was also surmised, regarding the end of month / beginning of the next month traffic: "In the last days of the month of August, and now into the first days of September, 2014, we have 10 straight days with a minimum of 3,000 unique IP addresses accessing BCN daily."

    In actuality, September, 2014, all 30 days of it, was a masterful month of traffic - the best we have ever had. It started well enough 6 straight days above 3,000 unique IPs, with only six days in the month below the vaunted three thousand mark, the lowest still at 2,797 unique IPs, which is still very respectable.

    All of this increase in traffic flies in the face of the unsophisticated understanding that Social Media and Ratings Sites are the path forward on the People's communication highway. That may be for some folks, but there are limitations to that mass appeal of Social Media: no geocentric properties, no content sustainability, poor navigation, and just too many people with too much to say that is not germane to everyone, often only a few.

    Our mission is different, a throwback to old style reporting of information, but on a better platform than what the old style newspapers ever employed, but with much greater versatility. BCN is a prototype of our proprietary CMS, Symbiotic Publisher, which steps out of the shadows to offer the old ways, but with a Social element, but keeping it local while reaching out to the world wide community.

    To that ennobling end, we have justified our efforts by collecting traffic - lots of it - last month, an estimated 9 to 10 thousand readers per day. Please examine the embeded traffic statistics below to gain a more verifiable example of such:

    Milestones for Beaufort County NOW: Our Growing Readership in December, 2013

     •   Most Unique IPs visiting BCN per day - 3,236    - 22.99% increase over the last 11 months.

     •   Most Unique Page Views per day - 21,412    - 45.67% increase over the last 11 months.

     •   Most Hits per day - 201,790    - 37.14% increase over the last 11 months.

     •   Most Files accessed per day - 186,309    - 37.04% increase over the last 11 months.

     •   Reached the significant milestone of 1,300 posts in BCN with a minimum of 1,300 unique views back in July proving that BCN is a very large, very well read site. The next milestone, in this vein of logic, will be BCN achieving 1,400 posts in BCN with a minimum of 1,400 unique views each. Hopefully, we will reach this milestone by the end of the year.

     •   Reached 4,000 unique IPs , and had a second day above the mark that we had never yet reached. Also during the month, we had the most days ever over 3,000 unique IPs, with 24.

    If you have an interest in excellence, and a firm need to compete bigger and better than your competition on the internet, you may wish to contact:

    Stan Deatherage,
     Accounts Manager   •   Publisher of BCN   •   President of Symbiotic Networks, Inc.
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •   cell# (252) 944-3905   •

    Chris Downey,
     Accounts Manager  •  Chief Technical Consultant
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •
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( October 16th, 2014 @ 8:04 am )
Thanks Gene for all your submissions. I see a few new in the queue, which I will get ... to.
( October 13th, 2014 @ 3:38 pm )
This is why I bother to take the hours required to do a good post (I think) in a e-publication which is most conservative ~~~ when I am more to the center of the political/commentary spectrum it generally addresses!

Congrats, Stan, on the growing viewership. I will do all I can to bring to it other people who enjoy the good discussion on politics and NC in general. Your willingness to publish my "stuff" simply proves the wisdom of good debate on important topics. May your success be even greater in months to come.

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