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I'll be the first to admit that I use Facebook to promote BCN's posts. That is one of the duties that online publishers do. I also meta-tag, often and well in many nooks and crannies to push BCN's post higher in Search. It is the least I can do for my contributors.

It's a tough question, but, we're not the only one asking it. Interestingly, Beaufort County government gets that Facebook has no place in a working environment.

    I'll be the first to admit that I use Facebook to promote BCN's posts. That is one of the duties that online publishers perform. I also meta-tag, often and well, in many nooks and crannies to push BCN's posts higher in Search. It is the least I can do for my contributors. We also do it for our clients.

    In the past, I have researched Facebook to determine how important issues play, without actively pursuing the promotion of that content, and the results were mixed. My overall impression: First, while many wish to discuss important issues, you have to find where those people are, which actually suggests that Facebook's internal data-based Search Engine, is woefully inferior to Google's overall Search; Secondly, most of Facebook is not a discussion of ideas, but one that primarily is driven by social issues, and the sharing of those issues, in which people that use Facebook already know, or wish to know better.

    Furthermore, Facebook's format is basically limited to a scrolling timeline that is poorly categorized (I am being generous here), and the all important promotion of Search overall is basically nonexistent. For this I understand the Why, and I will explain why I know that Facebook is so poor in Search promotion. It boils down to three main areas: 1) categorization, 2) strength of content, 3) time exposed. In these three main sectors, Facebook fails miserably, and if you are a chronic user, so do you (see below):

     1)   Categorization - This is the tool to segregate ideas, issues, personnel, i.e. people, places and things, where one can easier find what they are searching for, and a better located platform to promote that individual's communication. Search engines reward a better categorized subject of interest.

     2)   Strength of Content - Understandably, this is not purely Facebook's creation or fault; however, it is their platform, and I will still argue that it works well for what it was intended to do: offer everyday people the rudimentary tools to blog, or message about their personal issues. Ultimately, most content on this platform does poorly in Search, because of the known overall content of Facebook. In other words, the more simple the content; talking about pets and children, or what one just ate for dinner tends to act as an anchor, a negative force because Search rewards the more serious issues that are presented on the internet.

     3)   Time Exposed - This issue is, at least, as important as the first two issues, for people will not read, or view, what they cannot find. The uncategorized format coupled with the scrolling timeline makes it difficult for people to find pertinent information on Facebook, which influences its Search aptitude. What also influences Search aptitude is that Facebook will eventually take down about 80% of your content on your timeline. Once again, one cannot search what no longer exists.

    Now for the Stupidbook analogy, which is my employment of hyperbole to simply,or to over-express that, while Facebook is fine in moderation, people put far too much emphasis on the platform for stimulation - intellectual and emotional.

    First, the misunderstanding that Facebook replaces a business owner's need to have their own website. This is only necessary if the business owner is serious about using the internet as a communication device. In fact, very small business owners may do well using Social Media, exclusively, since they may only need to keep their friends informed about what is important for them to know; however, if they ever desire to reach beyond their friends, they will need to acquire a real site. To not do so, and to not get the most efficient site they can get for their money would be stupid.

    Second, for the people only using the platform for communicative stimulation: How much time can you afford to spend on a Social platform, when there is much work to do for yourself, or your employer? My employees are not forbidden from using Facebook, but we are in the business to know what Facebook fundamentally is, and how we can use it to serve our customers' needs. There are far less than 1% of all businesses that are in our unique position to competently provide this service. If you own a business that is nothing like what we do at SNI: Why would you allow your people to search Facebook while at work? Do they not have more appropriate duties to perform?

    One of the last decisions that Assistant County Manager /Beaufort County CFO Jim Chrisman made was to block Beaufort County's nearly 300 employees from using Facebook while on our internet feeder signal - our ramp to the world wide web. I discovered this action when I was using my computer at the county office, when I went to Facebook to promote a post that I had recently uploaded, and thus, I could not reach Facebook's site. My first impression, once I figured that Facebook was blocked at the county's administration office: Good move!

    Why the hyperbolic descriptor Stupidbook? While this may be moderately unfair to Facebook, our American people, so many of them now, spend far too many hours on Facebook, rather than learning real information or performing real activities. Additionally, in this age of information, and with Smartphones (now that's a supreme irony) so plentiful, our American people are well regarded as being possibly the stupidest, poorest informed they have ever been as a whole - not everyone, but a preponderance of the mean.

    When one evaluates the reasons behind this sad state of the American intellect, one can easily understand the culprits: A reactionary, too political, and unstable education system, with too much Federal influence; a familial structure that is crumbling due to political correctness and the entitlement system, and the internet improperly used. With Facebook the largest internet influence on Americans, and worldwide psyche, it is appropriate for them to share proportionately in the blame.

    Especially, understanding the immutable fact, that few developers of real information would ever consider that platform of being content rich. Stupidbook? I fully recognize that this provocative descriptor might be a bit harsh; however, it is the responsibility of its users to be smarter, and since Facebook is not properly providing that avenue toward a more abundant stimulation of intellect, it is the responsibility of these hordes of users to pull away from that source, and find a more complete way to spend their leisure time.

    The future of America's intellect is dependent upon it. Thankfully, it does appear that Beaufort County's Jim Chrisman was far ahead of that curve in banning Beaufort County's employees from using Facebook while at work. I'm sure going to miss that guy.
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( September 15th, 2014 @ 7:48 am )
Stan---I tried an ad for my Tree Surgery on a FB ad page. It showed some unique things about a large oak with 3 trunks I am treating at Teach's Point subdivision. I thought it was a great show of my skills and knowledge.

Low and behold, a bunch of climbers (always 10 times more smart and arrogant than any Tree Company Owner) from all over and great distances began to put up smart ass comments over what I had done. I even did a second set of pics of the healing now taking place on 3 water oaks I corrected at the Washington Waterfront playground. They ranted on despite clear evidence I was using appropriate treatments.

I could not do more than block them with FB technology. Meantime, the likes on the ad were costing me much with no business being generated. So much for going "too far and wide" on social media.

I hope to use your technology to advertise in the near future. That way I know I can call the owner and get a quick fix on anything going haywire!
( September 14th, 2014 @ 9:49 am )
Just last week, i was in the county office on county business and I noticed that Facebook was back up.

I intend to use what is left of my office to put a stop to this at the next meeting in October.
( September 4th, 2014 @ 2:12 pm )
Just one more reason to feel a great respect for Jim Chrisman. I can think of some other things that should be blocked from the workplace as well. Maybe that has already been addressed with the county gov. employees.

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