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When I was first elected county commissioner, here in Beaufort County back in November, 1994, I was told I was a brilliant man, and a great communicator, the perfect complement to a Democrat board of county commissioners.

    In journalism and politics, one learns much from polls, but never be fooled into thinking that they are a mandate for the present or the future.

    When I was first elected county commissioner, here in Beaufort County back in November, 1994, I was told I was a brilliant man, and a great communicator, the perfect complement to a Democrat board of county commissioners as the third Republican elected county commissioner since the Reconstruction that gripped North Carolina until 1877. When I became the first Republican county commissioner ever re-elected in Beaufort County, in the congratulatory public's eyes, I had become a far less brilliant man, a poor communicator, and a terrible complement to that Democrat board.

    What changed? What happened to me?

    First, I learned what it meant to be elected, and how to truly deal with the people part of politics. I also stopped reading, or caring about my proverbial "press clippings," as I began my journey down the road of understanding a principled commitment to the job of representative government.

    How did that work out?

    Simply, in my nearly 17 years of being a county commissioner, I have never been elected chairman, but on the other hand, I have never been ensnared in any of the scandals that have plagued Beaufort County commissioner chairmen as well as many of the county's other commissioners.

    How did I avoid that?

    Well, it certainly wasn't "rocket science." It was as simple as following the principled political code of conduct that was laid out for me by those good, principled politicians that have gone before me - those who understood that the representative government of a true republic is one where the politician / elected official represents a certain integrity that strives to do what is best for the most of us, irrespective of the opinions of others, even a majority. In essence, one becomes tone deaf to the needs of the special interests, and, if need be, the needs of a willful mob.

    So that brings us to the "Grand Church of 'What's in it for Me?'". The power players, the special interest guys of Beaufort County, who regularly frequent this infamous center for the worship of limited ideals, like their county commissioners pliable, a veritable lump of clay to be molded and shaped into a serviceable entity for their needful existence. They detest the sharp edges of the principled politician, and find that clean cut person of willful, preordained purpose to be impossible to deal with.

    Sadly, there is an existence of this tradition of the malleable politician in Beaufort County; from the days of Jim Crow to the time of "what's in it for me?" now. And God bless them; as a group that has long moved as a collective herd, from their Democrat roots, they are similarly adept at organizing today as converted RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) to accomplish small feats of possibilities for their lot - a lot that thinks small, but lives large to win, irrespective of the collateral damage.

    And for the last 12 years, the collateral damage has been extensive to Beaufort County's present prospects, and sadly, Beaufort County's future prospects as well. I've irrevocably seen it. I have demonstrably lived it. I've known it when I've seen it, and I see it now rearing its horned head of this all consuming beast - the needful wanting of the special interest RINO. It has a need to feed, and that is unrelentingly a poor sight to behold for small children, or the faint of heart. It is, as it has always been, for them ... and them alone.

    Even today, they organize to win back the Beaufort County Republican Party as clearly evidenced by the overly subscribed poll at the bottom of this page. This poll has had 3/4 of its votes in the last 60 hours, and they are demonstrably from the RINO camp of their need for special interest. Before 60 hours ago, nearly 90% of the votes believed that Beaufort County should be governed principled men and women. Now that vote is just over 50% and sinking fast for the "principled Republican" camp. If "a picture is worth a thousand words" then behold this poll here below (but first you must vote your conviction and the vote totals will then appear if you have not already voted), and know that there is much work that lies ahead for the principled patriot.

    Think on it. And then be prepared to live it, to fight for it, and never lose sight that you are the only hope for this Republic to remain, to endure. Now remember it, and move on ... for now.

Should the current Republican Party conform to meet the fiscal needs of minorities, or should the party hone its principled conservative message to attract ambitious, thoughtful, patriotic Americans from all walks of life?
34.97%   Republicans should care enough about me to buy my vote
61.44%   The Republican Party should put the needs of the country first to sustain its promise
3.59%   I still dig the Kardashians
306 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Here just weeks before the Republican County Convention, and with speculation afoot that the RINO herd may be re-forming: Should the RINO's special interest advocacy regain power?
48.11%   Yes, special interest is important to me
51.04%   No, our elected Republicans must be principled
0.85%   I dig the Kardashians
1,638 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( March 19th, 2013 @ 12:15 am )
At one point this morning, the poll showed the special interest advocates up by 2% over the principled Republicans, and now the principled Republicans are up by over 9% points over the avowed special interest wonks. 9% is a big jump when there are this many votes - more than double the total of the next highest subscribed poll in BCN's short history of providing a polling service.

Good work real Republicans, but ... don't let up.

The RINOs are organizing, but they will not win Beaufort County's Republican Party without a fight.

The poll will be available for all to vote their convictions through the Beaufort County Republican Convention on March 26.

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