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Welcome to Beaufort County NOW's Page of Active Polls ...

and the Archive of those that are no longer active.

   As you may or may not be aware, Beaufort County NOW began as the prototype of our Symbiotic Publisher script, which is our creation of web based software that powers BCN, and now a growing number of other sites.

   Beaufort County NOW, while a diverse and informative publication with outstanding traffic from incredible search positions, is primarily our laboratory to build the better "mousetrap" - the better information delivery system - which we are becoming most confident that we have done, and are still doing.

   To aid in bolstering that point, we have just completed the construction of an online polling system that will be the only authentic online poll in northeastern North Carolina. In fact, our new polling system may be more accurate, through its restrictive nature, in recording the polling of opinion than most county government polling precincts come election day.

   What makes, and keeps, our poll more authentic than all regional online publications is that we elected to build ours as an IP address based poll, rather than a cookie based poll. With a cookie based poll, one need only clear their cookies, and then vote as many times as they have the time to clear their cookies. Understandably to be truly authentic, our poll had to be much more restrictive in the way we count votes.

   The way we conduct our poll, as an IP address based poll, is that each address gets only one vote, irrespective of the number people who normally use that IP address. The folks who can't register their desired voting preference, may do so from a different IP address, or they may vote from a smart phone. Also, since we are IP addressed, we are capable of sniffing out others cheating by employing banks of computers using separate IP addresses per computer. We know this because we have already caught our first offender.

   Now that you know what we have done, what we can do, and how seriously we take this issue of polls, please feel free to return and vote on each poll, which will have an active life of about a week. Now that all is explained, please remember to vote ... "early and often."


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