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Crimes against children produce the most stress. TMc, blue publications, crimes, children, stress, fake news, april 2, 2020
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TMc: Blue Publications VIII

    Book Review: Stoning The Keepers at the Gate by Lawrence Blum, Ph.D.

    Lawrence Blum, police psychologist, has spent over 20 years treating officers surviving stress.

    The 'Officer Involved' YouTube documentary featured several Blum interviews.

    In 189 pages of interviews with distressed officers explaining how the occupation gave them mental health challenges, he thankfully offers chapter 8 page 159 "What it take to do it Right".

    The book mentions training and realistic expectations like gunfights expending 75 shots to wound a suspect 3 times and the average policeman is not a martial arts expert.

    Crimes against children produce the most stress. Fake news, social engineering quotas, political management, are more stressful than daily duty.

    Most of my books are ordered used from Amazon then given to Goodwill. I will keep this one.


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