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The much persecuted general deserves it. lifezette, donald trump, mike flynn, full pardon, march 17, 2020
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Trump Thinking of Giving General Mike Flynn a Full Pardon

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    There is an old political trick of making your most damaging or controversial moves in the midst of a much bigger story. So, if you have a garden variety scandal involving sex, money, or related matters you wait until a hurricane or other disaster and drop the news. You're hoping it gets knocked off the front pages by the bigger story. The same holds true for pardons and pandemics.

    That's a major reason why the president recently said that former U.S. Army General and Defense Intelligence Agency head Mike Flynn may soon get a full presidential pardon for all crimes he was convicted of stemming from a 2017 plea deal with the Mueller investigation for allegedly making false statements to the FBI.

    The charges, and those who brought them, were biased from the beginning.

    We don't have to go into detail about the state of corruption then at the highest levels of the FBI. Most know of it now. James Comey had only left months before and Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the lovers who were actively plotting against the president, were still there and involved in the Mueller investigation. Those facts alone should render Flynn worthy of a pardon.

    There was also the need for the Mueller probe to put at least one scalp, someone-anyone, on its belt to justify the many millions of dollars and time spent on the witch hunt. Combine that with the DC institutional bias that has the DIA on the right and the CIA on the left and you see why Flynn made a big fat target for Muller.

    Since his plea deal and conviction the case against him has been falling apart. His sentencing has been delayed over two years and is currently under review by a judge. His lawyers, once resigned to the plea deal, are now fighting back hard again against the charges. It was a bum rap and now most realize it.

    The president may wait for a virus big news day or not. But the odds are that soon Mike Flynn will not have charges hanging over him anymore. It's a rare thing to see justice done in DC. We're lucky the president is there to see to it in this case.


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