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Good information but the details require more research. TMc, blue publications, police violence, deaths, march 17, 2020
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TMc: Blue Publications

    Charlotte North Carolina Police Website:

    Good information but the details require more research.

    This case is interesting.

    Policeman Robert Olsen shot Anthony Hill:


    Verdict: Guilty Aggravated Assault
    Sentence: 12 years

    Wrongful Death Lawsuit filed

    Policeman: White Metro Atlanta
    Police Chief: Black Male
    Civilian: Black Mental Patient
    Witnesses: Black and Hispanic
    Prosecutor: Black Female
    Judge: Black Female
    Lawyers: White
    Jury: 7 Female 5 Male 5 White 5 Black 1 Hispanic 1 Asian
    Media Attention: Maximum
    Videos: YouTube


( March 20th, 2020 @ 1:56 pm )
Big Money Wrongful Death Settlements seem to require Black Lives Matter and Max Media coverage. I am trying to find a big $$ White Civilian payout.

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