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Big Week for Biden Has Him on Way to Milwaukee

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    What a difference 4 years make.

    In the Democratic primaries in 2016 Bernie Sanders brought his campaign back to life by beating Hillary Clinton in Michigan. Tuesday may have been the night Joe Biden killed Sanders' nomination dream once and for all in that same state.

    Biden won Michigan, Missouri, Idaho and Washington. Sanders won North Dakota. The current tally puts Biden at 864 delegates and Sanders at 711.

    Is Sanders still in the fight? Barely, if so. But nothing succeeds like success and the lemmings are rushing to Joe as he stands, at this point, far away from his inevitable November cliff.

    Next week sports four more primaries: Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Arizona. Sanders may, just may, have a chance in Illinois and possibly Arizona. But probably all Biden. Sanders lost every one of those to Hillary four years ago.

    That's next week. Let's look at the current carnage.

    Michigan — Sanders spent a lot of time there, to no avail. He can't get past stumbling over his own two feet, those pods being kids and socialists. There just aren't enough, or enough turning out, to give Sanders the numbers he needs most of the time. As a result, Biden cleans up.

    Missouri — Sanders can't win outside of a few niche areas. The vastness of the nation holds him anathema. Missouri was no exception. Sanders lost it 2 to 1. He almost won it four years ago.

    Idaho — A very conservative state, even for the Democrats. Sanders had no shot here. None at all.

    North Dakota — Sanders won this, a bit of a fluke. Though the closer to the left coast he gets the better he does.

    Washington state — Sanders had a chance and kept it close, but Biden won.

    Sanders is becoming reduced to guerilla warfare. Maybe proper for his heroes like Castro and Ortega. But it doesn't go very far in Idaho.


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