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Is anyone working on this project? TMc, blue justice, jail, march 9, 2020
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TMc: Blue Justice

    Is anyone working on this project?

    Policemen going to jail has become interesting added to the fascination with Dateline, Forensic Files, and other justice related shows. I am focused now on police vs civilian shootings.

    If I win the Lotto, a good project will be listing all cases in the last 10 years with win/loss and demographics of judge and jury, and collection of supporting video and documents. Then legal review by law students.

    If I were a Metro policeman, there would be no response to domestic disputes at night or mental patients harassing neighbors...not sure I would stop cars at night. News media and politicians are not reliable backup. But the project would not include free advice...just the facts.

    The next project would be Blue Innocence with data for retrial by winning Lawyers and Private Detectives.


    My retired police buddy says the Metro force is 25% short of personnel. Wonder why?

    The pay is great, training is great, diversity is great. What's wrong?

    Maybe the police are getting the best representation and their families have protection and financial aid. What do I know?


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