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Biden Not out Yet, Holds Hefty Lead in South Carolina Polls

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    It is known southern voters of any stripe are more conservative than other Americans, and that also seems to include Democrat voters.

    That could be why several South Carolina polls have Joe Biden pulling away from Bernie Sanders in the SC primary Saturday, with the rest of the pack far behind.

    If that happens then it pumps new life into Biden's sputtering inarticulate effort and makes the Sanders train to Milwaukee take at least a slight detour.

    It could also induce feverish Democrat pros to take a breath before they start naming their dark horse favorite for a third ballot victory at the convention.

    But SC is only a prelude to next Tuesday and 14 Democrat primary contests across the nation. With Texas and California in that mix, Sanders is expected to do well.

    Biden's SC numbers are relying on black support -they seem to be leaning heavily against Sanders- and on the support of voters 65-plus years of age.

    This Biden resurgence comes just days after Sanders received the virtual endorsement of Hillary Clinton, also not a person popular in the south with voters of most persuasions.

    The remaining contenders are all fighting for scraps and the ability to stay in the race. That is except for Bloomberg and Steyer, who can stay in as long as their fortunes permit. That would probably be a while.

    Also noticeable in SC and throughout the Democratic Party political landscape is the lack of coverage and even mention of candidate Tulsi Gabbard. The relatively moderate Democrat congresswoman and U.S. Army combat vet has been shut out of media and shorn of DNC attention because she committed the unpardonable sin of criticizing Hillary Clinton and then going on Fox News to talk about it.

    The Sanders people will try to spin their potential loss as a minor bump in the road. Biden will claim resurrection. But if Sanders pulls off the now upset after this Biden poll surge? Biden is done and Sanders marches on to Milwaukee.

    As conservatives, that's exactly what we want.


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