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McCarthy, GOP to Force Democrat Controlled House Vote on Bernie Sanders Communism Remarks

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is about to go for some payback directed at House Democrats, as he preps to put forward a procedural vote that condemns the recent pro-communist mutterings of Bernie Sanders.

    House Democrats will have three choices: Kill it in the cradle, vote against it thus apologizing for communism, or vote for it and trash their front-runner.

    Fun, eh? Here's McCarthy.

    "Do they stand with Bernie or do they stand for freedom?" he said when announcing the gambit.

    One smart Democrat agreed with him.

    "Stalin doubled literacy in the Soviet Union, even as he murdered tens of millions of people," Rep. Tom Malinowski, Democrat of NJ tweeted. "Apologists for dictatorship -Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia- always say 'they do some bad things, and some good things.' It's a way of making them seem just like us. It's utterly wrong."

    This is not the kind of thing Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders need right now.

    Pelosi knows many of her vulnerable freshmen were elected from moderate districts and their voters will not take it well if the freshmen implicitly endorse what Sanders said.

    Sanders knows if he has any chance of a united party backing him before the convention he can't have a civil war preview in the House.

    The president and McCarthy know that if they can further amplify the anti-Sanders voices within the Democratic Party it could pay dividends at the Democratic convention and in the fall.

    Though perhaps they needn't bother.

    Poll after poll across the political spectrum say that, by solid majorities, voters will not vote for a socialist president. Even Democrats are on the side of the angels on this question. Yes, under-30 types are an exception. But they are generally political idiots who don't vote.

    So let's sit back and watch the fun.


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