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We are now in the 2020 election cycle or, if you like "rip current". conservative test
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The Corruption of the Conservative Republican

    We are now in the 2020 election cycle or, if you like "rip current". Every politician will be telling us that he is a conservative, a true conservative or the greatest conservative who ever walked. The word "conservative" has been worn out, abused, and sullied during the past 30 years.

    Ronald Reagan best defined and described conservative. He made "conservative Republican" honorable and respectable. Since then every scalliwag, RINO and charlatan has dirtied the word "conservative".

    Reagan's definition of a "conservative Republican" had three main defining parts. They are: lower taxes, less government and more freedom (from everything), Now, think really hard, I am asking you to name three truly conservative Republicans presently active in the county government, the state government and the federal government? Hard to do? You will come closer in the federal government and then the state government than the county government because there are more people to pick from in the higher governments. /Even with the large numbers in the Federal Government it is hard to name truly conservative Republicans.

    The simple truth is the vast majority of candidates want to embrace the word "conservative' but they cannot live conservative the way Reagan defined it. They are embarrassed to speak the defining words. They are embarrassed because they have not been practicing Reagan conservatism.

    As we are go into the 2020 elections all voters have an opportunity to examine almost every elected official. There are a few sheriffs and Senators who are not up for election, but just about every body else is. This is your opportunity to have a revolution in government. Yes, we can change the direction of the entire government without shedding even one drop of blood. We simply change the people who are running government.

    Apply the conservative test to all candidates and vote out those who are not conservative according to Reagan's definition. My fear is that we may have to put some people into office who are not conservative simply because there are not enough conservatives to go around.

    We are in luck in the Beaufort County commissioners race. We have enough candidates to fill all commissioner offices with conservative officials. Our conservative candidates are: Tandy Dunn Galen Swain, Gary Blount, Randy Walker and Hood Richardson. In order to reduce taxes and eliminate the present corruption in Beaufort County it is more important who you do not vote for than it is who you do vote for.

    Conservatism has sunk low in Beaufort County. We have an Obama Democrat who ran as a Republican as Chairman of the Boar of Commissioners.. He is a puppet of another RRINO, Frankie Waters. These two are the best examples I can think of who say they are conservative but definitely vote liberal.


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