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Mitch McConnell has said he doesn't have the votes to stop it. lifezette, GOP, senate trial, witnesses, impeachment, january 29, 2020
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GOP Loses Issue, Witnesses Likely at Senate Trial

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    What LifeZette and others predicted could happen seems to be coming true, as more than four GOP senators have defected to the Democrats on the subject of witnesses appearing in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

    Unofficial counts put the number of Republicans that would allow the move at 54, as more communicated that sentiment to Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell today.

    This move will extend the trial at least two weeks and will make it an amazing drama, as both sides will ravenously tear into the witnesses brought by the other.

    GOP party stalwarts and the base are furious at the renegades and promise to make them pay a price at the polls, possibly in primaries. That is the political issue for the rebels: Don't agree to witnesses and moderate and swing votes are not happy. Agree to them, as it seems now, and the base can get so livid that you won't even get the nomination. That especially holds true for those up for reelection this year.

    Dems must be gloating over their one win since the trial began. As usual for the GOP, the Democrats win was caused by GOP timidity.

    The Democrats will milk this in the press and claim the trial momentum has switched to them.

    But they still are a long way from the 67 guilty votes they need to remove Trump from office.


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