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As many of you might know, I was in Washington DC last week with one of my absolute favorite organizations - FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks, US Constitution, pharmaceutical drugs, President Trump, mental health
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Help FreedomWorks Work

    As many of you might know, I was in Washington DC last week with one of my absolute favorite organizations - FreedomWorks.

    As someone who is, and has been, skeptical of government and who believes that We the People need to demand that it obey the boundaries imposed on it by the US Constitution and state constitution (as the case may be), I write to that effect, I interact with our state and federal government on those themes, and I consider myself an activist to promote constitutional governance. FreedomWorks, to a large extent, promotes the same principles.

    That is why I have such a high opinion of FreedomWorks and why I will work with them whenever the opportunity arises. Last spring was such an occasion (constraining the high cost of pharmaceutical drugs) and last week was such an occasion (the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate).

    For the most part, FreedomWorks has been actively defending President Trump and the way I see it (and most others do as well) is that President Trump is actively defending and working for us, the American people.

    Last week, we enjoyed 2 great lobby days on Capitol Hill and many hours with experts, grassroots leaders, and others. There were at least 150 activists from 8 different states (mostly from North Carolina!) who volunteered of their time to speak with Senate leaders and to share their view that President Trump is an exceptional president who needs to be acquitted and that this whole impeachment debacle needs to end so that all members of the government can get back to working for the American people (or getting the mental health help they need).

    FreedomWorks is organizing another lobby day next week - on Wednesday, January 22nd.

    The goal is to get 100% of Senate Republicans onboard to oppose the articles of impeachment and to acquit the President. This includes toss-ups like Senators Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Potentially, as we see several Democrats poising themselves against what was done in the House, there is a very real possibility of getting even get some Democrats on board with acquittal.

    The lobbying effort next week based near the FreedomWorks' Washington DC office, which is about a 10-minute walk from the Capitol.

    FreedomWorks is trying to get 80 activists ready to go, to defend the President! I have already committed to going and I'm hoping that others in North Carolina will want to join in as well.

    Transportation and hotel rooms are available at no charge!

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