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Proving the obvious is a waste of time but it is still required in our court rooms every day. funny, humor, Detroit, bankruptcy, Judicial System
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Obviously The Obvious Is Not Obvious

    This posting was originally published in July 2013. That was the time when the Once-Great City of Detroit was going through Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy was in all the papers and then it was gone. 

    By gone I don’t mean Detroit was gone. The coverage of its Bankruptcy was gone. Detroit is still there. It just looks like Hiroshima and Nagasaki did in late August 1945 (while today Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like Detroit did in late August 1945). 

    What probably happened to divert our attention from Detroit was the NFL Football season started. Thankfully, now that NFL Football is proving it is not worthy of our attention, next time a story like this one about Detroit happens, we will continue to pay attention…Or will we?

    Six And A Half Years Old And Still Funny

    On July 26, 2013 my newspaper told me...

“ In the next phase of the case, the City of Detroit must prove that it is insolvent.” 

    If my newspaper were talking about any other city I would understand the need to jump through this Legal Hoop but let’s get serious! My newspaper is talking about Detroit and Detroit Is Insolvent and Its Insolvency Is Obvious. 

    What’s next? What other Obvious Provings are going to take place in the court rooms of the Good Ole USofA?...

  • Your honor, it is incumbent upon this rotting body on the floor of this courtroom to prove it is dead before the court can proceed with any action against my client for making this dead body dead.
  • Your honor, I acknowledge that the deceased jumped off that 14 story building. I will grant to the court that he did this in front of 7 witnesses. It is well known that he tweeted the 7 witnesses asking them to be present to observe his fall from life. I have seen the certified letter he had in his pocket in which he had written in his own hand, “I want to die”. What I do not see is any evidence that he committed suicide.
  • Your honor, simply because the Federal Government’s latest Form 1040 has been shortened to 2 lines does not mean we ought to jump to the conclusion that our government wants all of our money…
    Line 1:“How Much Did You Make Last Year”
    Line 2:“Send It In”

    It just may be that our Judicial System will be able to forgo any further legal haggling over whether or not Detroit is Insolvent by looking into any of the Online Dictionaries on the Internet which now have a little picture of the Detroit Skyline next to the words... “Insolvent” and “Bankrupt”. 

    Would I kid u?



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