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The Question Of The Day

    When I entered the Rest Room, they were already in there. I don’t know how long they had been in there. I did find out how long at least one of them was going to be in there.

    The picture does not show their feet in there but, trust me, their feet were in there.

    I waited over 10 minutes for at least one pair of their feet to come out of in there and finally the feet of one of them came out and one of hands that go with the feet was carrying a Cell Phone!

    There, my dear readers, you have a hint to the Subject Question of the Day…

    What Are They Doing In There?

  • Were they Texting?
  • Were they Emailing?
  • Were they Surfing the Web?

    I gave no indication of my annoyance with the both of them, however, I did take note that the one that came out first had been in the Handicapped Stall. I had to resist the urge to make him officially eligible to use the Handicapped Stall.

No, while I was in there I did not Text nor Email nor Surf because I was considerate enough to understand that I might be waiting outside.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: This all happened yesterday. I find myself wondering if the other guy that was in there is still in there.


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