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Remarks by President Trump at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, remarks, turning point USA, student action summit, december 24, 2019
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Remarks by President Trump at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

Press Release:

Palm Beach County Convention Center  •  West Palm Beach, Florida  •  December 22  •  5:23 P.M. EST

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. Thank you everybody. What a group. What a group. (Applause.) What a group. I also want to thank a true American legend, and a beloved national hero, Rush Limbaugh. Thank you, Rush. (Applause.)

    You know, I don't know if you know it or not: He's got like 39 million people listening. He's been - from day one, he's been so incredible. Good times, bad times, he doesn't waver because he's tough as hell. He makes like - they tell me he makes like $50 million a year. And it may be - that may be on the low side. So if anybody wants to be a nice conservative talk show host, it's not a bad living. I will say. (Applause.)

    But I have to say, he's a very unique guy and he's a great man and he's been a great friend. So thank you to Rush. Thank you. (Applause.)

    And let me begin by wishing you a beautiful - look, do you remember this? Do you remember they were trying to take "Christmas" out of Christmas? Do you remember?

    AUDIENCE: Booo -

    THE PRESIDENT: They didn't want to let you say "Merry Christmas." You would go around, you'd see department stores that have everything - red, snow, beautiful ribbons, bows. Everything was there, but they wouldn't say "Merry Christmas." They're all saying "Merry Christmas" again. You remember? (Applause.)

    I went through that, during the campaign: "They going to say Merry Christmas again." And they are. That's the least of it, too, because we got a lot of things that they're doing that they weren't doing. And we got to keep the country - we got to keep what we're doing.

    Please sit down. We got to keep - (applause) - we have plenty of time. It's a Saturday night.

    See, if I were Sleepy Joe, I'd say, "It's a Saturday night in Ohio. We have plenty of time." (Laughter.) And he wouldn't say it that way. They'd say, "No, no, we're in Florida. We're in Florida." He's only done that about four times, where: "It's a Saturday night. It's great to be in Delaware." "No, we're Iowa." "Oh. Oh." (Applause.)

    You know, if you're speaking and you do that, it's over. You can't make - you could be Winston Churchill and the speech is no good. Once you do that, it's over and he does it a lot. There's something going on up there. (Laughter.)

    And there's something going on with the rest of them. I mean, they want to take away everything. They want to destroy what we've built.

    But I'm thrilled to be here tonight with thousands of proud, patriotic young Americans at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. (Applause.) Incredible, the job that Charlie's done.

    You're the fearless young leaders and warriors who stare down the hatred of the radical left and bravely fight for our liberty, our values, and our God-given freedom. (Applause.)


    Each of you is a fighter on the frontlines of defending our way of life. And I am profoundly grateful to all of you. The whole country is.

    And by the way, your crowds are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. (Applause.) I see on television, where Charlie had a deal going on where they had 4- or 5,000 people standing outside. I get a little angry because that's supposed to be only me. (Laughter.)

    But they had thousands of people on one of the colleges where they couldn't get in, and you have that. You have that. We're sort of different. We don't do it quite the other - you know, we do the nice way. But the truth is, you're tougher. You're smarter. You're far more elite.

    Don't you love it when they say "the elite"? They're referring to the others - "the elite." No, no, you're the elite. (Applause.) The elite.

    But I want to congratulate my friend, Charlie Kirk - (applause) - for mobilizing students on more than 1,500 high school and college campuses all across the country. Amazing. (Applause.)

    And I see my son Don is standing with Charlie. They like each other. (Applause.) And Kimberly, did Don speak? Did you speak, Don? Because I heard - did you speak?


    THE PRESIDENT: Oh, tomorrow? Oh, I - I'm going to come. (Applause.) Oh, I want to put pressure on him. You got to see how they handle it. I'll sit there and I'll say, "Come on, let's go. Let's go." (Laughter.)

    No, people love him. They love him. They love him. He's a good - he's a good young guy. He's a little - I'm a little prejudiced. You know, he's my son. But he's a good guy, and he loves this country a lot. And he loves you. So thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you, Kimberly. Great job, Kimberly.

    The radical left doesn't stand a chance against young conservatives who put America first. We're putting America first. You know, we weren't - (applause) - America was not considered - these people, what they were doing to our country was just unbelievable. We're putting America first.

    And you know what? Other leaders should put their country first. Why not? What are you going to do, put it second? Put it ninth? (Laughter.)

    They should - I tell them. Because it sounds very insulting when you say, "We put America first." I say, "Do you know what? You should put your country first, too." But if we put America first, and they put their country first, we win every single time. (Applause.)

    And we're joined by a man that I've gotten to know and respect. And he's highly, highly - this is a very capable person who has really developed a voice that you rarely develop as such a young person, and so new to this whole crazy political game. But I'm new too, Dan Crenshaw. I'm new too. (Applause.) Where is Dan Crenshaw? Where is he? Where is Dan?

    You are great. Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Dan. What a voice he's developed. What a voice. Thank you, Dan. He did it quickly. Some guys are in Congress there - they have 40 years, they don't have your voice. Thank you. And I don't mean the voice, speaking; I mean people listening to what you say. Thank you very much. Great job. (Applause.)

    And, by the way, I have to say, while Dan is here: What kind of great support did we have from those incredible congressmen and women this week? (Applause.) They got up and they spoke and they were fantastic.


    And I guess the vote was like 196, or something, to nothing. We had three Democrats coming to our side. So we have to say it was a bipartisan vote. (Laughter.) You call that bipartisan? Hey, no Republican went to their side. We had like 195, Dan, to nothing, right? Something like that - 195 to nothing. You don't see that. You don't see that. What a great group of people.

    Come here, Dan. What do you have? (Applause.)


    AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you, Trump! (Applause.)

    (Representative Crenshaw gives President Trump a piece of paper.)

    THE PRESIDENT: I said, "This better be good, Dan." (Laughter.) That took a long time. (Laughter.) I said, "Dan, what the hell is it?" He said, "It's a no vote on impeachment day." That was a no vote. (Applause.) I'll save that, Dan. I'll save that, Dan. (Applause.)

    Well, we had a lot of no votes. And the Senate now is - how about that deal, where they had nothing? There's no crime. There's no nothing. How do you impeach? You had no crime. Even their people said there was no crime. In fact, there's no impeachment. There's no - their own lawyers said there's no impeachment. What are we doing here? (Applause.) The world is watching.

    Crazy Nancy. She's crazy. (Laughter.) No, no, so now she says - you know, she has no case. She has no case. So let's not submit it. That's good, right? That's good. But you know what? So unfair. It's so unfair. She has no case. Did they look bad? They got up - the same thing, the Constitution. They are violating the Constitution totally. Totally. (Applause.) They're violating the Constitution.

    In the meantime, our polls have gone through the roof. (Applause.) And the Senate, like the House - we've done great work together. You know, today, with the judges. Last week, we did 13 judges - 13 extra. (Applause.) We're going to talk about it in a second.

    But we're doing like no other party has done in the first, think of it, less than three years, and what we've done. Last night was so exciting, with the National Defense bill. The greatest military ever. Ever. (Applause.) New jets, new ships, new rockets, new missiles. (Applause.) All made in the USA, folks. Made in the USA. (Applause.)


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