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I intended for this message to go out the first of this week. Conservative Club, Hood Richardson
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Conservative Club Meeting, December 12, 2019

News Release:

    The database crashed for some unknown reason and I have just got it re built. I hope I got all of you in.

    The executive committee has decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for Thursday December 11, 2019.

    Our next meeting will be Thursday January 9tth at 6:30 PM at King Chicken. It should be a good one, we will be inviting candidates to speak.

    The campaign committee met on November 7th with 7 people in attendance. We set a goal to raise $5,000 to support our conservative candidates. We decided to raise the money by asking people to donate to the Conservative PAC. We are not doing a fund raiser because it would have to be done during early January. The weather is soooo uncertain.

    Registration started on December 2nd. We need the money now. The Primary election campaign has started.

Make checks out to: Beaufor County Conservative Republican PAC

Mail to: Att: Hood Richardson
110 West Second Street
Washington, N. C. 27889

    It is important that we drive the RINO's from office and take conservative control of the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners.

    Please ask your friends to donate to our effort. Unless we can raise enough money the Liberals will surely win this election. THEY CONTROL ALL OF THE PARTY MONEY AND WILL USE IT FOR THE LIBERAL REPUBLICANS. Most voters do not know who is liberal and who is conservative unless we advertise for the conservatives.

    Please keep this information among us conservatives.

    Contact: Hood Richardson


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