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It could be me, and I will mess with you. Blowing Rock, Watauga County
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Note to Sales Clerks: Be Careful How you Size-up the Customer ...

It could be me, and I will mess with you.

    Today, I was shopping in Blowing Rock looking at a leather bag that looked rather stylish, which could carry much of my electronic gear that aids in my many duties, when a young sales clerk (I surmised an Appalachian State student), with blue hair, stepped up to warn me that animals may have died to create the leather for the bags such as those on display, and wanted to make sure I was okay with that.

    I told her that I was okay with the taking of cow flesh, providing that no Transgender Cows were harmed in providing the necessary leather. The sales clerk presented a knowing smile, and I do believe she believed us to be kindred spirits at that point, but not in the humor filled manner I intended.

The aforementioned cow flesh made into a convenient hauling device: Above.     photo by Stan Deatherage    Click image to expand.


    This was a real situation at a Wilson's Leather store.

    It was a hilarious moment, because, I strung this young girl along, rifting on her endemic indoctrinated hypocrisies for a good 8 minutes, with a lot of improvised material - as a sales clerk, she just stood there as avocation requires - still, I don't think she ever caught on.

    At the end, I was outright making fun of her and probably everyone she respects, and she was still laughing pretty hard.

    The whole Transgender thing, with the scores of applicable genders, is pretty funny stuff.

    In my World, Transgenders should never be societally punished, but likewise, they certainly should not get a big bold pass, especially this crazed celebration for their their brave "diversity" motif, which is unabated as expressed by Leftists loons. Furthermore, the Celebration Fanatics definitely do not get a pass.

    So what do we do: The rest of us that are not consumed by diversity fever ... We laugh at the insanity of the abject hypocrisy - the staple of the Left.

    My advice: Don't lose your cool. There is much material there to be harvested and much to be laughed at in the far too crazy World.


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