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The Failed Attack Of Last Week On The President Is Certain To Be Followed By The New Attack Of This Week

    It seems like the indignation against President Trump is never going to stop. As soon as one fizzles out it is replaced by the new indignation.

    The reason is he is being attacked by The Swamp because he is doing damage to The Swamp.

    I posted this Blog before. I believe it is truer now than it was when I originally posted it.


We Will Fight No More Foreve r...Or Will We?
(If you are thinking that the above subject is a takeoff on the words of Chief Joseph, you are right in that thinking.)

    Let your mind wander with mine for a few moments. It is 2023 and Our President has been working hard on the country’s problems since January 20, 2017. It appears all his efforts are paying off...

  • All of Planet Earth’s Dictators have stepped down from power and Democratic Elections have replaced every one of them.
  • All Earth’s Nuclear Weapons have been destroyed years ago.
  • All Earth’s Weapons of Mass and Minor Destruction have been beaten into Plow Shears.
  • All Working Age Citizens of the Good Ole USofA have a Job.
  • The Good Ole USofA’s Food Stamp Program has been eliminated simply because there is no need for it any longer.
  • All Former Welfare Recipients have gotten off of Welfare and have unanimously stated that it is their firm belief that they will never have need for any form assistance from anyone for the rest of their lives.
  • All Negative Political Campaign Advertising was been eliminated going back to the 2020 Election.
  • Israel and Every Arab Nation have made peace and are enjoying picnics together on each of their respective religious holidays.
  • The last Terrorist Attack of any kind was in 2019.
  • Every Terrorist Organization anywhere in the world has long ago voluntarily disbanded.
  • Rancor in the U.S. Congress is a distant memory.
  • Compromises in Congress are now reached after 20 minutes of friendly debate and for the last 3 years all bills have passed without a single negative vote.
  • The Democrat and Republican Leaders in the House and the Senate walk to the Capital Building hand in hand every day that Congress is in session.
  • All the Shouting Nightly News Shows have been canceled and been replaced with John Phillip Sousa Music Stations.
  • There has not been a Labor Strike in the Good Ole USofA in 3 years.
  • There has not been a Murder or a Robbery in the Good Ole USofA in 4 years.
  • No NFL Player has knelt during the National Anthem in 3 seasons (Kaepernick is still not good enough to play).
  • The National Anthem is scheduled to be replaced with Kumbaya next Thursday.

But wait! Is that what I think it is? Is that a Loan Protester walking with a Soap Box under his arm toward the Capital Steps? What is his intent?

    A large curious crowd forms around him on all sides. The news cameras and microphones zoom in to catch what he has to say. After climbing up on his Soap Box he says...

    “I don’t like The President’s Demeanor”

    Then a voice from the back of the crowd (later found out to be the Soap Box Protester’s Brother-In-Law) shouts, “Me Neither!” “Me Neither” is repeated by several others and, before you can say, “God Bless America” a full-fledged riot has broken out and all of the Bullet Points I pecked out above are thrown into the Ash Heap of History and Most of Us Don’t Like Most Of Us Anymore.

    The Guy on the Soap Box picks up his box and walks into history saying to his Brother-In-Law, “I feel better. This is as it ought to be.”...Or ought it to be?

    Would I kid u?



( December 1st, 2019 @ 8:31 pm )
It is a very crazy World right now with all the Derangement afoot.

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