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Carolina Panthers News & Updates: 11/19/19

Christian McCaffrey's Unforgettable Season Being Wasted by These Forgettable Panthers | Scott Fowler/Charlotte Observer

    You've seen it before: A bad movie where one talented actor is trying his best to salvage some terrible material. That's what it looked like Sunday: Carolina's 29-3 loss to Atlanta was the bad film, and Christian McCaffrey the actor who deserved better.

How Luke Kuechly Wound up on Julio Jones Deep and How Carolina Was Burned for a Punt Return TD | Max Henson/

    On third-and-16 late in the second quarter, the Falcons went with a five wide receiver look with Jones lined up tight on the right side. Jones ran straight down seam and Kuechly ran with him, perhaps scheming up that matchup for their go-to receiver.

The Panthers Need to Say Goodbye to Ron Rivera at Season's End | Rucker Haringey/Fansided

    Panthers fans may not want to hear it, but Carolina is set to enter into a period of serious transition. Unfortunately for Ron Rivera, he's not the right head coach to pilot the franchise towards a successful future.


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