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I have come to the belief that everything that Donald Trump does is calculated and pre-planned. Br're Rabbit and Donald Trump
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What if Donald Trump is playing a Game?????

What if Donald Trump is playing a Game?????

   I have come to the belief that everything that Donald Trump does is calculated and pre-planned.  I grant this may be giving him way too much credit but it appears to have worked in most of his dealing with his political opponents as well as business dealings.

   With that in mind, I offer this observation:

    Maybe Donald Trump made the decision to run for the Presidency in 2013 or so but did not announce it until June of 2015. (https://www.cnn.com/2015/06/16/politics/donald-trump-2016-announcement-elections/index.html). Based on his usual pattern of enhancing his position, he decided he would not release his tax returns.

   That immediately set off a firestorm over what he had to hide.  Now we know that a businessman such as Donald Trump has legions of lawyers and accountants to review, recommend and prepare his taxes. I doubt he would be so dumb as to falsify his taxes situation, but he would play right up to the line in taking every possible deduction.  In our society we leave it up to the IRS to determine what is legal, allowable or appropriate in filing one's tax returns.  They will usually disallow deductions, write off and other things that they determined is outside the law.  If they find something illegal they have the ability to prosecute a filer criminally.

   Anyone who has ever been audited knows that there is nuance in the interoperation of the byzantine nuances of the tax law.  Even a average middle income tax filer may take deductions that are not illegal but perhaps in the gray area.

   Now to the question posed above:

  • Suppose that Donald Trump, knowing he was going to run for president, had arranged his taxes to reflect a more middle of the road filing.
  • Suppose he had large contributions to charity, to reflect a more generous persona.
  • Suppose he incurred a loss in previous years that offset any gains for subsequent years. That is common in the real estate industry and shows the risk of making large ventures.
  • Suppose his protest on releasing his taxes falls into the category of Br'er Rabbit who did not wish to be thrown into the Briar Patch. (See below for Joel Chandler Harris' description of that sly Rabbit)

In one tale, Br'er Fox constructs a doll out of a lump of tar and dresses it with some clothes (these clothes were made of cotton). When Br'er Rabbit comes along he addresses the Tar-Baby, but receives no response. Br'er Rabbit becomes offended by what he perceives as the Tar-Baby's lack of respect, punches it, and in doing so becomes stuck. The more Br'er Rabbit punches and kicks the tar "baby" out of rage, the more he gets stuck. When Br'er Fox reveals himself, the helpless but cunning Br'er Rabbit pleads, "please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch," prompting Fox to do exactly that. Br'er Rabbit was born in this brier patch, described as "small yet bright". As rabbits are at home in thickets, the resourceful Br'er Rabbit uses the thorns and briers to escape.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Br%27er_Rabbit

As I said above, 'I grant this may be giving him way too much credit,' but it is obvious to me that his entire life has been one long game of tag and seek. You don't survive in New York real estate or any business without learning how to dodge a few bullets and pot holes which the city is famous for. It may not be pretty or even admirable but it is the 'New York Way,' and perhaps the way of Washington Swamp as well.

Just Saying!


( December 22nd, 2019 @ 8:35 pm )
Exactly Bobby Tony.

If Democratic Socialists and other self indulgent prudes would understand that President Trump is different than any politician in modern times, and has been remarkably successful in spite of it, they might have an easier time understanding this president, and his Deplorable base of supporters.
( December 20th, 2019 @ 6:17 am )
Some may miss construe the comment above as indicating that I think the facts surrounding the Trump Ukraine phone call was a whitewash. Quite the contrary, there was never anything on the fence to hide. The whitewash was the entire Russian collusion fiasco that necessitated a side show of impeachment to detract the gullible.
( December 19th, 2019 @ 8:35 am )
Thank You. Least we think the show is over, we are only starting ACT II. It kind of reminds me of Tom Sawyer, who was ordered to Whitewash the fence and managed to trick his buddies into doing the work while he sat by and watched.

Given President Trump's penchant for the limelight, I suspect he is enjoying this immensely while at the same time bitterly complaining about the whole project.

It has all the elements of today's mess. Whitewash, Fence, and a bunch of brain numb painters eager to get their hand on the brush. The end result being predetermined. A Clean White Fence which the painters will claim their work was a Whitewash and Tom's (The Donald's) Fault.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
( December 19th, 2019 @ 7:49 am )
Hey B.T.

Merry Christmas.

I love your well considered comments almost as much as I love you well considered and often hilarious posts.

God bless you man.
( December 16th, 2019 @ 6:36 am )
I would tend to agree but like most national politicians, I think FDR was foremost an opportunist. There have been many books and articles written about his shifting philosophy. Yes indeed, Eleanor was a committed Socialist, as is usually the case with those safely ensconced within a cocoon of wealth and / or tenured "professionalships" in University and Colleges. There really are only two kinds of Socialist:

1. Those wanting to give other people's money away
- - - - - - - -There may be a sub category to number 1:
- - - - - - - - -1a: Those trying to take over a government by using 'FREE STUFF FOR THE POOR"

2. Those willing to accept that money from number 1.

All of this is political theater, but with an expanded stage due to the large exposure of social media, cable and other pseudo stages where almost everyone can have a moment at center stage. At the risk of falling into the trap of putting too much faith in government, perhaps we should pass an amendment.

I would call it the Andy Warhol Amendment except the time limit would be 5 minutes instead of 15.

My time is up.

( December 14th, 2019 @ 12:23 pm )
Back in his day, some folks called Roosevelt a Socialist, but compared to today's Democratic Socialists, he would be more like a moderate to moderately conservative Republican, providing, of course, he listened as little as was possible to Eleanor.

She, of course, was a Socialist.
( November 20th, 2019 @ 7:46 pm )
I guess I had Roosevelt's “The Man in the Arena” speech in mind when I alluded to the spectator sport. My lament is really directed to the fact that we have relaxed our standards for our leaders which has resulted in a ruling class that no longer drawn from the ranks of the average citizen.

My favorite part of the speech is not the arena reference so often quoted, but the paragraphs before it. We no longer select our leaders from average citizens who 'possess the gifts of sympathy with plain people and of devotion to great ideals classes.'
-- -- -- --
"But with you and with us the case is different. With you here, and with us in my own home, in the long run, success or failure will be conditioned upon the way in which the average man, the average woman, does his or her duty, first in the ordinary, every-day affairs of life, and next in those great occasional crises which call for the heroic virtues. The average citizen must be a good citizen if our republics are to succeed. The stream will not permanently rise higher than the main source; and the main source of national power and national greatness is found in the average citizenship of the nation. Therefore it behooves us to do our best to see that the standard of the average citizen is kept high; and the average cannot be kept high unless the standard of the leaders is very much higher.

It is well if a large proportion of the leaders in any republic, in any democracy, are, as a matter of course, drawn from the classes represented in this audience to-day; but only provided that those classes possess the gifts of sympathy with plain people and of devotion to great ideals."
-- -- --
Not everyone is called to preach or serve in public office, but neither the preacher or the public official should be ever think he is above criticism because he is in the arena. The biggest danger is not the people in the arena but the public that allows them to stay there too long. Teddy himself found the allure of the arena too great a magnet when he chose to return to politics in the 1912 election believing he was the savior of the Republican party..
( November 20th, 2019 @ 4:15 am )
And there is nothing wrong with it being a spectator sport; at least it gets the public more involved, which was much more the case in decades and centuries past.

The biggest problem with that is the abject ignorance of the public, and many are not prepared to stand reasonable stands on issues because of their vast lack of knowledge.

If you ever want an continuing prime example, go on Facebook and watch how many regurgitate ignorance as if they had good sense.
( November 14th, 2019 @ 7:52 am )

One of my continuing laments is that we have allowed the system to devolve into nothing more than a game filled with charlatans and pretenders. For all practical purposes we have allowed the governing of this country to become nothing more than a spectator sport at the national level. By placing too much emphasis on the Central Government model, we have abdicated our personal responsibility to serve our interest and the interest of our own community to a bunch of people who no longer live in our community but maintain a mailing address in hopes we will continue to think they are residents. I doubt if most of the Congress and Senators could qualify for instate tuition residency if we applied the same rules to them that we do to students applying to State Universities (unless you consider them as immigrants).

( November 13th, 2019 @ 8:15 am )
I love this fable. As a local politician /governing leader for 19 full years now, I have used the Br'er Fox, the Tar Baby approach many times, and, as I get older will continue to do so.

Thanks for stopping by Bobby Tony.

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