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Counter-cultural haven has a new district attorney with an 'interesting' past — and today's young servicemen and women might not like those combat roles so much lifezette, san francisco, army, counter-culture, november 12, 2019
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San Francisco Finds Itself in More Trouble, While the U.S. Army Goes ‘Kinder and Gentler’

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    It's the day after Veterans Day - and here are just a few of the stories we're looking at as Tuesday morning kicks off.

    Chesa Boudin, the newly elected district attorney in San Francisco, said last month that his office would not prosecute quality-of-life crimes such as public urination and worse.

    For a city already reeling from a reputation of being an open sewer - this cannot be good news for public health.

    (The image atop this article shows a homeless encampment in San Francisco).

    Also, the U.S. Army is trying an advertising message that stresses non-combat roles and themes, in order to attract those members Gen Z whom it feels will react better to that spin.

    But some are calling it a bait-and-switch.

    Finally, every state has a story about how newcomers are ruining everything.

    But when those newcomers are Californians and they're bringing their socialist politics to Idaho, well - it spawns a backlash among the natives.

    Let's drill down a little further here.

    1.) The new San Francisco D.A. has an interesting pedigree.

    Chesa Boudin's parents are convicted far-Left terrorists - they were members of the '60s radical group the Weather Underground.

    Their exploits included an armed robbery that left three innocent men dead.

    (By the way, the Bill Ayers noted in the above tweet is the same Bill Ayers who hosted the event that launched the political career of Barack Obama.)

    So when "Havana on the Pacific" voted for Boudin, the community knew what it was getting.

    And did it anyway.

    Now, as is typical with left-wing cities, the story has already turned to excrement, to put it bluntly.

    2.) When you're in a firefight in the middle of foreign terrain, it might be a good idea if the soldiers next to you had some idea this could happen when they first joined the Army.

    But in a strong economy, it's hard to meet Gen Z-recruitment quotas.

    So the Army is now going to focus less on combat roles - and more on cybersecurity and other jobs that won't scare the pants off young people.

    3.) Idaho is known as a very rural and red state - one of big skies and neighborly people.

    However, add in a mix of liberal Californians fleeing taxes but bringing the very same politics that made those taxes a reality in their former home - and the locals may not take too kindly to it.

    Some of those Idahoans have decided to try to do something about it.

    They're pushing back in a rather compelling way, let's say.


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