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Carolina Panthers News & Updates: 11/1/19

Musical Chairs Along the Panthers' Offensive Line Hasn't Worked. Will Things Improve? | Brendan Marks/Charlotte Observer

    According to Football Outsiders, Carolina's offensive line is tied for eighth in the NFL in sacks allowed (23). The Panthers also are 10th in the league in adjusted sack rate (8.2 percent), meaning Carolina's quarterback hits the ground almost one in every 10 snaps he plays.

For Ron Rivera and the Panthers, Wednesday Was About Putting Words Into Action | Max Henson/

    Ron Rivera brought his team together like usually does just before the start of Wednesday's practice. But he took his team sharing a final thought with the players.

Titans QB Ryan Tannehill Prepares for Panthers With "Heavy Heart" | Jim Wyatt/

    Ryan Tannehill found out last Wednesday his father-in-law had passed away unexpectedly. The Titans quarterback was in Texas yesterday for the funeral.


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