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The California Democrat and 2020 presidential hopeful is 'dramatically restructuring' her operations,' Politico is reporting on Wednesday Kamala Harris Campaign, Black Woman President
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Kamala Harris Campaign to Lay Off Dozens of Aides

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    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is "dramatically restructuring" her 2020 presidential campaign operations, Politico reported on Wednesday afternoon in a breaking news piece, by "redeploying staffers to Iowa and laying off dozens" of people at her headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

    That's according to campaign sources and as a memo obtained by Politico detailed.

    The Politico report on Wednesday noted that the candidate is struggling to "resuscitate her beleaguered presidential bid."

    Her Democratic rivals for the 2020 nomination are said to be better funded while her operations are "hemorrhaging cash."

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    The senator is said to be "in danger of lacking the resources to mount a competitive bid" against the other candidates still vying for the Democratic nod and a chance to go up against President Donald Trump in November 2020.

    "The overhaul will touch nearly every facet of Harris' operation, with layoffs or re-deployments coming at headquarters, as well as in New Hampshire, Nevada and her home state of California, a Super Tuesday prize that her advisers once viewed as a big asset," Politico reported.

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    Harris recently told Axios in an interview that the "elephant in the room" in this election cycle is that America may not be ready for a woman - especially a woman of color - to be president of the United States, as she sees it.


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