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    OK, I admit this issue is stuck in my craw but I now have proof that my craw is justifiably stuck.

    Some of my prior rants have been directed at how the American Male is painted by the News Media and Television Commercials and by the Hollywood Ilk (I love to use the word "ilk", but I think I may have gone too far this time. Try not to notice that I did that.)

    The other night there was a program on TV called something like, The Best Five of Everything.  I watched it briefly, as I was flipping channels in my nightly and usually hopeless attempt to find something worth watching on television.

    I have a Digital Video Recorder.  What I am about to pass on to you is exact because I stopped the TV and wrote it down word for word. 

    The person responsible for this bit of Foolishness was one of the people who brings us The Simpsons and here is what he said...

    "The thing that's made Homer Simpson become an icon is the fact that everyone thinks his dad is a Total Buffoon and he embodies that, from top to bottom."

   Now I don't consider myself a Total Buffoon.  I think I did a pretty good job of helping my wife (the one most responsible) in raising four very principled children who have turned into successful and talented adults, who are raising future principled, successful and talented adults.

    I trust that most of you who know me and my family will agree that I am not reaching too far with my chest pounding in the above paragraph.  I also think that Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and Martin Luther King were not Total Buffoons either. 

    Are we the only four?  I don't think so.

    Would I kid u?



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