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Remarks by President Trump Welcoming the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions, St. Louis Blues

Press Release:

White House Rose Garden  •  Washington D.C.  •  October 15  •  3:23 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. It's a great honor today. These are great champions behind me, great athletes. I always respect great athletes. But they're also very smart, because you can't win unless you're smart. It takes more than just the muscles, right? I think we've all learned that.

    Today, it's my pleasure to welcome the Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues. I watched it very carefully. I watched that season, and I saw, gee, they're not doing very well this year. But you'll see the story; it's an amazing story of comebacks.

    Congratulations to Head Coach Craig Berube and the Blues organization. And I just want to congratulate you guys. That is something. (Applause.) Fantastic. Fantastic. And the entire team on winning your first Stanley Cup. And you'll probably have many more, based on what I'm hearing.

    We're delighted to be joined by Second Lady Karen Pence. Karen, thank you very much. Appreciate it. (Applause.) Mike is getting ready to make a big trip. He'll be leaving tomorrow. We have a delegation leading today. And Mike is heading it up with Secretary Pompeo. They'll be leaving tomorrow.

    And we're having very strong talks with a lot of people. We want to bring our soldiers back home after so many years. And they're the greatest warriors in the world. They're policing. They're not a police force; they're a different kind of a force.

    We want to bring our soldiers back home. And we're being very tough on Turkey and a lot of others. They have to maintain their own properties now. They have to maintain peace and safety. And we'll see what happens - the delegation. We're asking for a ceasefire. We put the strongest sanctions that you can imagine, but they get a lot. We have a lot in store if they don't - if they don't have an impact, including massive tariffs on steel. They ship a lot of steel to the United States. They make a lot of money shipping steel. They won't be making so much money.

    I just want to tell you that the stock market is way up today because of probably the trade deal that we made with China. We made a fantastic deal. You guys would've been very proud of it. Your agents would've been - (laughter) - your agents would've been very proud. Those agents, right? They sit in bed, they weigh 350 pounds, and they complain: "You're not playing very well today. Come on." (Laughter.) So - the good, old agents. But they would've been proud.

    We're going to be selling to China about $50 billion worth of farm agricultural products. And - it's amazing. (Applause.) And China has been great. China has really been great on this. And we have a phase two, and we're doing a lot with banking and with financial services already in phase one. Phase one is massive, actually. It's probably the simpler stuff, but, in some ways, maybe it's the most complicated. But it's very big numbers.


    So I hear the most the farmers ever did was $16 billion, so I said, "Ask for 70." They said, "No, you don't mean 70. Sixteen. Ask for 70." I said, "Yeah, ask for 70." So we agreed on 50. And the only problem is they say the farmers can't produce it; it's too much. I said, "Don't reduce it." My people said, "All right, make it 20." I said, "No, make it 50. Let the farmers tell me we can't do it." The farmers will never say that because they'll do it. You guys know that, right?

    So we have $50 billion worth of agriculture. It's the largest contract of its kind, by three times, ever signed. And China is starting immediately, even though the agreement will take - Gary, you get agreements done much more quickly. Gary Bettman, what a job. But the agreement will take probably until Chile. We're going to Chile for a meeting - as you know, a summit.

    And - hello, Mr. Senator. Look at my two great senators. Roy, stand up - even though I'm going to introduce you in a second. (Applause.) How's our young - how's our young, incredible - how's our young, incredible Josh doing? Good job? Come on. Stand up, Josh. What a job. (Applause.)

    Roy and I said back - we said, "We need somebody that's really outstanding to beat her." I won't mention names. (Laughter.) And they had four or five candidates. I looked at four or five candidates. I said, "I want him." And he really, under pressure, was unbelievable. Thank you very much. We made a good choice, Roy, right? What do you think? Yes? One thing with Roy, he'll tell if it was no good. He'll tell you now. (Applause.) It's always dangerous. Right, Josh? Anyway, congratulations. Great job.

    But we're delighted to be joined also by Secretary Alex Azar, who has been fantastic; and Andrew Wheeler, EPA - Andrew, thank you very much; and Robert Lighthizer. How are you doing with trade with other countries? Doing all right? All he does is contracts. He does contracts. In fact, he probably wants to leave now because he's got another contract. We just did one with Japan. We just did one with South Korea. China is happening. Mexico, Canada is happening, if they can ever get it approved. I doubt they will because it's Nancy Pelosi. (Laughter.) They're too busy working on impeachment.

    And, by the way, we just hit the greatest economy we've ever had. "Let's impeach the President." Isn't that a good idea? (Laughter.) I wouldn't worry about it, fellas. (Laughter.) I wouldn't worry about it. Don't - don't worry too much.

    How are we doing, Roy? Okay in the Senate? I hear we're looking very good. I hear our senators - they're the greatest.

    I want to start by introducing a man that I've known a little bit, but he's been a great business success: Tom Stillman. He's the majority owner of the St. Louis Blues. And Tom became the chairman of the Blues - had a great success in business, but we won't bore them with that. And - tremendous success, actually. Became the chairman of the Blues. And, in May of 2012, when he took over, he said, "I have a plan for five years, six years, eight years. We got to make - we have to have a champion." And within seven years, they won the Stanley Cup - the beautiful Stanley Cup, right here. (Applause.) So that's a great job.


    You know, he wasn't on the list to introduce. I said, "Wait a minute, he's the owner." They want to introduce everybody but the owner. I said, "Give me a little information." That's a very good thing - seven years. We've been waiting a little longer than that in New York, you know? (Laughter.) We've been waiting, but we'll get there. We're going to get there.

    We also have some very proud Blues fans here with us. And we just introduced Senator Roy Blunt, who is a fantastic man, a great friend of mine. He's done an incredible job, and he loves your state very much. He loves your team. He loves your team. Roy, thank you very much.

    And, as I said, Josh Hawley - (applause) - who is a young, brilliant star of the Senate. And he's been doing fantastically well. And I want to thank you very much, Josh, for the job you're doing.

    Representatives Mike Bost - where's Mike? Mike. Stand up, Mike. Just stand up as I introduce. You got so many political people here. They're so - they're so afraid of not being here. They'll lose half of their vote if they're not here today. (Laughter.) They all came back early because they didn't want to not be here. Right, Mike?

    Rodney Davis - a great guy. Thank you, Rodney. John Katko. The great Billy Long. Thanks, John. Where's Billy? Billy, do an auction for the St. - auction the team off, please.

    REPRESENTATIVE LONG: (Inaudible) auction the Stanley Cup.

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, come on. Come on over here, Billy. Come here. (Laughter and applause.) Auction. Auction off the Stanley Cup. And he didn't know I was going to - you won't believe this.

    REPRESENATIVE LONG: And I - I've never been to auction school either, so.

    THE PRESIDENT: (Inaudible) buy the Stanley Cup.

    REPRESENATIVE LONG: All right, going to buy the Stanley Cup here. Hey, here - taking 25. What do you - 30 thousand dollars? How about a 30? Thirty-five? Forty. You able to buy 45? Forty-five? Fifty. Fifty thousand dollars. Now going to buy 60. Now going to buy - get that satisfied look off your face. You're out! (Laughter.) Sixty-five. Seventy. I have - sold at $65,000! (Applause.)

    THE PRESIDENT: I'll take it. (Inaudible.) Thank you.

    REPRESENTATIVE LONG: Hey, will you sign this? The last one brought $15,000.

    THE PRESIDENT: I will. Give me a pen.


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