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Remarks by President Trump at Values Voter Summit

Press Release:

Omni Shoreham Hotel  •  Washington, D.C.  •  October 12  •  6:47 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you very much. It is a great honor to be here. Tony; Pastor Brunson, who I have gotten to know very well - that was not easy, but we got him out, and got him back to his family. (Applause.) And I want to thank you for that beautiful prayer. It means a lot.

    This evening, I am deeply honored to be back with so many pastors and leaders and friends and patriots at the 2019 Values Voter Summit. (Applause.) You are the warriors on the frontiers defending American freedom. We meet tonight at a crucial moment in our nation's history. Our shared values are under assault like never before. Extreme left-wing radicals, both inside and outside government, are determined to shred our Constitution and eradicate the beliefs we all cherish. Far-left socialists are trying to tear down the traditions and customs that made America the greatest nation on Earth. They reject the principles of our Founding Fathers - principles enshrined into the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that our rights come from our creator. (Applause.)

    But despite the delusions of the radical left, all of us here today know that our rights come from God almighty, and they can never be taken away. (Applause.)

    Together, we will protect those God-given rights for our children, our children's children, and generations of Americans to come. On every front, the ultra-left is waging war on the values shared by everyone in this room. They are trying to silence and punish the speech of Christians and religious believers of all faiths. You know it better than anyone. They are trying to use the courts to rewrite the laws, undermine democracy, and force through an agenda they can't pass at the ballot box. They just can't seem to do it, can they?

    They are trying to hound you from the workplace, expel you from the public square, and weaken the American family, and indoctrinate our children. They resent and disdain faithful Americans who hold fast to our nation's historic values. And, if given the chance, they would use every instrument of government power, including the IRS, to try to shut you down. They are using the IRS against me.

    Generations of Americans before us did not work. They fight, they sacrifice, they do so much, but we will never ever - no matter what happens - surrender our liberty. The word "liberty" is so important. To the radical left: Together we will stand up to the socialists and we will win massive victories for family, for faith, and for freedom, just like the victory we had in 2016. (Applause.) Thank you.

    With every bit of heart and soul, we will defend our country - the most just and virtuous republic in the history of the Earth. And yet I say that, and those words are beautiful, but it is starting to change. And we're going to stop that start. (Applause.)

    The hateful spirit that consumes the modern left violates every tenant of the American tradition. The radical left tolerates no dissent. It permits no opposition. It accepts no compromise. And we - look, we have all seen it; we see what's going on. There is no compromise. Frankly, these people are crazy. (Laughter and applause.) They're crazy. They are crazy. I shouldn't say it, because we're all the same, but they are crazy. (Laughter.)


    And as we have seen in the last three years, the extreme left has absolutely no respect for the will of the American people. They are determined to stop our movement and impose their agenda by any means necessary. It makes no difference to them.

    First, it was the Russia hoax. It was a total hoax - made up. Then there was the outrageous smearing of Justice Kavanaugh - that goes on. They want him impeached, even when the woman said, "I don't know that anything happened. Nothing happened." They said, "Let's impeach him anyway." And the whole thing was phony. So phony. He's a good man. What he's gone through, I don't know if anyone's ever gone through anything like that.

    You know, when I chose Justice Kavanaugh, I said, "Brett, congratulations. I'm choosing you." Many years, they were talking he would be on the Supreme Court. He said, "Sir, this is the greatest honor of my life." This was in the White House. "It's the greatest honor of my life."

    I said, "Brett, this will go so fast. This will be so easy. You're perfect." (Laughter.) "You have the perfect family, the perfect wife, the perfect education. You're the best student. You went to the best school. They've been talking about you for 10 years. This will go quick and easy." (Laughter.) So much for predictions, folks. (Laughter.)

    But we stuck with him, I'll tell you. A lot - a lot of people said, "Let's do it (inaudible)." (Applause.) Plenty of people said, "Cut him loose, President. Cut him loose, President." You know that. You know a lot of the people - a couple of the people in this room. I love you; I'm never going to reveal your name, but the people in this room. They said, "Cut him loose, President. Cut him loose."

    I said, "Can't do it. He's done nothing wrong. They're phony stories about him. They were made up, just like they were made up about me and other people. They were phony stories. Can't do it, I'm sorry."

    And we got him through. And I give a lot of respect to those people that went up there, and they endured a lot. That was the worst thing that many people have seen in this country for years. Justice Kavanaugh. It's a big moment in our country's history.

    And now it is the outrageous impeachment - look, impeachment. I never thought I'd see or hear that word with regard to me - "impeachment." I said, the other day, "It's an ugly word." To me, it's an ugly word - a very ugly word. It means so much. It means horrible, horrible crimes and things. I can't even believe it.


    It's a witch hunt. It's based on a single phone call of congratulations to the President of Ukraine, which they fraudulently mischaracterized to sound absolutely horrible. This crooked Adam Schiff -

    AUDIENCE: Booo -

    THE PRESIDENT: - made a statement - long, beautiful statement - and it was a fraud. He repeated my call, but it wasn't me. He made it so bad. And I said, "Oh, I'm going to go after him." They say, "Sir..." (Applause.) They say, "Sir, he has immunity because he said it in Congress. He has immunity." I say, "I don't care about immunity. He can't have immunity; he made up a phone call."

    But then I did something that they didn't expect. I immediately called up Ukraine, through my representatives - in this case, our great Secretary of State, who's doing a fantastic job. Mike Pompeo. (Applause.) And got approval - because I have to do this, because I don't like the idea of having these calls - do you do how bad that is for us as a nation? And got approval to immediately make that call public.

    And they thought it was strange, you know? They thought it was a little bit strange. "Why would you want to do that?" You know, other countries are looking at us like, "What the hell is going on in the United States?" (Laughter.) Seriously.

    Now, does this mean that every leader that I deal with - and we do great things. Look at we did yesterday with China for our farmers and for our people. (Applause.) But does that mean, every time I speak to the head of a country, they're afraid that it's going to be broadcast all over the world? You're never going to be able to speak properly to anybody, to make a deal, to do good things for the people, and - even the people of the world.

    So we had a perfect call. It was congenial. It was just absolutely nice. Totally different than the phony thing that he revealed with this crazy whistleblower. The whistleblower said "quid pro quo" eight times. It was a little off - no times. (Laughter and applause.) (Inaudible.)

    And when you hear Schiff - "We won't give you that money unless you do this." It had nothing to do - it wasn't even discussed. It was a terrible, terrible fraudulent thing. And then Nancy Pelosi went on television. She was very angry when she read the actual call, because this was an exact - I guess stenographers, they took it down.

    And she was very angry because she got led - she was a day early when she started talking about impeachment. But that did not matter to her. "Let's do it anyway." And for those of you that think she was reasoned for the last six months - you know, when she said, "No, no, no. We need more..." I said, "She's going to do it. She just wants to have it carried out closer to the election. She's going to do it."


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