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Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, remarks, marine one, october 14, 2019
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Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure

Press Release:

White House South Lawn  •  Washington D.C.  •  October 11, 2019  •  4:45 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: So, we just made what, I guess, is one of the biggest deals that's been made in a long time, with China. The Vice Premier has just left my office. We have a great deal. We're papering it now. Over the next three or four or five weeks, hopefully it'll get finished. A tremendous benefit to our farmers, technology, and many other things - the banking industry, financial services.

    And, I guess, by now, you know pretty much we've had a very, very good couple of days with China. And it looks like that deal is very much on it's on way. It'll be the largest deal ever made for farmers. We're talking about a $40 [billion] to $50 billion purchase and other things.

    I mean, it's an incredible deal for farmers. I think they'll have to go out and buy more land and buy bigger tractors. So, we'll hopefully get that done pretty quickly.

    Q   Mr. President, you have - you have been bombed today. Our Special Forces were bombed by the Turks. Are we going to take sanctions against the Turks?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, we'll take a look at it. We'll take a look at it.

    Q   President Trump, sir. Thank you, sir. On the farmers, on that deal, is this a one-year deal or have they agreed to multi-year purchases in ag?

    THE PRESIDENT: This will go a long time into the future. This a buy. This is a very big buy. It's two years, but it'll go a long time into the future. The biggest deal made was $16 billion and this could be $50 [billion]. So this is many times more, many times bigger than any deal ever made for the farmers.

    Q   And do you expect them to keep their word this time?

    THE PRESIDENT: Say it.

    Q   Do you trust them to keep their word this time on the purchases?

    THE PRESIDENT: Oh, they'll keep their word. China is going to keep their word. They want to make the deal. They're going to keep their word.

    Q   President Trump, is Rudy Giuliani still your personal attorney? Is Rudy Giuliani still your personal attorney?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don't know. I haven't spoken to Rudy. I spoke to him yesterday, briefly. He's a very good attorney, and he has been my attorney. Yeah, sure.



    Q   A question on China. Are you prepared to take Huawei off of the entity list in a later phase?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, we're looking at it. We didn't discuss that, Steve, on this deal - Huawei. We didn't discuss it, having to do with phase one. This is phase one of an either phase two or phase three deal. So we haven't discussed Huawei, relative to this deal.

    So basically, the status will remain the same.

    Q   Until when?

    Q   On Maria Yovanovitch, sir. On Maria Yovanovitch - did you put pressure to have her fire the Ambassador to Ukraine - Yovanovitch?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, she may be a wonderful woman. I don't know her -

    Q   Did you pressure them?

    THE PRESIDENT: - but she may be very much a wonderful woman. If you remember the phone call I had with the President - the new President - he didn't speak favorably. But I just don't know her. She may be a wonderful woman.

    Q   If the Chinese make lifting Huawei's restrictions - taking Huawei off the blacklist - a condition of the phase two deal, would you consider doing that?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm not going to talk about it now, because we're just starting the negotiation of phase two. We'll actually begin as soon as we're finished papering phase one.

    But phase one, it's one of the biggest deals ever made - and unbelievable for technology, unbelievable for the banking industry and services, and for the farmers. It's - there's never been anything like it.

    Q   What do you think about Huawei?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, we're going to see what happens. We're going to be discussing that in phase two.

    Q   Do you want to fire the whistleblower?



    Q   Do you want to fire the whistleblower?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, the whistleblower has been very inaccurate. The whistleblower - I don't know what kind of a whistleblower -

    Q   Then why don't you fire the whistleblower?

    THE PRESIDENT: The whistleblower reported a totally different conversation than I had. I released a transcript of my conversation - an exact transcript. And the whistleblower didn't say that. The whistleblower is either saying untruths, okay? Or he didn't know. Or he's making up a story, like Schiff did. Schiff made up a story. Because when Schiff read what I actually said, he said, "I can't say this because he did nothing wrong." So Schiff went out and he made up a lie. He made up a - it was a fraudulent story. You know that. You know that better than anybody. You're a good lawyer.

    And, frankly, he went out. He made up a fraudulent story. He then went before the U.S. Congress and the American people, and he reported a fraudulent story. Now, Schiff - something should happen to Schiff for that. He shouldn't have immunity for that. Why should Schiff be given immunity when he goes out and he says a story about the President of the United States - what the President said - and it bears no relationship? In fact, every word was different.

    And I'll tell you what: I can't believe that a congressman could be that dishonest and can have immunity from that.


    Q   I just have a question about Turkey. Are you - how serious are you about being a mediator between the Kurds and the Turks?

    THE PRESIDENT: So, Turkey and the Kurds have been fighting for hundreds of years. We are out of there. But we have a tremendous financial strength, which I've helped a lot with, because our country has become much stronger since I've been President, by many trillions of dollars. And if Turkey does something that they shouldn't be doing, we will put on sanctions the likes of which very few countries have ever seen before.



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