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On Monday, Gov. Cooper declared September 22-27 as Clean Energy Week for North Carolina. governor, roy cooper, clean energy week, newsletter, september 30, 2019
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Gov. Cooper Weekly Newsletter -- September 29, 2019

Press Release:

"Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to turn the tide on climate change."
  — Governor Roy Cooper

    On Monday, Gov. Cooper declared September 22-27 as Clean Energy Week for North Carolina.

    The Governor signed the proclamation in Washington, NC, where he held a bi-partisan roundtable with local officials from coastal towns and Department of Environmental Quality Michael Regan on hurricane resiliency and climate change. They discussed ways that cities and towns have taken to rebuild in a way that protects them from major storms like Dorian and Florence as well as clean energy projects that will benefit the economy.

    Read about the Governor's roundtable HERE.

    On Friday, Gov. Cooper's Climate Change Interagency Council presented the following four key plans for North Carolina as directed in Executive Order 80: the Clean Energy Plan, the the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Plan the Motor Fleet ZEV plan and the Clean Energy and Clean Transportation Workforce Assessment.

    These plans reaffirm North Carolina's commitment to fighting climate change and transition to a clean energy economy. The Clean Energy Plan recommends policies and actions based on feedback from stakeholders and comments from the public, including setting a 70% reduction in power sector greenhouse gas emissions levels by 2030 with carbon neutrality by 2050.

    "I'm committed to fighting climate change and securing more clean energy jobs for our state and these plans help us do both," said Governor Cooper. "Our state is taking strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow renewable energy sources, which will create jobs and support innovation."

    Learn more about Clean Energy Week and the Governor's plan to fight climate change in North Carolina HERE.

Governor Checks in on Ocracoke Recovery Efforts

    On Monday, Gov. Cooper traveled to Ocracoke Island to survey Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts. The Governor and members of his cabinet thanked volunteers at the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department and the local temporary medical center for their work during and after the storm. He discussed rebuilding with community members in Ocracoke's Historic District and residents invited the Governor into their homes to see the damages caused by Dorian.

    As North Carolina waits for the governor's federal disaster relief funding request to be approved by FEMA, the Governor promised that the state would continue to work with local officials to help the island recover in the weeks and months to come.

    "We know that recovery is a long-term thing," said Cooper. "So, know that us being here right now doesn't mean that we aren't going to be continuing to work in the weeks and months that are ahead."

    Read more about Gov. Cooper's visit to Ocracoke HERE.

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