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This was no ordinary weekend. Rabbit Patch
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When A Child is Born

    Publisher's note: Please join me in welcoming Author Michele Rhem, who presents us with her poignant memoirs of the Rabbit Patch, where her diaries weave tales of a simpler, expressive life lost to many, but gathered together in her most familiar environs - the Rabbit Patch.

    This was no ordinary weekend. This was the time, we gathered to meet Baby Ryan. He is one beautiful baby and as calm as a little lamb. I watched the faces of every one as they held him for the first time and the magic and awe purely radiated their countenance. The love was so thick in the air, you could feel it. This was certainly no ordinary weekend. The only thing that could have been better, is if it would have lasted longer.

    We got to Wake Forest, not long after noon, on Saturday. It is a beautiful drive and the day was as "clear as a bell". The area is full of rolling hills and I imagined it was like a postcard, when it snowed. Brant and Sydney live with Sydneys' parents in a lovely home, on this side of Wake Forest. It took us a bit more than an hour to get there. Tres was already there, when we arrived. We received a warm welcome and then took turns holding Ryan. He never so much as whimpered. When he would open his eyes, we would announce it, and all rushed to peek. Jenny had coached Lyla on how to behave with a newborn and so Lyla did not cause one bit of commotion. Brynn was curious and gladly planted several kisses on his forehead . . but she was not so happy about Jenny holding Ryan.

    It was an especially sweet day. altogether. Sydney is as wonderful a mother as I had imagined she would be. She remains calm and confident - and though she looked very tired to me, she does not complain. Of course, I need't worry about Sydney . . or Brant or Ryan. It did not take me long to see, that they were in good hands. Sydneys' parents, Amanda and Jason are warm, loving folks. It did not take long to feel as if we were old friends, when I first met them. Jason, carried Ryan here and there, with a look of utter contentment on his face. Amanda catered to everyones' needs. She had a table set up with cheeses, vegetables, fruits etc. Amanda found things to occupy Lyla, too, for we stayed all day. She and I shared some time together, and I knew right off, that I loved her.

    No matter how many hours passed, we did not seem to "wear out our welcome".

    The hotel was just minutes away and so we made plans to go back, the next morning, for a quick visit. Even with everyone "waiting on me hand and foot", my back hurt and I was in bed in just minutes.

    We woke early and had a good breakfast at the hotel. We left to see the baby, right afterwards. They were all up. Amanda was glowing, even after all that entertaining, the day before. Jason was holding Ryan and Sydney seemed rested. We had coffee and adored Ryan again. Then we commenced to taking pictures. "A picture is worth a thousand words" rings true, it seems, for these pictures tell our wondrous story . . .a love story . . . when a child is born.


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