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The conservative club met Thursday evening at the King Chicken restaurant with a lively group of activist participants. Conservative Club, HB 588, HB 195 and SB 109, Ten Commandments, U.S. Constitution
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Beaufort County conservative club meeting

    The Conservative Club met Thursday evening at the King Chicken restaurant with a lively group of activist participants.

    Ray Leary reported from the Citizens forBetter Government committee that a bill to allow a petition for changing limited voting for County commissioners has passed the North Carolina house. It is now up to the Senate to allow this local Bill to go forward. Ray has been attending the local school board meetings and encourages all parents to become active participants in these meetings. The schedule is published on the Beaufort County school website.

    A new section was added to the Conservative Club program. "Rant and Rave" was a popular addition.

    Patricia Garrison presented information on school laws on education in North Carolina. She explained that one of the problems we face in North Carolina is that parents do not know what these laws are and there is little publicity on what students can and cannot do in the way of religion and expression. She referred to three North Carolina legislative bills; HB 588, HB 195 and SB 109.

    It was brought up that for several years now it has been legal to post the Ten Commandments if the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were placed beside them. This can be done because the are considered law. However, few schools have been willing to do this because they fear lawsuits from the left.

    Patricia pointed out that there is a new curriculum being introduced into the Beaufort County schools call "Wit and Wisdom". She encourages all parents to go online and search for Wit and Wisdom and learn more about what your children are being taught here in Beaufort County. Most parents do not know the real curriculum that is being taught.

    It was pointed out that" bring your Bible to school day" is coming up October 3, 2019. There has been recent news coverage criticizing Drew breeze, Star New Orleans Saints quarterback, for promoting this event. Bring your Bible to school day has been taking place every year since 2014, moving students to celebrate religious freedom and share God's love with their friends.

    The "Rant and Rave" section offered all participants an opportunity to express themselves and a few of the main items brought up were:

  • The filming of the County commission meetings has been discontinued. Some thought this might be because it has been such a clown show that they would like to hide it. All agreed we need more transparency in our local government transactions.
  • · A good example of the need for transparency was the recent purchase of a building that cost $1.42 million for the County commissioners to meet in.
  • · The purchase of a property consisting of a dredge pond beside the Wrights Creek boat ramp for the amazing price of $66,000.00 per acre.
  • · The purchase of luxury vehicles for certain members of the sheriff's department rather than the regular state approved cars.
  • · The fear of County commissioners to make a firm stand on immigration policies.
  • · The appearance of general mismanagement of funds and oversight by the County commissioners.

    Those attending the meeting all agreed that the public needs to look for capable candidates to run in the upcoming County Commissioner race. Time is of the essence.

    Candidate registration runs from December 2 till December 20 of 2019. This is followed by the primary March 2020. This does not allow very much time to find these candidates.

    Next month's meeting on the second Thursday of October will feature the Hon. Phil Berger a candidate for the state Supreme Court as the guest speaker. Currently we have one conservative judge on the Supreme Court. That makes this such an important upcoming election. There will also be an announcement for possible contenders for the recent US House seat won by Greg Murphy.

    The club is open to all conservatives regardless of political persuasion and you do not have to be a member to attend. These meetings offer a wonderful


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