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Any pathetic American who would defend James Comey, at this sorry point, has no intellectual worth, and should be shunned as a dishonest person. James Comey, Fake News, silent coup
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Former FBI Director James Comey Will Forever Lose his Security Clearance

    There are more investigations to be concluded where we will finally know all or most of the real truth; not the propaganda of the Fake News.

The Inspector General's scathing report on the shameful political bias of James Comey in conducting his duties as director of the FBI were referred for criminal prosecution, but AG Bill Barr will not indict the former director at this point, but ...

    The Michael Horowitz Inspector General Report is just the beginning of the Boomerang effect as to why the Authoritarian Democratic Socialists and their allies, the non patriot Swamp Creatures instigated this "Russia Collusion /Obstruction of Justice" hoax perpetrated upon the American people for over 3 years now.

    What we have learned so far is the the main actor in this sorry mess, Liar /Leaker James Comey, who instigated the investigation, which gave a decrepit Robert Mueller his last job on this earth, was /is a sanctimonious fool of a hypocrite, who hated Candidate Trump with so much passion that he: 1) Rigged a false investigation into preferred Candidate Hillary Clinton, who did Traffic in Classified Intelligence for profit, then actually did Obstruct Justice, in a premeditated manner, by destroying tens of thousands of incriminating emails of evidentiary data, then destroyed the hardware devices; 2) Used false and unverified information to initiate an investigation into the Trump campaign, enlisting the help of like-minded politically biased dirty /criminal FBI agents, under his direct supervision, to frame the Trump campaign and Candidate Trump; 3) Lied to Inspector General investigators, to the President, to the Presidents staff, and then Leaked illicit information to the propagandist within the Fake News outlets, and on the last infamous occasion did so, admittedly to congress, to instigate the biased, pathetic and infamous Mueller Investigation, which was designed by non patriots, like Liar Comey, to destroy the Trump presidency

    Now, the Fool James Comey demands an apology for nearly destroying a duly elected president, his friends and his family, and other Trump constituents, while doing unambiguous and terrible damage to the prominent respectability of the FBI. James Comey is the proverbial "Bad American".

    Anyone who continues to believe, and or profess that there was any validity in this false Russia Investigation, based solely on destroying a presidency, should not be considered of any substantive value and should simply be dismissed under that context. People that further any discussion into any of these false charges of Obstruction of Justice, only considered because of this fake investigation by these poor but prominent Americans, should be shunned as dishonest people with poor minds.

    Any pathetic American, who would defend James Comey at this sorry point, has no intellectual worth, and should also be shunned as a dishonest person.

    The real Americans that must rebuild this Republic have no need of their non patriot subterfuge and their one desire of the Silent Coup that has impaired this nation for far too many years.


( August 31st, 2019 @ 1:52 pm )
My ambition, with this various and spirited rants, is just to get other patriots to the polls in every election, and do all I can to educate others as to what is real, and help deliver them from the pure ignorance that is today in such great abundance.
( August 31st, 2019 @ 9:41 am )
I try to speak directly and precisely whether some people understand me or not.

On Facebook, a Trump Hater educated by the propagandists controlling the Fake News took umbrage with me using the perfect descriptor of Democratic Socialist and all of its variations.

Against my better wisdom, I took the time to further explain by perfect definition, which I found was lost on his diminished intellect controlled by propaganda, so, I include this definition here for posterity:

Democratic Socialists are: Professed Socialist politicians (the leaders), which is the vast majority of the leaders constituting the former Democrat Party, who are supported by their constituents, which, in this Democratic Republic, makes all of their constituents professed Democratic Socialists, especially when they profess those Authoritarian ideals.

Whether these Democratic Socialist constituents remain so out of loyalty to that representative ideal or ignorance is irrelevant, they are therefore Democratic Socialists. That is how a Representative Democracy in this Constitutional Republic works.

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